Reigniting the Spark

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I only recently bought The Spark for my Kindle. I've been taking my time reading it so I can absorb the wisdom held within its pages. I've attempted SparkPeople twice before, the first I joined but didn't get active. When I returned I jumped right in, was active daily, tracked my weight, joined challenges and made friends which lasted for several months. I saw progress, and it spurred me on, there was nothing more exciting then seeing the scale finally drop below 240, I can't remember ever being that weight and I cried.

So why did I allow things to change? I've stopped working out, and while I do still try to eat healthy even thats fallen to the wayside as convenience wears out. I see the warning signs and recognize them. I am exhausted all the time, I come home from work in the evenings and feed the boys something quick and simple, frozen corn dogs, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or a sandwich then crawl into bed. I could easily fall asleep, but I don't. I nap a bit in 10-20 minute spurts for an hour or so then get up and do the rest of my routine. The house is a mess because I am too tired to clean, and if the house isn't clean, finding a place to exercise is impossible, and so goes the cycle.

It has to end, and I realize that. I've taken some steps in the right direction, I am trying to cut all soda from my diet, I drink diet anyway, but its still not healthy for me. I try tracking my foods, but I never seem to get them entered into the spark tracker. I write them down, but I like seeing how close I am to my intake goals. I also signed up for an aquacise class which is so much fun! However progress is still elusive.

I know the reasons why as well: sabotage. My family and friends just don't understand and have no personal desire to get into shape. My mother loves sugar and keeps plenty of sugar and snack foods around, my best friend eats (and serves) massive portions of food. I keep some healthy things about, but it is so much easier for me to eat healthy at work where I can plan my meals and snacks. I bring only what I plan to eat and leave money out of reach so even if something does tempt me, I can't have it. At home where its all laying out I find it very hard to pass up the cheese danish for the yogurt, which I'm not always fond of, truth be told. White carbs are mostly out of the house, but potatoes are still a staple in our house and no one really cares for sweet potatoes, including me. I need to work on my willpower to overcome temptations, and listen to my body when it tells me its no longer hungry.

I have a lot of work ahead of me to get back on the track I once was. But I did it before and I loved it, so I know I can do it again. I just need to stay strong and focused. Aside from a healthy lifestyle and being fit I have other goals to meet. I know that with the help of my friends, and a little Spark to light the fire I can accomplish anything!
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  • GINA7249
    I agree it is hard to get back in the groove of things again but I know u can do it yes u can. Stop by our team Page to catch the spirit of the lemons. We are here for u whenever and whatever u need from us. We don't forget about u. We haven't seen u in awhile.
    2632 days ago
    Aww sis I know it is hard once you fall off to get back on track. It seems like no matter how hard you try you just can't get it together. We are in the same boat.... You can do it just do 1 thing in the right direction each day and add on to it each day and you will eventually work your way back up to where you used to be. I have faith in you because I know you can do it!!!! The good thing about it all is you know that you don't want to continue to live that lifestyle so when you do get back on track just remember how you were feeling then and you will not want to ever go back there. These are all things I am actively applying to my own life so we are in this together and I am here whenever you need to talk.

    Keep your head up I love you sis
    2640 days ago
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