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My 2011 Goals plus an update

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wow! I just went back over my blog and discovered that I never mentioned my goals for 2011 on here! Sorry about that. I had fully intended on doing so. My original plan was to write a blog as an update on those goals, but I guess I need to tell you what they are first!

1) Read 40+ books this year
-I love to read, and this gives me an incentive to make more time for it.
2) Learn to drive/Get driver's license
-This is an important step to getting more freedom in my life.
3) Finish bedroom
-I got a new room last October, but I still need to finish accessorizing it. The plan is to make pillowcases and curtains. I also want to find somewhere to display my Mood Dragons and Littlest Pet Shop pets.
4) Get out on my own more often
-I want to get used to doing things by myself. Right now, it is very uncomfortable for me to go anywhere by myself.
5) Use the gym enough to make it worth the membership cost
-For the last two years, I've paid for a gym membership for me and my family. We have yet to use it enough to make it worth the membership cost. It expired last December, but I'm not going to renew it until we are ready to use it.
6) Stop "picking"
-I have the horrible habit of picking at bumps, scabs, etc on my skin. This year, I'm trying to stop that.

Now for the update....

As March begins, I thought it would be a good time to look at my goals for the year, and see how far I've come and how far I have left to go....

1) Read 40+ books this year
-This is the goal I've made the most progress on. I've read eleven books already, and that doesn't count the ones I've read more than once this year. (I have a serious addiction to the Twilight books.)

2) Learn to drive
-This one is complicated. First, I had to change it. It originally included "Get driver's license", but I had to remove that. The reasons are really complicated, but it would be better for insurance purposes if I didn't pursue getting a license this year. However, I'm not giving up on it entirely. I plan to practice driving with my mom, and I will renew my learner's permit when it expires in April. I haven't made much progress on this goal. I haven't been behind the wheel since last summer. I haven't even studied the driver's handbook much like I said I would.

3) Finish bedroom
-I've made no progress here whatsoever. I haven't even made a time line for getting things done! The most I've done is consider buying curtains instead of making them like I had planned.

4) Get out on my own more often
-I went by myself to visit my uncle and his family in Illinois a little over a month ago, but I haven't really done much on my own since. I planned a mall trip by myself, but chickened out and asked my brother to come with me at the last minute. We rode the bus there, and I'm counting that as progress since I'll need to ride the bus when I go out on my own, and this was good practice. The sad part is that I was more nervous riding the bus than I was going through airport and getting on a plane by myself! Even now, just the thought of riding the bus by myself makes me nervous.

5) Use the gym enough to make it worth the membership cost
-I'm not sure if it counts as progress, but Mom and I went to the gym last week. The plan is to pay per visit for awhile until we work up to going on a more regular basis. Then we will buy the membership.

6) Stop "picking"
-Despite the lack of progress on some of my other goals, this one is proving to be the most difficult. I think the main problem is I do it without thinking, but even when I catch myself doing it, it is hard to stop. I've made what I call, "fiddle bands" to keep my hands occupied when I'm doing things that don't keep them busy. Fiddle bands are basically overly large beaded bracelets made with beads of different shapes, sizes, and textures for me to fiddle with. I use them mostly at night while I'm reading myself to sleep. Basically, I just hold one in whichever hand isn't holding onto my Nook. It keeps my hands full so I can't pick at my skin.

For those of you that have read this far...
emoticon and emoticon !

Have a fantastic day!
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    i really think that you have made more progress on some of your goals than you are giving yourself credit for. . the fact that you are trying is a goal in itself. It will take time for some of the other goals to be achieved but you are doing awesome. The bus is a complicated thing since they keep changing things around it is even hard for a person that rides the bus everyday to keep up with the changes. Love you tons, Mom emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2604 days ago
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