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Travels with Aunt Judith: Beck Day 32

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Beck asks us to anticipate how we'll deal with the Beck program while on the road.

I've kept off an 80 pound weight loss for almost a decade (with a few small blips here and there) so I've travelled quite a bit during that period of time.

And I know what I do: stick with the program. Track my calories. Probably exercise more than usual because we tend to be active while we're away: more walking, golf, swimming, kayaking, birdwatching, shelling, galleries, museums. And we typically stay at condos/small houses/apartments for rent by owner (there is a great selection on the internet) and continue to prepare our own meals because we prefer it. So I have often come home down a pound or even two after a week away. Last summer when I took a course in Toronto, I rented a small apartment close to campus, prepared my own meals, walked everywhere, and easily maintained my weight. I just don't like restaurant food enough to "spend the calories" on it: would rather buy local produce and fish in the market, experiment with a bottle of local wine, see what local spices/seasonings are available -- it's part of the holiday experience. Makes me feel like a "native" of wherever we are. I even buy local flowers for the table!

Beck suggests some people may like to add 300 planned calories every day; or a minor splurge of 500 calories on several days; or a major splurge of 1000 calories on one day: and expect to gain a pound or two as the "price" of the holiday. Good strategy for lots of folks, better than unrestrained eating on a 12 day cruise -- but not my style. The thought of an all-inclusive with free bar etc. where many people are eating and drinking with abandon to "get their money's worth": arrgh.

I sympathize that people want full value, but I don't wanna be there.

Don't wanna do it myself, don't wanna see it either.

Don't want to travel to a compound surrounded by barbed wire patrolled by people on golf carts with guns keeping the locals out. Would rather meet the locals on their own turf, buying fresh mangoes or snapper from them or whatever -- not in a situation where they are waiting on me or cleaning my room.

What I will add to my usual travel routine from Beck will be: Sitting down every time; Eating slowly and mindfully; Reminding myself that hunger is not an emergency. These strategies are new additions to my repertoire and will stick.

Today's weight: 148.5. Probably a temporary blip down, but nice to see that middle number 4. Hip measurement 38. Waist measurement at 28. I've got a challenging skirt for this occasion which is pleated and full but quite snug through the middle . . .
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    CONGRATS...a little late - you dipped into the 140's!! Yay :) I know somewhere this had to make your feel powerful and in control of all of this! Measurements help me a lot too...when those numbers begin to change, your heart will soar! It's exciting to track measurements too. I'm very proud and happy for you!
    2633 days ago
    Reading this was a real treat.

    You make the healthy lifestyle so vivid and concrete. I still have so much to learn. It really helps me to hear all about how you handle these things.
    2637 days ago
    Brilliant! You are going to rock that skirt!
    2637 days ago
    CONGRATS on another impressive weight loss!! Yes, you could write a better chapter than Beck. Although her way may work for many, I think your way is far better and many people would choose it. You are an expert at eating healthy and maintaining (or even losing) during trips and holidays!! That is great! -Marsha
    2637 days ago
    You and I would make great travel companions!!!!!!
    2637 days ago
    You are doing fabulous!! Well done!! You have the right idea renting your own place and eating your own food. And it would be way more fun interacting with the locals. I didn't injoy my Hawaii trip as much as one would expect. Stayed in a dingy hotel room, stuck eating nothing but fast food (that is all the restaurants that were within walking distance of my hotel, and all my brother and his family were interested in eating in). They went to a McDonalds the first meal they had.
    I ended up gaining 11 lbs, and of course, other than pineapple and some local kind of banana, fruits and veggies were non -existent in these meals. Was able to do some hiking trips and I made it to a Curves in the morning, but it wasn't enough. As I don't drive, I am pretty much stuck to places in popular areas where I can walk to everything (or get a bus that runs reguarly) It was an hour and a half bus trip one way to get to the Hawaii Curves.. Most exercise places tend to be on the outer edges of a city..
    Keep up the great work!!
    2637 days ago
    Girl, you have blogged about a subject close to my heart, hence my sparkname!

    I SO agree with you on your style of travel! When we went to Malaysia we stayed with my brother in Kuala Lumpur, but he had to work each day. So every morning we set out on our own. We walked everywhere, took the subway, taxis, went to the grocery stores & open-air markets, etc. It was a blast. We ate from food stalls on the streets and never had a bad experience. We never once set foot in an expensive hotel or restaurant. We traveled outside KL by bus to various tourist spots (their tourist spots, where we were the only Caucasians). We met a ton of interesting people and were humbled by how much they knew about America when Americans don't even know where Malaysia is.

    At any rate, this is definitely the way we want to travel when we go to Europe. We'd like to rent a flat outside each major city and then take public transportation in to see the sites. We're kicking around the idea of renting/buying a "caravan" (trailer) and going that way.

    Traveling this way is not only better for the diet as you've proven, but also easier on the wallet! A big reason we enjoy our travel trailer is so we can prepare our own food. This year's trip will be mostly about the populated east coast and south because we are visiting family, but we are looking forward to traveling west where we can spend a lot of time in national parks. We'd love to take a trip to Canadian Rockies, which I hear are unparalleled in their beauty.

    So do you find all your rentals on the internet? We plan to go to Europe in 2012 and we've not really figured out how to begin to make our plans!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and reinforcing that we aren't the only ones who don't think a vacation has to include 5-star hotels and restaurants!

    Now I've got to get my head back into the real world and get ready for work! But thanks for the reverie!!!
    2637 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Love your attitude.
    2637 days ago
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