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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The discourse of human events over the past few days has created opportunities for our communities to reflect on their aspirations. On one-hand the communications gap formerly seen in many developing and dictatorial countries fell pray to the breaching power of technology. Simple video cameras and the web create a powerful force by showing raw conditions. Yet in a matter of time, the subversive nature of the same technologies, where fact and fiction blur without detection, may turn on those who use it now. This current tide of generational demands comes with a hidden price.

Many sparkers, myself included, find the two edge sword of freedom and responsibility to be a heavy burden (get it?). The freedom to choose means making mistakes. How we deal with those unbounded questions is very important. Can we define our boundaries without losing the freedoms we cherish? If we neglect our responsibilities, we are shunning our freedom and choosing to not choose. That is a choice and a shameful act as well. Running and hiding from a decision lacks the fortitude of personal convictions.

The commitments you promise to keep along this journey must have at their very core, the values you espouse and aspirations you seek.

You must dream to live.
You must plan to succeed.
And, you must be stalwart in your convictions to achieve your goals.

On my home page, I say that there are no cheat codes in life. I believe there are easier pathways to achieve a meaningful and bountiful life. These lessons originate from those experiences of time, success and failure. We are who we are today because choices and experiences of our past have made us. Yet, we alone in the animal world have the ability to asynchronize from our experiences by asking why and what if?

These questions always lead to new possibilities. So ponder upon this literary question, and ask yourself, “Whom am I doing this for and why?” Check your answers against that person looking back at you in the mirror. Only you know the truth.

Be True to Yourself.
Choose to be Happy.
Be at Peace.
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