Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being at a loss for words never bothers me. Trying to say something profound everyday is difficult, sometimes. I find it best for myself to keep the pie hole shut when my words lack substance. But, I that is and is not the point of these blogs during the Winter 2011-1 5% Challenge.

These blogs should be a record of our personal journey, giving us a reminder of what we are doing and why, or something we may have stumbled onto giving us a really neat way of coping. They should tell others a little bit about our approach to life. Many would ask why go to the trouble. This morning I reread many of my older writings and a theme appears which I missed before.

Yesterday’s blog (okay two days ago) I emphasized this choice as for ourselves. It seems simple enough, right? But hold the phone and take a deeper look at the relationship of motivation and commitment. Motivation is easy when things are going your way. Think of an athletic event (basketball, football, tennis) the team having an edge has the momentum and their emotions are evident as they are smiling more and excited. The team not as above must find the determination and commitment to persevere; and, that is the theme I found in my writings.

Perseverance ascribes to the outward part of commitment. Never giving up and never loosing sight of the goals. It is a different level than working our event though you do not feel like it. It is not whimsical or fanciful; rather it is purposeful and pushes through to the end. So, find your perseverance and remind yourself of your commitments.

Be at Peace
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