2 days away from my first 10K

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've been training over the last month in hopes that I can build up enough endurance to complete this 10K race that I registered for.

In this training journey I have experienced my first bruised toenail. I meant to take a picture of it but who wants to see that really lol I like my feet but let's face it, it's not really a body part that people want to be checking out. I like my nails as short as I can get them. I've never been one to let them grow too long. I bring my own polish to the salon so that if I get a chip I can fix it without having to pay money for someone to redo my pedi. Besides, I never really like the colors they offer. Well, with this bruised toenail looking all purple/black I figured I need to find a color to blend/disguise it's unsightly appearance.
What do you think? haha can you tell!? ;)

The farthest distance I have run consistently is 3.75 miles. Just the other day I was able to do one workout on the treadmill for 6.25 miles. I really wanted to see how I felt at the end of that distance and how much I could push myself in running. Unfortunately with the bruised toe I decided to buy a larger size shoe to give my toes more room and avoid more bruised toenails which ended up rubbing my arch and making it hard for me to really push the distance. I didn't want to get a blister just days before the race. I want to still be in good condition so that on race day I can anticipate what I am looking at and prepare better and push through. I bet if my new shoes didn't rub so much on my arch that I'd have run more and it wouldn't have taken me 2 hours to do the full 6.2 miles haha

The race starts at 9:35am and the course closes down at 11:30 so I have got to be in better shape so I can finish the race before they close down the course. How embarrassing would that be! I also know the energizing atmosphere will help me run faster and not feel so tired. Who really feels energized running on the dreadmill haha We need cheerleaders on the sidelines, energy pumping music, fist pumps from the crowd, confetti, get the picture.

I'm resting up these next couple of days so I can be ready to plow it out, the full distance! They give us the timing chip so I won't really know how fast I finish it until I get home and check online. Say some prayers for me for strength. I don't want to be the last little dude crossing the finish line as the volunteers are sitting there with their arms crossed impatient to close up the course haha

With any luck my BF and kids will be there to catch me crossing the finish line and catch a picture of it...that may be asking too much but it'd be cool! :)

This will be me! haha Just superimpose my body in there somewhere ;)
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