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Lifestyle changes equal Style of Life changes.............

Monday, March 07, 2011

When I began with Sparkpeople I thought I had an active life. Sure, I kept the house clean, did the shopping, fed the family, paid the bills and hung out with friends. I pretty much did anything I could to avoid a sweat, in fact I once told my husband " I hate sweating". He will probably never let me live that comment down, he certainly reminds me from time to time I think to keep me on my toes. For me, sweating meant pain. I did not know what I was capable of, and more importantly did not believe that I was capable of too much of anything. We moved here to Colorado and ( if you live here, you know what I am talking about) I started noticing all the beautiful, healthy, active people who were still able to maintain a smile on their faces while munching out on a hummus, soy cheese, wheatgrass wrap after having just spent 4 hours riding a mountain bike at 11,000 feet elevation through 10 miles of mud, streams and " slap you in the face" Colorado Blue Spruce tree limbs. It took me 6 months just to acclimate to the elevation of 8000ft because I had been on oxygen for 2 years (between 2004 and 2006) due to a lung disease. I did not know if I could make it work, but fortunately, both happiness and health are contagious. I like to be happy just like anybody else likes to be happy and when your life begins " going easy" you feel easygoing. I had left behind alot of unhappy memories and people and I think that part of my acclimation to the elevation included some acclimation to my surroundings, both mental and physical. I started questioning why I was asking my friends Little Debbie, Cap'n Crunch and even Ben and Jerry to still come over and hang out. Even though Ben and Jerry " seemed" to be on the healthy side, they still sat around eating Pfish Pfood all day long with Cherry Garcia. I started figuring out that you experience so much more on a walk than you do on a drive and that the comment my " old" doctor had once made about food " if it tastes good spit it out because in your case it will lead to disaster" might not have been necessarily true. I had been Doubting Tracie for so long because everyone around me, even those that I chose to have around me, were Doubting Themselves too. I needed some positive influence and I suddenly found it all around me. I once read an article in which a study had been done and in this study it found that individuals with " overweight or obese" friends or significant others tend to be overweight themselves, even if they were not overweight when the relationships began. Interesting...................
................could having " healthy" friends and significant others possibly have the same affect????? I was all about finding out and quite honestly I was just sick and tired of being the morbidly obese girl. So I began changing my lifestyle. Have I done it perfectly without a hitch? not even close. Slip Ups? You bet, hey, cmon I'm only human. Hit some plateaus? yep, they've lasted for months. Got tired, stressed out, beat myself up and frustrated to no end. Hell yeah. Did I give up and throw in the towel. NOT ON YOUR LIFE..........................
..or mine for that matter because this is what it is all about. MY LIFE. Choose your life?!! CHOOSE YOUR LIFE.............yes, you can. My lifestyle changed through positive influence brought on by the people in my life( that certainly includes all the Sparkers out there), the places that I chose to be and the CHOICES that I made regarding my health and happiness. NOW, my quality of life has changed, my Style of Life has changed. So, choose your hard. Is it harder to eat healthy, work out, and become a part of your community? OR is it harder to take the drive thru, lay on the couch, make multiple visits to your doctor every month( who by the way is slowly becoming your best friend and confidant)AND walk around being your own worst critic ALL THE TIME?????? I choose life, not just breathing, sustaining, existing. I hope you choose it too...........................
...because you have that choice you know. And, by the way, I actually enjoy those hummus,soy cheese, wheatgrass wraps. They are especially tasty while eaten on the back of a mountain bike at 11,000 feet elevation ..............................
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    Thank you!!
    3732 days ago
    Good Blog...we need to be reminded that we deserve to have the good things in life too, even if they do take a little longer to get they are worth waiting for!

    It is hard when you are putting in all the hard work and seem to be getting no where (like me at the moment!)but we must not give up eventually it has to pay off!!

    3739 days ago
  • CARANN56
    Tracie - What a great blog! You are so right. Life is always about choices and we are the only ones who can make those choices for ourselves - Good or Bad.....

    You have done amazing. Thanks for the inspiration but I've lived in Colorado for 39 years and I have ever tried soy cheese and wheat grass wraps BUT I do LOVE being outdoors!!!

    3758 days ago
    Thank you for this blog! You have no idea how much I needed to hear your words today. Thank you! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3759 days ago
    What a wonderful blog. I'm pumped! I especially love the last part about choosing my hard.. I've never looked at it that way before. It makes me want to jump up and run outside! Thanks for taking the time to share.
    3760 days ago
  • JRIMM4
    You are so right! And look at all the amazing things you have done, changes you have made and new experiences you've enjoyed! And the wrap sounds absolutely delicious! Where can I get one??

    3760 days ago
    Aww, what an awesome blog, Tracie! And congrats on being a motivator!!! Yes, there certainly are a lot of healthy beautiful people in this state, and it stinks to not be one of them. However, the healthy lifestyles they lead are one that we can CHOOSE as well. Great blog :)
    3760 days ago
    Way to go!!! I am still not really onboard for soy cheese though.
    3760 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Good choices and determination will get you where you want to go. You are doing a wonderful job of making lifestyle changes.

    3760 days ago
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