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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Today was definitely a day of these! Got up, Sparked for a bit, did my crunches, had a shower and cooked dinner for thonight at the office. So far so good! THEN I left the house and it all went down hill from there! Left the lunch and dinner I'd packed at the apartment, requiring a round trip detour to the office. Then my intern doesn't pitch up for work. She has "issues" with the type of work she's being given to do. OMG when I was starting out as a professional, if my manager told me to stand in the corner for the day holding a ream of greenbar paper, I would have done it. I spent days, even weeks doing little more than xeroxing. And I never complained it was beneath me. What is it with kids today. Then it was one interruption after another so not a very productive day. I FINALLY made it to the gym sometime after 4PM. But no matter how I tried I just could NOT find the groove! So even tho I biked for 65 mins and covered 15.66 miles, it was NOT my best ride! I feel like I phoned this one in. All I feel at the moment is drained! And I'm really praying that the BF doesn't call tonight!

Have some more sparking to do and today's video, but otherwise, I'm planning to crash early. That's all she wrote folks.
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    Love to you, friend. Those days really suck. Here's hoping for a stellar weekend!
    2657 days ago
    As getstrongrrr said, a workout is a workout. Sometimes we should celebrate that we phoned it in, because in the past we would of just skipped the workout.

    Have lightsaber will travel to have a lil chat with this intern?
    (Intern, doesn't that usually mean=-- hey I want to do a good job so this firm will hire me for real????)

    I promise today will be better!
    2658 days ago
    So, still haven't had that talk with the BF, hum???? Whata waitin for?

    As for young kids, its everywhere. I don't know how or when it became okay to expect everything handed to you on a silver platter but it really gets me riled up. My son informed me yesterday in a most disrespectful tone that I had to give him a phone. He didn't like the response very much. (Enough said!!)

    Sorry your day was rough, hopefully today will be better. Just picture that intern in a corner -- at the the visual should be amusing!!!!

    Have a good day! Thinking of you. Hugs.
    2658 days ago
    have a better tomorrow SAFARI
    2658 days ago
    Well that'll teach you to leave the house now won't it?

    YGBSM on the intern!! Give me 5 minutes with her and I guarantee an attitude adjustment. I have a special, "Me KC, You Sunshine Band" talk that usually drives the point usually ends with letting them know that McDonald's is still hiring qualified grease sweepers.

    Groove or no groove, a workout's a workout....go with it and be proud you did it, we are!
    2658 days ago
    Kudos for still getting to the gym. Some days just go like that...darn it!

    Hope you get some restful sleep and have a better day tomorrow.

    Deb :-)
    2658 days ago
    WOW SAFARIBABE sounds like we are having the same kind of days. I won't even go into the "stuff" my last tree days has been filled with. I should really bite the bullet and just start blogging on my page. Just never done it so not real sure about it. :-(

    Sorry to hear your day went so far south that it isn't even funny!

    And AMEN about your intern! I don't get it either. The work ethic has wend downhill and they think they can pick and choose what they do. I say "DO YOUR JOB"! I as well did whatever was asked of me and did it to the best of my ability even if I was hating it. I sure has heck didn't complain or place demands.

    I'm proud of you for making it to the gym even if it wasn't your best work out, you made it there!

    BF's and DH's, I will stay away from the subject tonight. I am to tired after the last few days and it is best for everyone :-)

    You have a great night my friend and tomorrow is a new day! emoticon
    2658 days ago
    Here is praying that you have a better tomorrow!!! Kudos to you for keeping on keeping on!!! Workouts count even when we don't feel like we are in the zone! WE STILL BURN CALORIES AND MOVE OUR BODS!
    emoticon Kelly
    2658 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    Sounds like an early night is just the ticket.
    And I agree, what the heck is it with some people?
    They want a job, but not the work that goes with it?
    I have a part-timer like that. Frustrating as heck and makes my job that much harder when I have to do half of her work as well. The boss knows and sees - we're "trying to find her fit." Gimme a break - it used to be if you didn't fit the position you were hired for you didn't fit at all!!!
    2658 days ago
  • STARL_73
    Sounds like my day - had to push to get through it and workout. But we did it!
    2658 days ago
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