Facing My Demons

Monday, March 07, 2011

So, today I've decided to be completely honest with myself about my bad habits...First, I haven't been on this site in 4 days or something like that and I already know that I need to make the commitment if I am going to succeed. I am quite busy and with a new baby the only time I can get on here to track things is at night...well at night I'm exhausted so I've been blowing it off. Not tonight and hopefully not any other nights coming. I need to be held accountable by something and since I can't seem to hold myself accountable, this site is going to be my lifeline.

Second, I LOVE Subway's Tuna subs and cookies...Unfortunately, the sub (I eat a 12 incher) is over 1000 calories and the cookies are over 400...which is not good for my new lifestyle...similarly, a tuna sandwich made at home is around 300 calories. So, I need to make the better choice when it comes to that. Subway is not always conducive to a fit lifestyle. It all depends on what you choose.

Third, I LOVE chocolate! While fried food, which used be a love of mine, has grown dim in my life, chocolate has suddenly become the bright light of must eat now! Unfortunately, when it comes to chocolate anyway, I can't moderate. I will seriously eat 6 brownies over the course of the day because I can't ignore the call every time I walk by them. Any other kind of junk, I can say no to...but chocolate is my weakness. An easy fix will be to simply keep it out of the house. I'm pretty sure I have the will power to pass by the box in the grocery store before those brownies ever get made.

Fourth, I am kind of lazy for half of the day. I am not at all a morning person and I am a stay at home mom. That makes for a very unproductive me in the mornings. I wake up around 8, I homeschool my son from 9-11, we eat lunch, then I tend to do the sleep when the baby sleeps thing after lunch because sleep is not great with a 7 week old. Then around 2, I finally start to make use of my time...Except for the homeschool hours, half of my day was wasted. And believe me, I need to find some kind of cleaning routine because cleaning is not my gift. Some people can clean things in an take me a whole day because I am constantly stopping to reminisce at old picture or taking way too long to scrub that one spot that is permanently stained on the floor. I need to develop efficiency in cleaning and then maybe I wouldn't mind it so much.

I'm sure there are a thousand more faults that I have floating around in the person that is me, and I will confront them as I see them. For now I shall try to sleep.

Oh, and a bit of good news...I tried Just Dance for wii and burned 400 calories in 45 minutes of fun! We did it as a family so it will definitely be included in our every day routine! And did you know that playing with your kids for 90 minutes burns like 800 calories...simple easy fun to build into my day!
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    oops....probably shoulda sent that as a message, eh? :) Sorry about that.....
    2590 days ago
    I know Im late to post, but I did a search for "breastfeeding" and yours came up so I read some. I just delivered my 6th baby in March. Im coming up on my 6 week check and want to get started losing weight. I dont really gain much weight while Im pregnant...the "magic" happens during nursing. I crave food and am always hungry. I noticed you craved too! I really want to avoid packing the pounds on now while I am still nursing (well...full time pumping....but thats another story)

    I also tend to get up late....8ish so I feel like I waste part of my day also....I have a lot of guilt about it. I think 6 is a better number, but I find if I try to get up that early I NEED a nap by lunch....and at that point I cannot afford to sleep so I walk around like a zombie. We homeschool as well! I think we have a bit in common :)

    Anyways, I wondered if you have found that your milk supply runs low, or has dwindled since trying to lose weight while nursing. I am nervous about that. I also worry about the toxins Im expelling into the milk (toxins are stored in fat cells so the milk glands are a great dumping ground) do you know anything about this?

    Thanks and God bless, Jennifer

    2590 days ago
    I am alergic to a lot, but I tend to go to gluten free cookies and and a number of different candies. I am on the site as much as I can because I tend to slide back regularly and there are times that I need others to keep me under control between some of my eating and my anxiety.
    2631 days ago
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