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My hospital visit

Friday, February 25, 2011

On February 12 or so, I woke up to my neck/shoulder hurting. For the next few days, I took 800 mg of Motrin/ 2-3 times/day. It didn't get any better. Dh said he would massage it. But lasted for less then 10 seconds 1 time. Yeah, that did no good. Last Thursday, my neck was getting worse, so I called my doctor. He was leaving his office early that day but could get me in on Friday at 10:30. But then I would have to miss work. He wouldn't prescribed a muscle relaxant without seeing me but did call in a script for Naprosen. I took that on Thursday-Sunday. I cancelled the appt for Friday and made it for first Tuesday and then Monday since I was off work on Monday.

I realized that when I exercise, I didn't have pain though. But I was unsure if that was due to loosing up the muscle or I was very distracted and focused on exercise. So during the Scavenger Dash, I was painfree. (By the way, it is official, we came in 12th. And there are lots of pictures of us on their website. Under LA location. We are wearing tie dyed shirts.) So I went to the doctor on Monday. Yes, he felt it was probably a pulled muscle. I had some options, live with the pain and it will get better on its own, use heat and ice, take a muscle relaxant, or physical therapy. I went the muscle relaxant way. The doctor gave me a once a day med that is supposed to be less likely to make me sleepy. I took a nap on Monday afternoon and again on Tuesday afternoon. I took the meds on Monday and Tuesday. And I did feel better.

So Tuesday night, at 10:15 pm, I went to workout on the Wii Walk It Out. At about 10:30 pm, I couldn't take any deep breaths. This has happened before, each time (twice, 14 yrs ago and 7 yrs ago) I then got Pneumonia. So I finished my workout and went to lay down in bed. At about 11:15, I started to have chest pain. Never had that before. So I went on Sparkpeople and looked up info on heart attacks. I had read an article on Sparkpeople how symptoms for women are different than for men. It basically said go to the hospital. But by then it was midnight. And dh was falling asleep. Should I drive myself? Should I wake him up? And if I did that, what about the kids? Do I call a friend who lives 20 minutes from here to come over to stay with the kids? In the end, I went to sleep. Smart, huh?

I woke up and felt fine. No harm, no fowl. Ate breakfast on the way to work (like every day). Got out of my car at work and started to walk in. Um, this isn't good. I started to have chestpain again. I signed in and told the office manager I was having slight chest pain. I walked to the elevator. As I got to the elevator, another teacher, a dear friend ask if I was ok. She stated I looked flushed and not so good. I walked to my classroom and dumped my stuff. Dh said I should go to the school nurse and have her check my blood pressure. So I took the stairs down 4 flights. It hurt too much to walk to the elevator. When I got there, my blood pressure was 140/90. Not bad at first look. Except my normal blood pressure is 90/60. So that is very high for me. So I called dh and said he needed to come get me. I told the principal. In the meantime, the school decided with my blood pressure being high for me, they called 911.

The LAFD took me to the local hospital. I had 2 EKGs, a chest xray, lots of blood work, a CT scan, and then got admitted to the cardiac floor. I also had a ultrasound called an ECHO and in the end, more blood work, and a stress test with another ECHO. My blood pressure once admitted went to 85/45. Everything came out normal or negative. I did have an episode of chest pain in the hospital. But the heart monitoring came out normal during this time. In the end, I ended up throwing up and feeling better. The doctor thought that might be because of the antibiotics I was put on.

The cardiologist gave me a clean bill of health. I was put on a baby aspirin as precaution. They think it may be bronchitis. Or something GI related. They never mentioned it might be a panic attack. And I have been feeling less panicky and little anxiety. I left with antibiotics, an inhaler, and baby aspirin.

Upon being discharged, the volunteer told me to walk because she couldn't push me up a slight grade. She stated I was in better shape than she was. That may be true. Of course I had just left the cardiac floor.

When dh and I got home, we wondered if I really have bronchitis. I really don't think so. I haven't felt sick. I don't have a cough or any wheezing. And I don't have a fever. But what about that muscle relaxant? We went online and looked for side effects to Amrix. Well, two of major side effects, shortness of breath (can't take deep breath of air) and chest pain. So we think the muscle relaxant is to blame.

I am feeling better. But will take it very easy this weekend. Thanks for all the well wishes. And hope I didn't bore you all with too much details. But I will tell you this, this has made it even more important to lose weight, get healthy and reduce my risk of heart disease! Let's rock this warning!
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    Sorry you had to go through this, but at least you now know you're healthy! My husband had severe back pain and it ended up being from his allergy medication, Allegra. (yes, we found out by reading side effects). After he stopped taking the pills, his back pain stopped after 3 days.

    I now always read side effects so I will have an idea if my meds are related.
    3290 days ago
  • *ERICA*
    Wow that is so scary. hopefully it was just the medication! take care of yourself!
    3319 days ago
    I had a couple scarey episodes recently where I did like you and went on SP to look up heart attack symptoms for women. Sick to my stomach and feeling like I was dying, I finally went to the ER. Tests showed it wasn't my heart, but my gall bladder. I am trying to keep it under control by not eating anything with a lot of fat or grease which aggravates it. (Cheese, fried eggs, etc.)

    Blood pressure does go up when we are in pain. Your problem could very well have been a side effect of the muscle relaxant. Hope you never have to go through such an experience again. I know how helpless and alarmed you must have felt.
    3321 days ago
    Ooooooo . . .. glad to hear that it wasn't your heart! Those aches and pains that we sometimes experience can be very scary! We need to be in tune with our bodies! And work hard to live a healthy lifestyle!
    3321 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1610124
    I am so glad you are ok. I guess it is good that it was probably meds and not your heart, at least for your future. I hope you have no more problems.
    3322 days ago
    scary for you-don't forget to have primary care doc check for gall bladder issues or acid reflux...both mimic heart symptoms-I know from personal experience...take care! emoticon
    3322 days ago
    Glad that everyone is okay. Hope your neck feels better, take it easy.
    3323 days ago
    Chest pain has a way of giving us a wake up call. My DH had a heart attack when he was 47 and ever since he has been more careful with his diet, although, he is a bicyclist and runner. Take care of yourself and hope you feel well soon!
    3323 days ago
    I'm glad you're OK!!!! Scary stuff!!
    3323 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    Glad you are okay!! I hope they figure out what caused the pain to avoid it happening again. Have a restful weekend! emoticon
    3323 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8305001
    Glad to hear you are alright after all of that. Wow it is scary. I had something similar like that to happen to me but I just had chest pain and hurt to even breath. I stayed overnight in hospital and had some follow-up heart studies and it was all negative. Thank goodness since I do have high blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol. Makes you think even more how important it is to take care of yourself. Glad in your case it was just your medicine. Hope you have a restful weekend and get back on your feet next week!
    3323 days ago
    I am so THANKFUL it was not a heart attack!! At age 37 I had a heart attack. I'm in good shape, ate right did everything RIGHT but I had a heart attack. I was on a field trip with my 2 daughters. I received a phone call while on this field trip telling me my sister in law was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was devastating news and a huge blow it was just too much for me to handle. i was new to this school, knew 1 parent on this field trip and I thank god I went to her cause she probably saved my life. Her family has a very long history of heart disease and she actually had just lost her younger sister to a massive heart attack. So she took charge immediately. I was having heaviness in my chest, left arm hurt and then I had pain shoot up in my jaw. I convinced her to just take me to a clinic on our way out my arm and hand started to tingle. I told her to stop and call 9-1-1. Like you I also have low blood pressure. My normal is typically 104/ high 50-low 60 range. So I was told in the ambulance I was probably only having panic attack that my blood pressure was fine, it was great actually 140/80. I told them that is HIGH for me. Fell on deaf ears (more or less) I was given a nitro and 4 baby aspirins but I didn't feel any relief from that. In the end I was admitted after my 2nd set of blood work came back positive for the enzyme that they look for in heart attack patients. After having a heart cath. they found 100% blockage due to a blood clot. I now have one stent and now take a daily baby aspirin. As I'm now off all my heart med's. Specialist said I was too young to be on med's the rest of my life.
    3323 days ago
    I'm glad that you are doing better. I have so many drug allergies, the first thing I do before I take anything is begin to read what the possible side effects can be. A red flushed face is one of the indications that I am having a reaction to a drug, especially if I throw it up shortly thereafter. Take it easy and listen to your body.
    3323 days ago
    tova i'm so glad it wasn't your heart!!! very scary... hugs to you
    3323 days ago
    Tova I am so happy to hear that you are doing better!! What an ordeal for you!! Too bad the doctor didnt think to mention this to you!!! Enjoy your low key weekend you sure need it!! And I will definitley look up those pics....and 12th place is AWESOME!! emoticon
    3323 days ago
    Wow you really had a scare..delighted you came through with a clean bill of health. Your so right about working that much harder to staying healthy. emoticon
    3323 days ago

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