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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm watching that new A&E show called Heavy and I'm only like ten minutes in but something was said in it that really made me think. If your significant other was unhealthy and overweight and it impacted your daily life, would you consider ending it because of that? This woman said her husbands weight keeps her family from doing what they want to do and they have to revolve their lives around him. It really makes you think. All the people on this show believe that they run to food when something impacts their lives that they can’t handle. If only people would realize this more often, would realize that they use food, usually bad food, as the basis of social gatherings, as the fix for emotional problems. I admit I do the same, when I am lonely snacks call to me. I am always thinking about how I wish people would see the light like I did in improving your lifestyle and the joy in having energy to do things most people don’t see as fun (ex; hiking, running, biking, taking walks). I wish people would THINK about why they eat. Do I always think about what I am eating? No. But I think about it almost all the time. Every decision I make I think about the results of what I am putting into my body. Do I treat myself? Yes. Do I have nights where I don’t think about it? Yeah but I just wish people would think. I hear reports of how New York now has calories on it’s menus in most restaurants and it really didn’t change how people order. REALLY? Seeing that your favorite entrée has 1,000 calories doesn’t make you not want to eat it? You know WHY? Because most people don’t even know what calories are, they don’t even know how many calories you should have in a day. I have a friend at work who was asking me how I did it, and I told her I counted calories. So I showed her the sparkpeople website and counter and she tried it. She came back to me and was ASTOUNDED. She loves cream cheese bagels and couldn’t believe that half her days calories were in that ONE bagel that sometimes she got twice a day as two meals. People can’t believe that an appetizer has more calories than a meal.

I guess in a way I want to teach people because of how happy this lifestyle has made me. I’ve SERIOUSLY considered becoming a personal trainer and or a nutritionist because of how fascinated and amazed I am by the nutrients in food, the effect it has on your body, and how simply making different choices can have a HUGE impact on your body. I love to see change especially in my body, and lately as part of trying not to focus on the negative I’ve been trying to see the positive changes and I do see them in my body. My arms and shoulders are CUT, and I mean really really cut. I can’t wait to wear short sleeves and tank tops. My legs are toned and I bought my VERY FIRST SKIRT! Today I am very positive about the changes in my body and while I know tomorrow I might not be, I’m trying to really change my viewpoint and my mindset. I am not fully happy with my midsection but I am also really noticing how much skin is there so I’m trying to be patient and continue what I am doing and know that it does take over a year for your skin to tighten completely. So that’s me trying to be positive.

Anyway yeah I am really interested in health and nutrition and wondering if it is something I should consider making a career, whether I use the two year wait for the Ultrasound program to possibly get some kind of personal training certificate or I look into what being a nutritionist would be. It’s definitely something I have to really consider and think about. Maybe this summer I’ll work at my gym and see how I like it. Gotta start small before I make big decisions. Anyway that’s my thought. I’ve been doing well with food, controlling portions mostly. I decided to not track today. I think I’ll track on and off to keep from stressing out, but constantly watching the scale. Sundays are my new weigh in day. Have a good one everyone!
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    I agree with what you said. i have never seen the show but just speaking to people about this website and encouraging them to count calories, I see the inexperience and just how unaware most people are! I think its great to make restaurants put calories on the menu's I wish they all did that!

    way to go buying your first skirt! I LOVE SKIRTS and dresses! they are fun and very flattering if you buy the right ones :)
    2920 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    As I've said before, you'd be a great nutritionist and/or personal trainer.

    I no longer have a dance partner in my husband because his knees are bad due to being over-weight. And I LOVE to dance, possibly more than any other one thing. His being over-weight has affected quite a few areas of our lives, and now he's had a mild heart attack because of smoking cigarettes and being over-weight, and he's only 50. I've asked myself if any of that is a reason to leave someone, and my answer was possibly...if they truly did not care whether they died or not. He seems to want to live and is trying to quit smoking and lose weight. If over the next few months he starts smoking again and starts eating junk food again..........
    2920 days ago
    My husband LOVES the Heavy show!!! Its one of the few shows we both like and watch together.

    Hooray for the skirt purchase!! I'm so envious of your cut shoulders and arms!!! I can't wait to start seeing some of the carvings on my own upper body. I have a lot of fat to burn off still but I can feel the little muscles under there, they will show their face one day.

    Your blogs and your success is truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!

    Spark On!
    2928 days ago
    I love that you bought your first skirt. That must have been such a great experience. You've come a very long way. Youre a beautiful person that understands the relationship that people have with food.
    2931 days ago
    Its the same thing with people who drink to get drunk (even if they aren't alcoholics) or smoke or do drugs.... its stuff that keeps you from really experiencing life. I think food is pretty much the same way. Of course, the difference is that when I quit smoking, I just told myself I am never allowed to have another cigarette again in life. Problem with food is you can't do that. :) And of course, as Vixen said, a lot of people just don't know the proper things to eat. I have spent the last year and change researching my butt off, trying to learn the absolute best thing to eat and have used that knowledge to lose weight, but now that I have started an intense strength training program, I can't get the ratio of carbs to fats to protein right to keep losing and instead have completely plateaud again. So, yeah, there is a lot to learn and the world could definitely use more people to help them learn it.
    2931 days ago
    awesome!!! that is so true my hubby now says, we didn't do a lot b.c I didn't wanna
    2932 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    I would love to be a nutritionist too! So many people don't know anything and they think they are eating better when really they are not. Just because you have a whole grain bagel vs a white bagel doesn't mean it's lower in calories! Never heard of this show called heavy but then again I don't have tv to watch...haha I can't wait to see pics of your new summer and spring clothes! I would love to buy a spring or summer dress but I have yet to find one that I like. I don't like my legs very much though even if I am at a good weight...they seem to be too short for me...:)
    2932 days ago
  • no profile photo MISTY_MOUNTAINS
    I saw this very same episode you speak of. Watching things like "Heavy" has really helped open my eyes alongside this website. I used to absolutely be one of the people who didn't think before they ate. I'm working on changing that now... you're right, when I saw how many calories I was consuming, it made me lose my appetite a little. I actually realized this week that I had forgotten what being hungry felt like.

    Great blog, it sounds like you've done wonderful things!! Keep it going, maybe you just might make a swell trainer one day.

    2932 days ago
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