Phase 2 (VLCD- Very Low Calorie Diet. Day 17 of up to 40): Saturday, 03/05/11:

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Phase 2 (VLCD- Very Low Calorie Diet. Day 17 of up to 40):
Saturday, 03/05/11:


0730hrs. Phone call woke me up…

*Saturday... Weigh in, 228.4 lbs. No loss from the last weigh in! But, NO GAIN! I’m still down 21.9 pounds in sixteen days. On 02/14/11 I was weighing in at 250.3 pounds. Now I’m weighing in at 228.4 lbs. and I’m 3.4 pounds from my September 09, 2009 goal.

Suspicions confirmed! I have to say the culprit for no loss must be the cabbage, ground beef, garlic, onion meal my wife made last night that kept me from losing. The last time we had a very minute loss was after the same meal. So, I’m keeping that in mind. I suggest if you're copying that meal save it for your P3 maintenance phase... it's great on the calories, nutrition, etc. but it's just not compatible (for me at least) with the P2, 500 calories diet.

Usual set of 10 strength exercises for Saturday's rotation.

0800hrs. Took ten drops of hCG
-2 cups coffee
-2 Splendia

*Okay. I’m just over 3 pounds from my first goal, today’s the twins third birthday and my wife wants me to try a “cheat day”. Her definition of a cheat day is to continue taking the drops, eat what I want, don’t limit myself to the 500 calorie diet and I should only gain 2 pounds. I’m not convinced and I don’t like the idea. I want to get to my goal weight and then decide. But she’s telling me I’m “experimenting” with the whole idea so I should throw in a “cheat day” like a lot of folks do to see if I can work through it like those who did or didn’t do when they did “cheat”. To keep peace in the family I decided to go along with it. I’ll cheat though I truly don’t want to. However, alcohol is out! Sober for sixteen days and done with the stuff.

11:30hrs. Took ten drops of hCG.
-Ate a handful of “Ruffles”. Again with the oily mouth afterwards.
-2 cups of coffee
-2 Splenda

1230hrs. LUNCH
-2 BBQ Baby back ribs. Home cooked by our sons Father In Law, a good friend of ours. EXCELLENT!
-1.5 cup tossed salad
-1 oz raw broccoli and salsa dip
-1 tsp guacamole
-1 cup kettle fried potato chips

1500hrs. SNACK
-18 oz water
-1.5 cup mixed chips. Ruffles and kettle fried chips.

*We went to the twins birthday party since shortly after noon. There were snacks on the table, home smoked baby back and beef ribs, kettle fried potato chips, Ruffles, tortilla chips, a GREAT mixed salad, guacamole dip, salsa, French onion dip, another dip I’m not sure about, red wine, beer, soda, whiskey, cake and cake and cake. I’ve never liked soda and cake so there was no “temptation” there. I’m also not big on dips. I do like chips and I do like salsa. I also love a good salad and Jerry’s ribs are to die for so obviously I like those. So I decided on some baby back ribs (2 with a generous portion of meat on them) some chips and a salad for a good “lunch”. Water was my beverage of choice throughout the whole day. I did bring a bottle of merlot to the party for others to drink. In all I think everything went well. I wanted to eat a bit more but I could easily talk myself out of it.

1700 hrs. Took ten drops of hCG

We left at around 1730 hrs. our twin grandsons a full 3 yrs. old and no longer “babies” but now “toddlers” (according to my wife)… “hellions” I call them (lovingly and jokingly of course… kinda).

1800 hrs. DINNER
-1 fish filet, breaded, deep fried
-1.5 oz. clamstrips, breaded, deep fried
-1.5 oz. fried shrimp, breaded, deep fried
-15 french fries
-16 oz. brewed tea
-1 cup clam chowder
-Copious amounts of Louisiana hot sauce
-2 oz of cocktail sauce
-1 oz ketchup
-1 small hushpuppy

*My wife and daughter decided to take us to Skippers in Lacey, WA. to get “dinner”. I haven’t been there since my wife’s “cheat day” her first time through the hCG thing back in December. I never was a huge fan of Skippers but I never hated the place either. I just never really was a fan of deep fried foods. Anyways, I got the Seafood Platter combo that comes with Skippers great tasting (fast food) clam chowder. So, there you go… my “cheat day” ended with a meal at Skippers.

SP calories for the day per the SP Nutrition Tracker… 1542 calories.

And those weren’t “healthy” calories either. Again, I’m not big on deep fried foods. All I can say is my wife and the protocol better be right. I actually felt like I was betraying my health doing the “cheat day” thing. But like my wife says, it should be part of this “experiment” I’ve opted to do if I'm going to do this testing right.

Now to see what happens tomorrow morning during weigh in. If I’m up more than 2 pounds and if I can’t lose that 2 pounds in 2 days or less then the plan isn’t accurate (according to my wife and what I’ve read about this here so-called cheat day). So, Sunday I go back to the 500 cal plan and see what happens. Even though I’ll be posting this Sunday morning I’ll be reporting Sunday’s results on Monday. I’m a day behind on the blog so as to capture the previous days full activities.

2200 hrs. I’m heading for bed.

*Have a great night! I’m still not sure about this “cheat day” idea. I hope it doesn’t derail my efforts to date. In retrospect I actually didn’t like this “cheat day” idea but I guess that’s one way to test the protocol. I was comfortable with the 500 cal. protocol but Jackie wanted me to experience the effect of falling off the wagon for a day and getting back on.

Oh yeah, being as it is "Cheat Day" I cheated on my weigh in and weighed in at 233.4 pounds before going to bed. That’s a full 5 pounds gained during the day's festivities since Saturday morning’s weigh in. I’ll post my Sunday a.m. weigh in with tomorrow’s morning post. We’ll see what happens. My Sunday morning weigh in will be the true results (i.e. damage done) of my “cheat day”.

5 pounds!!! Time to get back on the wagon… let’s see if this protocol truly works. I have until Tuesday morning to get back to or less than my Saturday morning weight of 228.4 pounds. I’m not feeling good about this.

Thanks for dropping by… good night all.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Damage done on cheat day... Salt, salt and more salt... Water retention... Ugh! However, you leanred two things go with your gut instinct and that a cheat day just wasn't for you. Congratulations on sixteen days sober Dennis!
    2600 days ago

    I hope your cheat day didn't throw a wrench in the works. But you had go to the party and partake of the foods or people would try to force feed you. lol

    I made two loaves of banana nut bread this afternoon for the freezer. I always cut a slice off an end to eat as soon as the bread is slightly cool. Yum!! There's always some function going on in the social room that needs treats.

    You have me addicted to reading your blogs everyday. They are very interesting.

    Have a good week.

    2600 days ago
    A cheat day could cost you a week of loses by stalling you for a week. It isn't worht it. Do a "planned break" if you need. But you have to plan for it. Stop taking drops for 3 days then cheat (after it is safely out of your system). Then just go back to the drops....no need to re-load if you don't stop for more than 2 weeks. Planned breaks are great!
    2600 days ago
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