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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

FYI... I have nothing against religion or Church... please don't hate me because I'm being honest about my feelings!
Collin came over to get his mail on Monday night... which was fine, I guess. He then told me that he has been regularly going to Church.
...what??? emoticon
and even had the balls to ASK ME TO GO WITH HIM ON SUNDAY???

Ummmm ....Really???

Since when do you go to Church, Collin? Oh, right... since you CHEATED on your Girlfriend... then MARRIED her.... and proceeded to cheat on her some more once she got sick with Bell's Palsy!?!
...For better or for worse? My @$$!

Ughhhhh.... And also, since when do WE go out together anymore?
... let alone CHURCH? That's the least likely a place a guy (who acts as unGodly as he has) would be "hanging out" on a Sunday... then again, he does need A LOT of sins resolved! Maybe you would find people like him at Church!

Personally, I find it ABSOLUTELY hypocritical of him to be going to Church now after what he has done and how negatively it has affected so may other human beings; most directly ME! If he was a Godly man before this, I'd understand... but he's NOT! It's like he just thinks that 'Church' will wipe his sins clear and he will be saved or something. (I can't see him going to Church on Sunday forever! ...I have even talked to him about how it's not 'Church' that saves people, it's finding GOD that does... but he still seemed to think he was right! ...that's like saying going to the gym is going to make me fit, eventhough I only go there to sit in the hot tub! WTF???)
I don't understand him anymore! He's a completely different person then I once knew only a short while ago... Or maybe I AM the changed person, seeing things more clearly! Crazy how fast our perspective can change, isn't it?)

Anyhoo... just had to share this.

PS... Just so I make myself clear, I will NOT take him up on his offer EVER. I definitely DO NOT feel good about worshiping beside a man who carelessly threw all regard for my well being and emotional state in the garbage! I have better things to do and better people to do them with!!!

Go save yourself by yourself, Collin!
My name is Jessica, not Jesus! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    jessica---love it! you are an amazing strong woman...let him have fun at church
    2646 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head when you said : ".I have even talked to him about how it's not 'Church' that saves people, it's finding GOD that does.."

    you will only know if his so called "change" is real by the fruit....only time will tell.....

    no wonder people get turned off church when people do stuff like this!

    2653 days ago
  • ***LISA***
    My dad did the SAME thing!! He cheated on my mom over and over! Then they divorced and he cheated on many girlfriends. Finally he "found" God and church. He has cleaned up his act some but mostly I think his going to church is for show! See me, I am here, I am a Godly man! Just because I go to the auto parts store doesn't mean I am a mechanic! It worked for him though. My mother took him back. I have given up on the issue with those two! As for Collin, maybe it will help him, but that is definitely NOT something you should be there for!
    2655 days ago
  • MUSICLVR2675
    People like that is why I didn't go to church for the longest time. You can only heal yourself through finding God (as you said). Maybe he thinks you might forgive him if you see that he's trying to change. I'm not making excuses for him just trying to understand why his going to church makes him think everything will go away.

    I have been through a similar issue with my ex husband as well but we KNOW who they really are and that they won't change don't we, so yeah it's insulting when they decide to use church as an option, excuse, idea...whatever...
    2656 days ago
    OMG! How insulting of him to invite you - really. It's a passive aggressive tactic, and incredibly disrespectful. Again.
    And, if he really is going to church (we now know how he can lie), it's probably to feel less guilty. I know a man who is horrible to his wife and employees, and feels that going to church Sundays (in Latin, no less) absolves him of his transgressions. Hypocrites, as well as the honest hearted, use church for their own means. What a mix of people, huh?
    2657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2011 12:59:29 PM
    I think a lot of murderers on death row seem to have lots of spiritual awakenings, too. The one guy, who had killed his wife, slashed all 3 daughters throats and went on a killing rampage of his wife's family and his 2 bosses... turned out to be a minister sitting on death row, getting letters from all over the world. The irony of course was when the only surviving daugther ( he had slashed her throat and she survived 36 hrs in an abandoned field before being rescued) went to see him as an adult and he pretty much acted like it was a family reunion....

    Anyways, just made me think of this.

    You certainly have all the right to be angry dear, just remember not to let it consume you - as for him going to church... who the heck knows? Some people can be saved while others... well, there is not much hope.
    2657 days ago
    Collin does sound like a totally different person. I would think that his going to church and inviting you is step towards him discovering what's been goin going on with HIM. He def needs to reconcile himself and leave you alone. Sorry he's still bothering you. I'm sure it's hard when he HAS to come get his mail and stuff. Maybe from now on you can leave him a basket outside the front door :)
    2657 days ago
    Next he'll tell you he's going to a couples retreat, taking up Buddism and giving up meat.

    If he's truly searching for some spiritualness - may he find it (on his own!)

    Sounds like he's going through whatever options he thinks will prove to you he's a changed man. Had an old boyfriend like that - but those changes never seemed to stick...wonder why?

    And some guys just can't stand not having what they want, regardless of how they treat you when they have you.

    Stay strong! Your perspective now seems right on.

    2657 days ago
    Wow, I can certainly understand your anger, get it out. GET it out now. And *breathe* let it go. Realize he is a waste of time, and that he is clueless, utterly clueless on any kind of productive and loving relationship.

    *wipes hands* Done.
    2657 days ago
    Hitler often used religious symbolism to make himself have the appearance of holiness. I know, crude comparison. But people often put on the veil of religion to get what they want from people (I'm thinking he wants to mend things with you). It maybe an attempt to weisel back in with you under the guise of religion. Ugh... My sister's exboyfriend tried that with her. His religious streak lasted just as long as he thought that it might actually work to get her back.
    2657 days ago

    I'm not saying Collin won't ever change by going to church, but I have seen this very same thing with my best friend's daughter and her ex. He was the devil for 8 years of their marriage and he would abuse her one day and talk about going to church the next!

    I agree with you, he needs to "get well" alone. If he truly is ready to repent, that will be between him and God only. Please don't fall into his trap!

    2657 days ago
    OMGosh! Collin reminds me of my dad! My dad was/is totally an abusive @$$hole, but goes to church every Sunday, and would make the whole family go together because it made us look like the perfect family. Maybe Collin thinks that going to church will make it look like he has remorse for what he did to you!

    It's almost like he doesn't know how to act like a good person and is going through the motions of what he THINKS a "good person" would do. What a sociopath! I'm so happy for you that you can see through his charade (wow that took four tries to find the right spelling, lol)!

    Stay strong lady! emoticon
    2657 days ago
    To be honest, when I read the title I pictured some crazy dating story with a guy that decided trying to "save you" was first date material :P But I would definitely steer clear of his new found religious commitment, if that is really something he's commiting to, great, but thats for him to do away from you.
    2657 days ago
    Is he for realz? It's a ploy to show you he has changed. He thinks going to church will show this to you.

    It's a mask! Glad you are seeing through it! I think it us a combo of both your perspective has changed because you are seeing things clearly now.

    I wouldn't be going as well.
    2657 days ago
    Your anger is understandable. It keeps you safe from making that mistake again.

    Some people go to church because they are born and raised churchgoers (which doesn't make them Christians in my book). Many more go because they know they have sinned, need to repent, and have a relationship with God. I pray Collin does find God. Maybe he will become a changed man so that he doesn't hurt anyone again.


    2657 days ago
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