Weigh-In: 90 Pounds Lost Edition!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday was Weigh-In Day!

Weight Last Week: 328.0
Weight Goal for This Week: 326.0
Actual Weight This Week: 325.8!
Weight Loss/Gain This Week: -2.2 pounds

SP Starting Weight: 416.2
Highest Weight: 466.6

Weight Lost with SP: 90.4 pounds!
Total Weight Lost from Highest: 140.8!

That's right, ladies and gents...I finally hit my 90 pounds lost with SP! Just 10 pounds to go before I reach that Century mark again! And I've lost a total overall of almost 150 pounds! That's amazing!

So what did I do this week? Well, let's see.

I worked out Monday and Tuesday nights. (At least, I think I worked out Monday... *lol*)
And then I got sick. Super sick. Stay in bed for 2 days and eat very little sick.
By Friday I was feeling better, but I had to skip the gym and head straight from work to perform in the Vagina Monologues (which went very well, I'm proud to say!).
And Saturday we went from Logan's basketball game, to Parkersburg for some car shopping, and then straight to the Theatre again for our last performance.

This week I ate Macaroni & Cheese...and didn't care for it.
This week I let myself worry more about getting better than workouts and calories.
This week I laid off the sweets because I know that being sick and eating sweets is not a good combo.
This week I only ate out a couple times...and had one Margarita to finish out the final performance of VM.

It was great to lose while not really focusing, but I know it was partly a fluke of being sick and finally getting some sleep. This week, if I want to see more changes, I'm going to have to work for them.

I had my second boxing lesson with CT yesterday. It was great! I felt more comfortable. I got a ton of "good!"s from CT. I started finding a rhythm. And, with his help, I also found my left hook. I like the left hook! *lol* Now I have a bunch of combinations I can use at the gym combining 1 (jab), 2 (right cross) and 3 (left hook). I'm still sore from yesterday and while it felt great to have a few days off to let the muscles really heal, I'm still loving the soreness I get from a good workout! Ethan took some photos, so I'll have to see if they are any good and then, if they are, post one or two.

Okay, so onwards...right?

This week the plan is to get back to my exercising and to be nice to my hip.

Step 1 - Get back to the gym!
Not sure if I'll make it there tonight...Hubs is going to be making some calls about cars today and I may have to take off early and drive up to Ohio to buy a new car...we'll see. I packed my gym bag though...just in case. But Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are set to be workout days nonetheless.

Step 2 - Back to calorie counting and logging
I'm going to stay on top of my calories this week. I went off the game yesterday, but I'm back on it for the rest of the week. No more illness to fall back on, so I need to make sure I stay around 1700 calories.

Step 3 - Don't lose sight of my goals
My two main areas of focus right now are those last 10 pounds to get me to 316.2 and walking 4.5 miles at some point this week to prepare me for the 7k that's coming up in 19 days! I also want to schedule another boxing session this week for sometime in March. This once a month boxing is a great way to switch it up a bit and have a personal trainer for an hour that pushes me to keep going. Three minutes of jabs? Just DO it...don't pout about it. You can't stop. Just go! ....Geez, alright CT...I get it! ;)

Step 4 - Water flush!
While my toilet may be having a problem flushing, I plan on making my body do just that. 10 glasses a day of water minimum. I drank a lot of water this week while I was sick, and I know how good that was for my body. Time to follow that up this week with another stellar flushing performance!

Four goals. Easy, right? Not at all. I have to keep my focus...have to maintain my gaze upon what I really want. I'm not done yet. Not even close. Even though I'm super proud of my accomplishments this far, this is no time to get lazy. I want to rid myself of this belly. I want to see 299 before winter rolls around again. I want to show myself that I can keep going and going and become the person I've always wanted to be. 90 pounds lost has made me stronger, more confident, more able to do the things I want...and more will just get me even closer to all the dreams in my head of a better life for myself and my family.

Away we go! 90 pounds down. Let's see how far we can get with a little patience, understanding, perseverance, and determination!
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