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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Let me start off my saying I am a pretty intelligent person on most days but I have my moments where I look at myself and say "WHAAAA" I can be slow at getting things that others get right away. Well my biggie is about goals. I have done a lot of reading about setting goals, I write them down, I make them in every area of my life and I must say I don't always meet the goals that I set.

WHY?? Because in my mind I have to do it perfect "right away" so if I miss making my exercise goal I end up quitting.

I had an AHA moment this week about goals and their purpose.

1. A goal is something to "strive" towards.
2. Once the goal is set you must make a plan on how to get to the goal. For me it is better done naturally instead of intensely.
3. Your progress towards the goal should be evaluated on a regular basis.
4. If you are on track with your progress WHOO HOO keep it moving.
5. If you are not on track evaluate the situation and think about what you need to do to make "improvement"
6. Try to be reasonable with your goal don't aim too high or too low. If you have a really high goal break it up into manageable pieces.
7. If you are not ready to work on the goal just work on getting ready to work on your goal. It does count

Is this new? Of course not and intellectually I did understand but my perfectionistic mind could not get it and only saw black or white. Either you did or you did not.

How did I get to this?
Learning to be kinder to myself. ( Thanks to my Course in Weight Loss)
My gadget (fitbit) gives me daily feedback and I think about how to do better.

I have learned to appreciate slow cooker improvement vs microwave/convection cooker improvement.

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