The Drama Continues

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is a continuation of the blog from yesterday. I'm just talking to get this out of my system because unfortunately if it concerns his daughter's I can't talk to my husband, because of the rose colored glasses he has with them.

CPS (Child Protective Services) was scheduled to come at 5 p.m. yesterday to talk to the daughter supposedly about the dog bite. This was kind of news to me because I would have thought that the hospital would tell us about this, especially if this was routine. They called and rescheduled to 12 p.m. Therefore, hubby and I are not at the house when this interview takes place. Anyway, it's about more than the bite. It's about the baby leaving the house and the dog bite. Okay, that means the hospital didn't report it. hmmmm...

Unfortunately I have only tidbits of this story and I don't know really who to believe, because unfortunately the daughter has been known to lie. But, her mother and she have a love/hate relationship. Daughter told mother the events of Sunday. Well we find out mother turned daughter in to CPS. Lovely, that's a bit extreme don't you think. She actually is trying to get the baby taken away from the daughter because she thinks she's unfit. I haven't seen unfit in my house. I've seen a teenager who wants to play games sometimes instead of taking care of her child, but I've never seen total neglect and when the baby wants her mother, she is there for her. There have been a couple of times I wanted to strangle her myself for minor things, but again, she's young. Teenage mothers are hard to deal with.

Okay, back to CPS. So now we know the mother turned her daughter in. They take a drug test - twice. Positive and negative results. Okay, hugely unreliable. If it comes down to taking the child away because of drugs, we are going to request a blood or follicle test. Hubby asked her if she was doing anything and she said no. Again.. she does have a history of lying, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Especially after I hear about the best friend (who has been in my house by the way and takes care of the baby), having assault charges against her because she beat up her mother. Excuse me? and oh yeah, this friend got tested too and she did pop positive twice. Well long story short because I'm very confused about this set of circumstances. There's three girls in the house, two 20 year olds and a 10 year old. My house is NOT that big. Supposedly the baby is in the middle room by herself because no one saw her leave. That would put maybe someone in the bathroom and the 10 year old was in the living room watching TV and the baby would have had to pass by her on the way to the front door. Anyway, who leaves an 18 month old unattended. So the mother told CPS the friend was watching her, now the friend is forbidden from watching the baby. They want to meet with her again today, not sure where because she finally told them that she doesn't live with us.

I'm not sure what the daughter's mother is saying to start this. She is a little unstable herself. She already has a handicapped child in her home, yet she wants the stress of another little one? Hubby of course believes his daughter, but then again, she's burned him before, I'm not sure why he's totally believing everything she says. Let's just say I'm in the middle of the see saw and have no idea what's going on.

All I know is I'm going to be $120 poorer for boarding my dog because NO ONE was watching the baby.

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    I think the worst part is the utter lack of control you have over this situation. It's so sad that you're away and have no control, or no first hand knowledge, about what happened... and yet, you have to now board your dog because of them. I would be so upset because my dog is my most favorite thing in the whole world, but she could bite if under the right (or wrong) circumstances.
    2825 days ago
    How do innocent people always get the raw end of the deal in situations like this? I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.
    2827 days ago
    Wow. That is the only thing I can say.
    2827 days ago
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