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Fire and Sangria

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I love sitting in front of the fire with a glass of Sangria. It's been a while since I've written and I keep wanting to but find reasons not to lol. Anyway lately I have been simply focusing on keeping myself on track exercise wise which isn't the hard part for me. I don't have a problem exercising and I was thinking about it the other day. I feel like that's a huge part of a lot of people's struggle is the exercise. For me it's the food. But I just explained to my boyfriend and I am trying to convince myself of the same, that for now I know I will have good weeks and bad, and I eat well 90 percent of the time, and sometimes things happen where for a few days in a row I am not home to prepare a healthy dinner, or we decide to go out to eat. But I'm okay, I am focusing on my strength and cardio, and looking forward to the warmer days of spring. I try hard to remember that. Because having a few days where yeah breakfast and lunch were light and healthy, but dinner was heavier and so was dessert, makes you feel like a failure. But I'm not. I am not gaining weight, I am staying exactly the same going up and down the same 1 pound most of which I know is my tummy troubles not being able to go. So I should be happy and feel lucky that I've found the balance where I can eat what I like and exercise on my schedule and not be putting back on the 70 pounds I lost.

So that right now is my biggest struggle. Now next week my boyfriend is away again and whenever he is away my meals are amazingly healthy but I snack at night because I'm alone, no judgement and I'm lonely. I plan on possibly throwing away the peanut butter this weekend and searching for this thing I read about called Better N Butter that's half the calories of regular PB. I plan on buying a crapload of fruit and preparing a fruit salad so that if I get the munchies I'd rather fill my belly with fruit. I have a snacking problem so I'll head it off and just eat as much fruit as I want. I just need to make sure that next week my cabinets are clear of any hazardous snacking devils that could growl at me and say 'You're lonely, eat me!". Sad but true.

Anyway, I got the new Jillian Michael's dvd "Ripped in 30" and unfortunately haven't had a chance to do it. I haven't even taken it out of the wrapping. It's tough because i've been busy. Next week I'll be alone most evenings so i can try it out then. Things just always come up and I honestly feel better doing cardio before work. It's very hard to break me of a habit and doing 45 minutes of cardio every day other than 1 day is a habit now that when I don't do it I feel bad and gross and unhappy. I have been breaking up my strength to about 20 a day where I focus on arms and legs the days I do the elliptical instead of treadmill, and arms and abs the days where I run. I try to find balance where if I did a long run (45 minutes at either 8 or 9 min miles on a 15 percent incline) the next day I'll do the elliptical. I find my knees get sore if I run more than two days in a row. Or I'll do 30 mins of running at a lower speed but higher incline and then 30 of the elliptical. I'm trying to find balance, trying to fit it into my schedule. I cannot wait for summer where I plan to run 4 days a week, and the other 2 days do a lighter cardio because I plan to be outside as much as possible so I'll be getting the extra activity out of the gym. But for now with winter, I sit on my butt pretty much all the time so this exercise is what makes me feel okay to eat what I like.

Anyway I have a lot of spark reading to do. So I'll be making the rounds to the blogs. Tomorrow I'd really like to eat healthy all 3 meals and snacks instead of 2 meals 2 snacks and dinner being naughty. I plan to go food shopping so I am ready to stock up on some greens!

PS: Did some spring shopping and let me just say, asking for an extra small instead of a small was the happiest moment of my life. I literally almost cry every time a small fits me.

PPS: One other thing I'm editing to write and ask. I am losing inches on my butt, arms, and legs. But my belly is the only thing that seems to be not growing but some days I feel thin and some days my gut looks like I'm pregnant. I know it has to do with what I am eating and my stomach troubles, but I wanted to ask if it's possible I am losing fat everywhere else and gaining on my tummy? No right? Am I right to assume it's bloat, gas, and other icky stuff I dont wanna mention? Or should I be concerned that maybe I am gaining fat in my belly but losing it elsewhere? Is that even possible. I gotta google it lol.
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  • VIXEN2188
    I have the exact same issue. I am still slowly losing every where except my stomach and I hate it! My boobies like I've said before are the most majorly effected part of my body. I have gone from a c to a small b! I am almost over it but now they look flat :( I lost on my butt too but not as much. Sounds like your headig into next week with a strong mind and your gonna do great!
    2935 days ago
    It could be because as you lose everywhere else your belly just seems larger in comparison, the mind plays tricks on us, especially when we aren't used to seeing ourself at a certain size, I'm sure it isn't even that bad, but just that is how you are feeling. I know exactly what you mean, I've lost 70 pounds and honestly sometimes I feel just as big as the day I started.
    You are amazing, just keep up all the great work and think of how proud your boyfriend would be when you don't snack on those nights home alone :)
    2936 days ago
    congratz on 70lbs lost!!! next time you feel negative I am going to remind you of this
    2936 days ago
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have been adding some cardio with the Shred but I'm still finding the balance. And yes, it's hard to not focus on the scale...
    I think you're doing an amazing job maintaining your weight! That is the hardest part for me! You have to do what works for you, and if working out a lot and eating well 90% of the time is the formula that works for you, then that's awesome! It's all about the balance, and it looks like you found it, even if you do snack on unhealthy things every now and then.
    As far as running, I try to never run two days in a row, so I only run 3 days a week and do the elliptical/spinning/swimming the rest of my workout days. I have had knee problems so I try to give them a rest from the high impact of running. But again, whatever works for you :)
    About the PB, I've never tried it but I know a lot of people rave about PB2. It's a little too expensive for me but it might be worth a try if you can't get away from the PB.
    I have pretty much the same problem with my tummy. Like you, my digestive system doesn't always cooperate and I often have to drink some laxative tea to keep the flow emoticon . I'm no expert but my guess is that you're not gaining weight in your stomach, it's just a problematic area (at least for me), my tummy is the last to go...
    Sorry for the long comment! I love your new picture, you're looking great and doing awesome!
    2936 days ago
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