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10 Lessons Learned

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

There is always something...., no matter how old you are, always something to learn. The key is to hold tight to the lessons along the way. What works for everyone else, may not be your answer. Just keep going and look back on your lessons. Here are some of the things I have learned along the way:

Lesson 1~ When you think you are ahead of the game, guess what...without commitment from yourself, you will be right back where you started. Others will stand in your way if you let them. Maybe not intentionally, but they do. Life tries so hard to get in the way. I started SP in 2008. I lost some weight at first and derailed. I am just getting back so I know this first hand, which leads to my second lesson....

Lesson 2~ Breakups, breakups, breakups. What can I say. I have been married 3 times and all of them put together did not equal one good man. Poor choices...lesson learned. Out of all three of them, the one thing they all had in common was that they all felt like they mattered more than anything else. Wife, kids, family. It was ALWAYS all about them. Note to self-if your honey soaks up all that you do, but never gives back, hmmmm better look elsewhere for Mr. Right. People usually never change their definitely won't be the one to change them. It usually takes some life threatening brush with death to do the job, if they ever change at all.

Lesson 3~ There really could have been several factors that contributed to the extra weight. In my case, I can only blame the thyroid so much, oh it is also growth hormone too. Man am I afraid of that one. Why is it that with replacement therapy, I am still fat? Probably because I did not realize what a "portion" was until SP. Probably because with the relationship trouble, over and over again in the span of 25 years I have become emotionally comforted by food. Probably because I used my blocked arteries to my legs as an excuse not to push myself to exercise. I've identified the problems, sought answers and change, and I am moving forward. No more feeling sorry for myself.

Lesson 4~ Society really does not embrace large people. I remember not long ago, people would greet me on the street. Meet my smile with a returned one. Total strangers would comment on how nice my outfit looked....where did I get it. I can't believe how now people will let a door damn near hit you in the face rather that holding it open or lord forbid....Actually opening it for you. They never make eye contact with you to return a smile and I can't remember ever telling anyone (to include my friends) oh thanks...I got it at Lane Bryant or Cato's. (believe me, I am so thankful for these stores) just because I am a grandmother, does not mean I want to dress like one (yet anyway). My friends are all small so they know even if they asked...the fat girl sizes won't fit them.

Lesson 5~ Just because you watch what you eat, does not mean others have the same problems you do or want to go out of their way to accommodate your needs....Plan ahead. Thank goodness for the tracker in SP. Thank goodness for Fit & Fresh products. Thank goodness for food scales with a tare option. I love snack size baggies. Measuring my food has become fun. I have two cute reusable lunch bags in different styles to change up when I am tired of seeing one or the other.

Lesson 6~ Splurge a little on yourself. You are worth it. You've taken care of everyone in your life except you. Go out on a limb, get yourself something new for a change. Buy something that is supportive of your new lifestyle. Just the other day, I found out that Keds shoes + flat feet and walking definitely does not = comfort. I decided to walk by the lake as far as I could in the time I had. (2 miles in 30 minutes) woo hoo!!! My feet were actually numb when I got back to work. As a comfortable running shoes. Now my feet do not hurt.

Lesson 7~ Always dream, but live in reality. I decided that since I am 20 something pounds down and was feeling quite full of myself...that I would do like others here and take pictures as documentation. OMG!! I don't have full length mirrors...go figure! I can't see the stomach over the huge mound of boobs on my chest. Yes, those aggravating things that are so heavy they make your bra straps feel like they are severing your arms. I wanted to cry....but then I started thinking. I am down a size smaller in clothes. Man I wonder what I actually looked like before I lost anything.

Lesson 8~ Know your true friends and hold them close and dear. They believe in you and accept you for you. Fat or skinny, they still love you and those are the people that truly matter. A good support system keeps you going on days when you want to slack. If you are short on supportive friends or family members, there are bunches on SP. Surround yourself with positiveness, any bitter comments can be attributed to people who without a doubt are just passing thru and certainly are not looking ahead for the long haul.

Lesson 9~ Learn by trial and error. Try new recipes, don't be afraid to venture out. Tomatoes are now one of my favorites. Grilled chicken it (did I say salad and love in the same sentence). Over the course of a healthier lifestyle....tastes do change. I used to think about the wonderful pizza at a local place. Man...the best sauce with pepperoni dripping in a bed of melted cheese. That is now replaced with a low carb tortilla spread with tomato sauce and spices and mushrooms topped with a 1/4 cup of lowfat cheese, sometimes with a little jalapeƱo and fresh tomato added. If I am having a meat attack, I will throw on some turkey pepperoni. It tastes like I am not missing anything. When I think pizza, I actually picture this in my mind rather than the old kind. My old fried chicken has been replaced by rotisserie chicken. I don't even crave fried chicken anymore. Come to think of it, I don't crave "fried" anything. Even with the skin pulled off, the roasted chicken has so much flavor. I have replaced my morning bacon with canadian style bacon from the deli. I have them shave it real thin. I put it in the microwave for a minute or so and walla...crispy bacon. I've learned that a plain baked sweet potato is wonderful with nothing on it. I find it is as enjoyable to me as the former sweet potato casserole. I don't crave potatoes or bread anymore. I used to live on the stuff. Sometimes, I still have sweet cravings (usually after meals). I have learned to counter them with hot tea (I prefer raspberry). Peppermint is also a fave. Little tweaks here and there have made a huge difference in my eating habits. Stuffed mushrooms are awesome if you season them to your liking. (lots of garlic for me) I throw in a little lean ground beef and top with lowfat cheese. Yum!!!

Lesson 10~ Everyday, stop and be thankful for all you have. Someone always has it a little worse than you or a little better than you. You can be your own worst enemy or your best friend. Like yourself, you are important and so is your health. I let myself get blindsided by things of little importance. I let myself go because that is what was easy and at the time, it felt good and right. Well now I welcome the new feelings. I know what it feels like to be hungry. That burn in you stomach that starts to bring on nausea. Although "hungry" is not a good feeling and you should not let yourself get totally famished, my stomach feeling slightly empty feels better to me now than being stuffed. I know if I don't stop eating when I am "satisfied" then I will become too full. I know how to make a well portioned plate. Going for long walks can ease a troubled mind and give you a great midday break. I love my stability ball and I am trying to get the "groove" back to be able to hula hoop. Have not figured out yet if I just forgot how, or if my midsection is so round it won't stay hooping, lol...until then, I will keep trying.

May all of you be blessed in your endeavors. I love reading tricks and tips from all of you, just decided to share a few of my own.
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    Great lessons learned. You are an inspiration. emoticon
    2640 days ago
  • YICHE12
    Thanks for sharing. Hugs.
    2640 days ago
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