Days 98-95, week one done!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 98 Feb 22
Forgot to take my multivitamin today.
Consumed 1,818 calories with 6 servings freggies. Did good, but I definitely need to find a substitute for my morning coffee with non-fat evaporated milk and brown sugar. So BAD but soooo delish!!!!
Ran 3 miles outside. Felt good. Then I did 11 sets of abs, 20 reps each = 220 abs. And I went to bed early!!
A great day I’d say.

Day 97 Feb 23
Forgot to take my multivitamin again today; I am terrible at taking pills. Hit 4 servings of freggies and consumed 1,802 calories despite a busy day and a very late, unplanned dinner. I should eat earlier then I risk skipping my workout, oh the dilemma. My little one had a baseball game that lasted forever, which meant I was unable to squeeze in extra cardio. I only did upper body ST courtesy of Jackie Warner, my flavor the week. 28 minutes of biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back…with 10 lbs dumbbells… Tuff stuff!

Day 96 Feb 24
Had a rough morning- emotionally I was a wreck. Cried in the car and everything. At work, lots to do but lots of procrastination on my part which obviously adds to my stress. Office baby shower!!!! Darn those office gatherings!!! I went prepared with my own salad from home and paired it with 7 small home-made meatballs. Not bad…..I did not touch the cake. But I had about a cup of chips!!!!!!! Ugh. Why????? I was doing so good! Oh well. It could have been worse- did not touch the pastries or the sandwiches. I ran 3.1 miles when I got home. Had a quick dinner of chicken and steamed veggies (and one glass of merlot) and off to a resident’s board meeting. I KNEW there would be food. But I did NOT touch a thing!!!! But I did have another glass of wine and 2 sangrias!!!!!! AHHHH! So the day ended with 2,388 calories consumed. Over my range. Yeah, could have been worse but I could have been stronger. I caved, a little. Still had 5 servings of freggies. Tomorrow will be better.

Day 95 Feb 25

TGIF!!! I weighed in at 136. Not really sure what this means. Did I go up? Did I go down? Don’t know. I could have been even more in the past (I was too scared to see the damage so I avoided the scale for weeks—Hello, denial). I know, I know it’s silly to let the scale control me. All my clothes fit fine. And aside from my belly pooch I look the same too, and most improtnatly feel good. So 136 it is. It is the most I’ve seen in months (I was usually ranging 131-133!). But I’ll take it as my starting point right now. And it’s ON. I want to see 130….again even if for onlya brief moment. Can I, pretty please?

P.S. blogging everyday is challenging especially when there is nothing really interesting to say. For me this is just another tracking tool. I’ll try to get more creative!

TGIF Sparkies!!!
Have rockin weekend!!! Send February packin!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    For tracking purposes it's great to blog everyday! No worries, you are not *boring anyone around here just the opposite, seeing your plan is very inspiring! Honestly, I can gain/lose 3-5 lbs in one day so I wouldn't stress the 136 at all!
    2822 days ago
  • SAGE150
    Well, with me, alcohol makes me swollen which adds some water weight but I don't know if that happens with everyone or if it is simply my own body's reaction to the alcohol. Unfortunately, beyond one glass of wine or sangria, the calories really start to add up in the alcohol department.

    Have you changed your routine a lot lately? Sorry, I'm kind of fickle with keeping up with the blogs....some weeks I read several, sometimes I don't get around to it like I should and then don't really know what is going on with my Sparkies. :) Anyway, if you are changing up your routine a lot, especially if you are trying to build muscle, that packs on water because your body keeps around extra water molecules so that it can process the energy you might need more rapidly. Just a thought.

    2824 days ago
    Hi Wendy!! See your doing great!! Keep up the goosd work and don't be so hard on yourself!! Look at hoow far you have come!! You are doing amazing!! Take care and best of luck!!

    I'll be joining you starting March 1st!! Wish me luck!!
    2825 days ago
    Wow, you are very dedicated. You are going to get where you are going.
    2826 days ago
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