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Simon Says to Make Goals for March

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of my favorite teams on Spark People is The Daily Sparker. We have a challenge right now where each of us is paired up with a partner who sends us a daily goodie with a note outlining our "Simon Says" assignment for the day. It reminds me of opening up a fortune cookie when I receive the goodie and look "inside" for the note.

Here is what Simon says to do today: blog on how you have done in the first two months of the year and what you think you can do to make March a good month for you

How I have done during the first two months of this year:

Weight-wise, I've been doing a bit of yo-yo-ing. (My spell checker said to spell this “yo-yoing” but wouldn’t it rhyme with “boing” then?) I'd gained 5 lbs from the holidays and then lost it again by the end of January then gained it again in February. I'm going up and down from 145 to 150. I know my biggest eating challenge is sugar----I must be addicted. I mostly just consume sugar in hard candies but, boy do I consume them like crazy! I didn't know it was possible to binge on hard candy until these last couple of months.

I can feel that little voice inside that says "I don't like my life right now so I'm going to treat myself to something sweet so I will feel better." I'm trying to drown out that voice but it's getting louder and louder.

I’ve been eating as a vegan and am learning a lot about it along the way. It’s not as easy as I would have thought. It’s hard to balance out all of my eating “principles” while eating vegan. I want to eat non-processed food, and non-sugary foods but there’s a lot of protein in tofu burgers, and there’s sugar in soy yogurt, etc.

Personally I've felt myself shut down. I haven't been going out with friends as much or trying out any new meet-ups. I just have gotten tired of pushing myself.

The good thing I've been really doing these past few months is trying to get more sleep. I still don't get as much as I'd like to but at least I'm listening to my body more and trying to figure out what I need to do to be able to get more sleep.

March. March into March. I have been having trouble making up personal goals for myself lately. I think I must be thinking of goals that aren't realistic when I do think of goals, so it makes me not want to make any goals at all.

What frustrates me the most right now:
- I'm not cleaning like I was. I was doing the Fly Lady system pretty well for awhile, but once Chet got sick I sort of let everything and it slide and I'm avoiding getting started again. This happens whenever I stop exercising for awhile, too. It's so hard to get started again and then, once I do, I say to myself "Now that wasn't so bad. Why did I wait so long?!)
- I'm not working on my business blog. My goal is to become self-employed again and I'm putting myself last.
- I have a hard time taking out time for me, including time in which to relax and enjoy myself.
- I haven’t fixed up my room, haven’t spent even one minute on it really. Maybe this is the same block as how I’m feeling about cleaning.
- My car is a mess.

Okay, so here are some goals that I think are realistically achievable:

1. Lose 4 pounds. (by keeping my calories in range and exercising.)
2. Continue to focus on getting enough sleep. Get my average up to at least 7 hrs. (It's currently at around 6 hrs and 50 minutes.)
3. Get back into my cleaning routine. Do 15 minutes 5 days a week this month. (In addition to the cleaning I do for my pets.)
4. Start fixing up my room. Do three items from the list I made for fixing up my room each week.
5. Clean out my car: 2 days per week pick a different section of the car and work on it.
6. Work on my business blog for 15 minutes a day. (Wish it could be more, but I'm trying to be realistic.)
7. Meditate for just 5 minutes in the morning.

Already the above makes me feel strangled in fear of not having enough time, not being able to do all of this. I will push through my feelings of fear and make a plan each week that will allow me to accomplish the above seven goals.

Wish me luck! I appreciate everyone’s support!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    beautiful pic first off :) and i was just wondering about your room last nite, glad to hear you are still planning to spruce it up. there is only so much time in every day, and i like your priorities - just dont stress about tryin to get everything done. small steps in each area and it might take you til the end of april - but u will be less worn down. you have already accomplished so much - laying off the bottle, especially during personal times of strife - amazing. if you can do that and also be changing your eating habits u are already 2 to the good, with sleep everything else falls into place. keep rockin it my free spirit - cant wait til we quit our jobs and meet up for a healthy n active road trip ;)
    3505 days ago
    Jas -- You are going to do this, I know you are, I have complete faith in what you are able to do.
    Remember to take each day as it comes, do what you can do, and what you don't get done can be done tomorrow..(I now have 3 rooms to clean tonight..ugh!!) The only rule is not postponing you!!
    Lighten up and have fun with it. Life shouldn't be stressful and fearful. Take everything one day at a time.
    Don't beat yourself up for what is left undone, celebrate what you accomplished each day.
    Keep getting your sleep, I know what a difference it is making to mine to schedule my bedtime and set it as a daily goal.
    March will see you becoming more confident in your successes and staying away from that hard candy!!!
    I have heard after awhile vegans don't even crave sugar anymore.
    This was a good and and insightful blog. Thanks for sharing and being so open.

    3505 days ago
    emoticon blog!
    Maybe a daily blog with your plan for the day would keep you on track.
    3505 days ago
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME BLOG. I think you put down realistic goals,but, do not let that strangle your good intentions. Reflect back to this blog whenever you feel like you are about to "unravel". And of course lean on your friends here in Sparkville....proud to call you my friend
    Wanda emoticon
    3505 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    All your goals look achievable with some time for you.
    I bet you will accomplish them all! Exercise is always a nice kick start to the day. A little bit of drive, inside of you emoticon emoticon
    3506 days ago
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