One-der-land!!!! And day 2 of Jillian Michaels

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Oh emm Gee. I got one the scale this morning... 199. I almost died. I have been in the 200-214 range for so many months I didnt ever think I was going to see the 100's again. I got so excited and it just keeps me motivated to keep going. I am doing a 30 day medifast challenge with my mom. She works for the company so I told her i'd do 30 days with her but I change mine so that my lean and green meal is split into lunch and dinner so im not starving and only eating processed bars or shakes on a daily basis. So far its been going well. I've been eating better in my meals, lots of fish and shrimp and chicken, and since its so specific and its only 30 days I find that its easy to stay away from the bad stuff. at least so far. But i miss fruit so much!

Last night i turned on Miss Jillain's Shred DVD and got about halfway through it. I couldnt push myself to finish. I was so sore from day 1 I just couldnt. So I took a 5 mile walk with the dogs to stretch my legs and hopefully give my muscles the movement they needed to work the pain back out. Today I am still sore, but not in total pain anymore. So tonight I will start 2 over and see how it goes. If i am still up for it, I might take on workout 3 as well to try and even out where i skiped last night. If not i'm not going to cry about it. There are 31 days in MArch, i'll just add an extra in later in the month.

Whew. I am really looking forward to losing more and getting more active.

I am still going strong with the no smoking. Its gotten to the point where I don't think about it on a daily basis and I feel ill when i smell it coming from someone else. I think thats awesome!
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