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Secrets of self-control

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last night things went particularly well with my eating, and today I lost half a pound of water weight, most likely. Whatever the reason, the scale cooperated and it helps. I'm still 1-1/2 pounds above 200 so will be working on that daily.

I had cravings last night but controlled myself. I had a little bit of peanut butter but didn't go crazy like I have been lately. I figured out what did the trick for me, and it's exciting to share that with you here.

1. I was motivated. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but darn it... the scale went above 200 and I was angry enough to stick close to my diet.

2. Ignoring the voices. Those voices that said, "I can't control myself around peanut butter, " or "I'll just have a little more, it's sooooo good." I talked back to those voices and said, "YOU DECIDE if you can control yourself. There is NOTHING outside of your control. That's just an excuse! You had some peanut butter, and did it change your life for the better? NO! So more won't make things any better either. Just chill out!"

3. Remembered my weigh-in. I reminded myself that I'm weighing in every morning and thought about how much I would LOVE to see that number go down a bit.

4. Congratulated myself for the healthy eating I did all day long, and wallowed in how really great that felt. Then, I just didn't want that great feeling to go away and be replaced with guilt and feelings of failure.

Ok, so these are the things I will remember today so that tomorrow's weigh-in, and the day after and so on, will be within my control. I know the new exercising and deep soreness means I will initially gain a little weight but in the end, it will come off and start coming off steadily if I stick with it.

In the past, I had lost about 25 pounds and then stopped working out. If I had stuck with it, where would I be now? Thinner and healthier. So I've decided I'm going to be the kind of person who finishes things. This time, I'm going to stick to the plan no matter what. Even if I gain for a few days. Even if the scale doesn't budge for a while. Even if nothing seems to be going my way.

I'm putting myself first. Not my desires. Not my fantasies or my escape tendencies, but my SELF! My beautiful strong body, my vibrant cells, my mind and spirit.
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