Naked with a man who isn't my husband...

Monday, March 07, 2011

I was naked with Pascual. Wow.He was great. French. An earthy wine-drinking, hands- on French male. We did it by candlelight. Soft music in the background. And I paid for it. "Harder?", he asked. "Yes please", I groaned. So he kneaded me, like dough...and for over an hour my french masseur and I did it all! Ok, so Pascual happens to be the French therapist at Thousand Waves Spa in Santa Fe and the "nose to toes" treatment happens to be the most relaxing treatment I have EVER had. A salt rub, a foot massage, a body massage, a scalp treatment and then Thai massage/stretch But my story goes on. It begins in the hot tub. A sky full of stars. I move down to the warm foot bath with a mug of green tea and watch the Koi swim lazily around the fishpond. The air outside is chilly and I make a quick detour to the sauna before I begin my treatment. Enter another male with a towel wrapped around his waist. He seems surprised to see me. "Hello", he says. Then he slowly lowers himself down to the bench. Ok, so that's not always easy for a 70+ year old man! emoticon But you see. It's all good. The reality of it was wonderful. And I highly recommend you do it too. OOH LA LA! emoticon
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