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The snacking demon!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Today my stomach is a MESS! I have had so many issues with it lately and today I had some extra fiber thinking it would help. WRONG! I’m going to warn you I might get graphic. The gas was unbelievable. My stomach looked 6 months pregnant. I am usually proud of my shape and today I wore an apron all day at work. None of my pants would button and the pressure was so uncomfortable I had to escape to a private place to pass gas so often it was ridiculous. I eventually went…ya know…but it continued. So when I left work I got a medium dark roast coffee with very little cream so it was really dark and drank it really fast. It helped to move things along but even sitting here I am extremely uncomfortable. So I’m trying to drink a lot of water. It’s gotten better, just hope it goes away before tonight!

TONIGHT we are heading down to AC to celebrate our anniversary early. We were supposed to go next week, but I have a weekly appointment with my therapist and didn’t want to have to cancel my second one. And I was at work and just felt like I needed to be spontaneous. Lately that has been something that brings us closer. This morning we had a great morning being spontaneous and it just made us feel wonderful. So I texted him and said hey, if I pack our bags when you get home would you want to go stay at the Tropicana? He said yes and so I just booked the room. I feel like it’s part of being a better person, learning to let go of the control problems I have and just be happy and do what I want. I am also very close to cutting back a day at the gym. This morning was the first morning in a very long time where I almost didn’t go. And I know the signs of getting bored and such. So my plan is to 1. Get the new Jillian Michael’s dvd “Ripped in 30” to change up my strength training, and 2. DEFINITELY join my free month of swimming at the Atlantic Club. Since Tuesday I am free after class I think I’m going to do it Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it! I just know I have to change it up once I get bored. And hopefully the weather gets warmer soon too.

Food wise I am still struggling. Nights kill me and I’m almost to the point where I can’t keep peanut butter in the house. It really disappoints me because I am an ADULT. Why can’t I control myself? I don’t know it’s just gotten to the point where I need some kind of change. Something to help offset this horrible bingeing I do at night. I don’t think I’m consuming more than 500 calories but lately I’v felt like these night time food raids are stressing me out more than anything else. I’ll feel fantastic about everything EXCEPT the fact that I had like 4 tablespoons of peanut butter with some rice cakes…no like half the bag of rice cakes. I need some advice on this. Do I literally just get rid of peanut butter? BUT I feel like if I do that, my attention will simply turn to something else. Like instead of eating 4 tablespoons of peanut butter, I’ll like make soup or eat 5 bags of popcorn. And when I am eating, I think I’m lonely and that’s why I eat. Because around 8-9 pm is when I have been home alone now for about 3 hours and it’s the time I wish Matt was home to sit with me and watch TV. And I almost feel like I eat to fill that empty space. But as I am eating I am saying “stop. Wtf stop!” and then a little evil voice says “You bust your ass, enjoy it”. I don’t want to enjoy it at 9 PM I’d rather have a nice meal out or a big lunch. And I’ve wondered if that would help, splurging more on meals. But even though we ate out at Fridays for dinner, I still binged. I don’t know. But it’s FRUSTRATING!!! I feel like if I could stop that I could finally get to my goal weight. Because I burn like 900-1000 calories almost every day, and my weight doesn’t budge. UGH.

Sorry for the ramble. Anyway, other than that nothing else is new. I’ve actually been tracking really well, up until my night time bingeing, because I think I see I have like 200-300 calories left and I think oh I’ll have a snack, and it never ends. But tracking wise every day I’m great up until that point. So I think I prefer to track most days. Except today since we will probably be eating a meal in AC at like 11pm lol. But you have to live!

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    Hope you are ok now.

    2954 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Does the peanut butter you eat have sugar in it? If so, that's probably why you keep having cravings for it. I eat the natural peanut butter, only has peanuts. You have to stir it up when you open the jar and keep it in the refrigerator. I love the taste and could never go back to the regular peanut butter. Also, if you can practice Yoga 10-15 minutes a day if would regulate you within a week or less. But NOT power yoga, just plain simple yoga postures. Obviously 20-30-40 minutes of it a day would be better, but 10-15 is a good start. It will work.
    2954 days ago
    Peanut butter ~me too!! Last two weeks it has been my savior and my demon. Getting it out of the house until you tackle the night time stuff may be the best answer. There are a lot of us grown ups that act worse than our kids with this craving ....!!

    WAIT ~ I just looked at your main page to friend you and you are amazing!! Look at you! You need to be telling me what to do. Just keep going girl, sure looks like you're doing things right!

    And the first paragraph ... yes! Understood ... been there ... it is The Worst!
    2972 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/3/2011 11:33:08 AM
  • VIXEN2188
    I have the same issue of thinking oh I can eat another 200 cals without gaining weight so I eat something even though I'm not hungry. I think that is the biggest downfall of counting calories. Knowing that you can still eat. Lately I have been eating first then tracking. I'll make breakfast and grab a few things to eat at work and then log all that when I'm at work. I'll know what I can eat for dinner and dessert but try to not pre enter anything. It seems to help a bit. I find myself not that hungry some nights and I think well since I'm not totally sure if I ate too much I won't eat anymore. I hope the tummy troubles surpass. I have been having issues for almost a year and finally cut out gluten and caffeine. I'm starting to notice that when I eat gluten I start to get constipated. Hope things improve!
    2972 days ago
  • DIKIWI85
    You'll get to that point of self control soon enough!

    Now, you guys have to focus on having fun!
    2973 days ago
    push water, happened to me!

    and the night thing!!! that is why I did the 1 week of CLEAN eating or deprivation! it cleaned my taste bud, so far for good, but it's only 1 week since
    2973 days ago
  • 1972-NEWME-2018
    I know what you mean about wanting to snack all the time. I have been on SP for a month now, and I've lost about 10 pounds so far.

    My worst time is at night and I am a self-proclaimed "Carb Junkie!" Another of my downfalls...Blue Bunny ice cream (especially "Bunny Tracks" ~ kinda like Moose Tracks). I was lucky to find a no sugar added version of it, and it's lower in fat, too. I think the trick is to do just that...find a version of what you love that is lower in fat, calories, sugar, etc. and eat it in moderation. You can still have your snack, but make it a healthier one. Your cravings will be satisfied and you won't have that guilty feeling later.

    At least, that is what I am choosing to believe. It sounds good, huh?! lol

    2973 days ago
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