A choice made ~ consequences to be given

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our family has been dealing with some difficult decisions and emotions this past week. Our 23 year old son was arrested last week for drunk driving. He received a DUI and taken in handcuffs to the jail. No mother wants to receive that phone call from a child hearing those words.

My husband had gone skiing for the day, so I was unable to get in touch with Ron. I drove down to where Andrew was held and he was released. As I was waiting for him in the waiting area, I kept thinking and praying about this. Why was my son in the jail...what was I doing here too! It's an experience we never dreamed would happen. However, Andrew has been living life near the edge for many years. His choices are certainly not healthy ones, nor pleasing to society, his family, or to the Lord.

Andrew was obviously very upset and crying when he came out. He apologized and hugged me. A mom's heart is tender at that; but also wary. For good reason.

He and I had to get his car out of impound. Now we wait for the results of his blood test. He complied to take the breathalyzer and roadside blood test when he was stopped. The officer said if he could give points for compliance, he would have given them to Andrew.

We are incredibly thankful that no one was injured or killed. He had two friends with him who were also drunk.

Now we enter the legal system. He deserves the consequences that will be given to him. We want him to. Sometimes I think that the 'law' works better for Andrew than the 'gospel' message.

Yesterday Andrew shared some other devastating news with me. Another bad choice he has made. I just don't understand. He is a gifted, charming, athletic, smart young man. Why does he want to throw his life away. Ron and I are going to have to make some hard decisions over this new revalation as well.

However, I live with hope!!! God loves my son more than his dad or I ever could. The fight for Andrew's life was won by the victory of Jesus Christ over death and satan when He rose from the grave! Allelujah!!

So, my friends, I covet your prayers for my family.

With JOY and PEACE that only my Lord can give,
Julia : )

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    Oh dear Julia, my heart goes out to you. I am lifting you and your family up in prayer. A song my Dennis Jernigan..."Come Home" talks about the prodigal son. Everytime I hear it I pray for 2 of my nephews that have made some bad choices. I will add your son in my prayer. Cling to the Lord--He will give you comfort and wisdom.
    2604 days ago
    You do indeed have quite a load that you're carrying right now. I'm hoping for you that your son can take this as an opportunity to really appreciate all that you are doing for him and to reflect and to turn things around. Thoughts are with you.
    2605 days ago
    Julia it is so hard to see our children make bad choices and suffer the consequences. Praying that God will draw your son to Himself through this difficult time.

    2605 days ago
    Julia, I am absolutely down on my knees asking God to cover Andrew with grace and help Andrew fight the power of Satan in his life! As the mother of a 22 year old I know how painful this must be for all of you. I see this kind of behavior more and more these days and believe Satan is at war against our young adults as never before.

    I don't know, maybe parents of all times have felt this, but it just seems like such a challenging, ungodly world these young adults are facing. And at one of the most crucial times of their lives.

    I am confident that God is trying to draw Andrew closer to Him through these trials and pray that Andrew will turn to Him. Of course we know that God is the only true source of peace and happiness. God please break through Andrews chains and bring him to YOU!
    2605 days ago
    Julia, my dear friend...praying for you and your family as you are going through these difficult experiences. I know though that the Lord is holding you close and filling you with loving wisdom and His peace. You are standing so strong in faith and trust. I admire how you are handling this situation. God's best blessings to you and your husband and son.
    2605 days ago
    I pray for faith which sustains all of you in these dark days and for you to know and experience God's grace and mercy as more than amazing as you walk through this valley.

    I pray that God give each of you wisdom and insight and the transforming power of His love so that your entire family will be able to testify to the wonder of it all.
    2605 days ago
    emoticon Julia, the woman of encouragement and joy, hold tight and let nothing move you. Don't let your son's choices steal your joy! I can't imagine what you are going through but I know his choices do not reflect on who you are or the mother you are. Praying for clear wisdom from above and joy that only comes from Him. When it is stressful and frustrating get some good run/walks to pray it out and leave it there.
    2605 days ago
    Ah, my friend, what a hard time! I know God has given you words of Truth to sustain you and comfort you -- and He will be there every step of the way! When my boys were little, a BSF lesson on Praying for Your Children suggested praying that they always (and quickly) got caught whenever they did wrong. It seemed a harsh way to pray for my little boys! But the lesson went on to explain that the longer one gets by without consequences for bad choices, the more ingrained those habits are, and the harder to break. The sooner we stop the bad choices, the sooner we can move forward in peace and strength. (hmmm, sounds like a lesson for us on our healthy eating journey, too!) May God bless you & Ron with courage to let Andrew face the consequences, knowing that God can use even the "worst of times" to bring us to Himself. And I pray that Andrew can hear and receive the discipline and love God sends!
    2605 days ago

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    Hugs and prayers sent your way and for your family, including your son!

    2605 days ago
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