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Friday, March 04, 2011

So a lot of this was on my profile page, but it was getting too cluttered. A month or so ago, I cut it from my profile, but have since decided it's too important to leave off my page. After all, it's who I am and what made me this way, and it all contributes to the ups and downs of my healthier-me journey. Updates will be added as I feel the need; no rhyme or reason or pattern. Just me, wanting to connect with the SP world and needing to lay it out there to reflect back on at a later date. Feel free to comment, leave constructive criticism, etc. If I weren't interested in what you have to say, I wouldn't be posting this! Here goes:

I'm a 31 year old stay-at-home mom who needs some motivation to set a positive life style example for my kids. And honestly, I'm tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. It is time for a serious change!

I come from an overweight family, but was always the 'skinny one' growing up - even though I didn't see myself that way (I was a healthy weight, but compared to overweight family members, I suppose I did seem on the small side. Plus, I'm short! 5'4") All my life, I've watched my parents (in particular my Mom) and Grandma battle with their weight and sedentary lifestyle. I knew I didn't want to be like them, and foolishly thought since I didn't fight with my weight when young, I would never have to. However, once college and marriage, and then babies came along, I lacked the time, motivation and energy to do anything about my steady weight gain. My youngest child's health problems as a baby contributed to little sleep and late-night snacking and the pounds piled on. Here is an outline of my journey to better health.

December 2007 - I KNEW I needed to lose weight; for the first time since being pregnant, I was over the 170lb mark and my BMI was bordering on obese. I just didn't know how to get started, and with each pound I gained, my motivation plummeted. I was miserable and teetering on the edge of depression.

January 2008 - My sister's wedding was 8 months away and in trying on bridesmaid dresses, I came to a startling conclusion: I hated the number on the dress size tag! So I made a snap decision and ordered a dress a size smaller than I measured for, knowing I would *have* to fit into it by September. I changed my eating habits, joined a gym and lost 20lbs by my sister's wedding (the dress had to be taken in!). Enter SP (I signed up in March), which helped me lose a few additional pounds over the next year.

May 2008 - my husband started a camp job, working away from home for two weeks at a time. Neither of my children were in school full-time, and my parents' deteriorating health made it difficult to rely on them. Come September 2008, with my oldest in grade 1 and my youngest in preschool two mornings a week, I decided that two mornings a week to exercise was better than nothing! I took up jogging, a teenage past time, and felt my stress float away.

February 2009 - My mom had heart surgery to replace a faulty valve, one month shy of her 60th birthday. The surgery was complicated by her obesity, and in speaking with the surgeon, I got the crap scared out of me - I knew my chances of having the same heart problems later in life were about 50/50 - I needed to lose more weight! Back to SP I went, but with two small children, I lacked the time to exercise like I needed to (two mornings a week wasn't enough time to run and go to the gym.) So I set out to maintain, instead.

July 2009 - A mere five months after my mom's surgery, and three days after my 30th birthday, my dad had the same open-heart surgery my mom did. His went smoother, because he was able to shed some weight pre-surgery, but his recovery was long, and coupled with my mom's continuing recovery, I spent a fair bit of time helping my mom and caring for my Grandma, who lives with my parents. I continued to maintain my 25lb weight-loss, but knew I still needed to do more. A visit to my GP confirmed I had a decent chance of needing valve-replacement surgery in 25 years or so, but my GP agreed that the steps I was now taking to be healthy would go a long way to determining what, if any, heart health problems would arise for me as I aged. I made a commitment to find the time to exercise and be healthy.

January 2010 - Hit my 30lb loss mark on New Year's Day!!! After running sporadically for a few months, I decided to try for a 10k in April. I began training and was running up to 6k three to four times per week. My cardio wasn't strong, but it was getting there, and felt confident I would have a good chance of completing the 10k with a decent time. (FYI: I use the Jeff Galloway run/walk/run method and love it! So much easier than trying to run for 1km, 10minutes, etc., which can be discouraging when trying to boost cardio.)

March 2010 - I took two weeks off from running to go on vacation and when I came back, I figured I could start where I left off - after all, I'd been doing tons of walking while sightseeing on holidays. BIG mistake: I ended up blowing the ITBand in my left knee. And with it, went any chance of running the 10k. I did PT for 8 weeks and was out of running commission for nearly 8 months.

January 5 2011 - After the IT-Band injury last spring zapped my main source of cardio (running), I lost all motivation to stay fit. Though I haven't gained more than three pounds since then, I have lost all the tone and strength I had gained from running. To get it back, and kick-start my fitness program, I'm doing the 28 day bootcamp from January 5 to February 2, 2011. My goal is to lose at least 5lbs and finally see my weight drop below the 140lb mark.

February 7/11 - Bootcamp is done, and though I didn't reach my goal weight, I did drop 2lbs. But I'm most excited that I lost 3 inches! One inch each off my waist and hips and 1/2" off each of my arms. I've started Bootcamp for another 28 days because it helped kick up my motivations and I love the exercises! Even on my laziest days, I can convince myself to squeeze in 10 minutes (which always leads to more!) This time around, I'm going to try and focus more on inches lost and how my clothes fit than numbers on the scale. And I have my eye on a new bathing suit for summer . . .

Update February 25 2011 - The 10k is 8 weeks away and my ITBand is giving me problems again. Can't seem to push past the 6k mark on a run, and the unusually cold weather we're having is not helping. Bought new running shoes, and am looking into an ITBand brace to make it through the 10k. In the meantime, I've started doing the daily exercises/stretching I learned in PT and am back at the gym, where I'm doing a yolates class twice a week and treadmill work for cardio.

*****Update March 4 2011 ******

My husband quit his camp job back in September and came home to the job he was originally doing here in town. Still shift work, but he's home every day, which is great. What's not so great? The $15000-$20000/year pay cut we took to get him home. It's taking it's toll on us, and a decision has been made for me to go back to work part-time. I'm scared to death (it's been 10+ years since I've had a job interview!) and am stressing out about what'll happen with my kids after school, is making $500 a month (part-time/minimum wage) worth the hassle, when will I have time to devote to my health, now that I've recently re-committed to my journey (I do all my exercising during the day when the kids are at school.)
We don't live beyond our means, and have cut costs where we can, but with growing children, rising gas prices and food costs, the same wages just aren't cutting it anymore. The kicker? My husband doesn't *want* me to work, but knows we no longer have a choice. So frustrating.
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    how's the job hunt coming along? i know it must be frightening, but know that it can be done. i stay home with my kids and work part-time a few evenings a week and sunday mornings. i do not have my kids in day care and i still work out daily. also, i work a "job" not a career so it doesn't sap my mental energy ... and, it pays quite a bit more than minimum wage. if you have to do it, don't be discouraged. there are jobs out there. be selective. it CAN be done.
    2552 days ago
    I've never even tried running/ jogging so your story is an encouragement to me. I don't own shoes for running, so I will look into that.

    I stayed at home for 16 years which meant my office skills were ancient by the time I wanted to go back. I too am in a minimum wage job but I enjoy the customers and human interaction.

    Wishing you all the best!
    2598 days ago
    YOu have done such a FABULOUS job! You can SO do this! Sorry about the hubby's job but I am with you, it is worth it in the end when he is home every day!

    Curious, have you ever thought about selling Pampered Chef? I'm a consultant and I know for a fact, the average consultant makes $100 per show! You could work 6 or 8 shows a MONTH and make $600 to $800 (or more)! I'm also a sahm with 3 children and my average monthly income is over $1700 a month! IM me if you'd like some info! Might be something worth taking a look at!

    Congrats on the loss thus far! I KNOW you can do this! :-)
    2606 days ago
    wow, you can do it! you have come so far! hope all works out
    2607 days ago
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