10 pounds down!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At weigh in yesterday I was pleasantly greeted with a 200.6 on the scale. This number means I'm down my first 10 pounds!

Ok, so 10 pounds doesn't sounds like a lot, so let's put this in perspective:

1) 10 pounds is about 5% of my total body mass.
2) 10 pounds means that I am using the next hole on my belt.
3) 10 pounds means my legs have been aching for 3 days because I'm finally dedicated to something enough that I can take the pain!
4) 10 pounds means those pants that fit ohsoperfectly a year ago are now too big, and those pants that i needed stretcherbars to get into and pliers to button are now fitting almost perfectly.
5) 10 pounds means I'm starting to see results, which makes keeping going ohhh so much easier.
6) 10 ounds means I'm 5 pounds away from my highschool-sophmore year weight!
7) 10 pounds means I go to the grocery store and drool over the fruits and veggies, instead of the soda/chips/cookies/candies/cra
p that I used to.
8) 10 pounds means I can actually run (a little bit) on the treadmill, instead of huffing and puffing at a 3mph pace!
9) 10 pounds means I'm actually starting to love my body, the way I always should have!
10) 10 pounds means I've accomplished something huge already!

Now, I know I still have 55 more to go... But if I'm this excited over a mere 10 pounds... Well, I just can't wait to see how I'll be when I've lost 20 or 30!! (My guess is uncontrolably exhuberant with a there's-nothing-you-can-do-to-
mess-this-up-for-me grin!)
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