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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get ready because this is going to be a whiny blog.

Sunday evening around 6pm, I got up on a chair to reach something. As I was getting down from the chair, I landed on a round object. I am assuming it’s one of my cat’s many tennis balls as that is their favorite toy.

Upon landing on this rounded object, my foot twisted under me and I fell causing my left leg to come crashing down off the chair also.

As I screamed in pain, my husband magically appeared out of no where and slammed my foot into a bucket of ice, which was so cold it added to my pain but he would not allow me to remove my foot from it.

Fast forward through a couple ibuprofen and a bad night of sleep, I got out of bed Monday morning only to find that my foot was swollen to the size of a basketball (ok, just a bit over exaggerated but it was extremely swollen), bruised black and very painful.

I couldn’t put any kind of pressure on it at all, it was very, VERY painful.

Due to my husband’s obligations at work that day, I wouldn’t be able to have it x-rayed until he got home from work around 6pm that evening.

DH dug out my old boot and crutches from when I had my foot surgery.

Isn’t that boot so pretty? I had to wear it almost 3 months last time so I had to make it look good!

Even with the boot on, I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot but it kept it confined which helped some. And having crutches helped a lot too.

Dh got me situated as best he could and went to work.

The rest of the day was spent projecting the worst.

AND, you know how they say misery loves company, as my luck would have it, it also became Day 1 of the dreaded TOM!

So now, not only am I in pain, but an emotional train wreck to boot. (Oh yes, pun intended!)

The worst part of my thinking wasn’t that I couldn’t run, I already knew that. Whatever was wrong with my foot, whether it was a break, tear, sprain, whatever, THAT was going to heal….eventually. All we had to do was find out what I did to it.

The worst part was that I was going to miss going to Pittsburgh for the weekend of March 26th!! I was going to miss the weekend I’ve been waiting for months for. I was going to miss rooming with Laurie on Thursday night! I was going to miss rooming with Jenny, Dani, Carrie, and Elsa Friday and Saturday night and all the fun we were going to have! I was going to miss the Just a Short Run HM and the big 70+ people get together after the run. I was going to miss spending the night with Anne and Bobby. I was going to miss meeting Mike and Frank and all the others I’ve been chatting with for months. I was going to miss everything and I was devastated!!

I couldn’t stop crying!!

So, my DH gets home from work that night and after all the *how’s the foot?* blah, blah, blah talk….I blurt out about missing Pittsburgh and start bawling again.

Immediately my DH cures that.

He says, “Just because you can’t run doesn’t mean you can’t go to Pittsburgh. All it means is that you might not be able to run while in Pittsburgh.”

Yippee!! I’m still going to Pittsburgh and I’m happy again!!!

But still swollen and in pain.

So, off to the Urgent Care center we go….with my big black pretty boot and crutches.

I didn’t have to wait long once we got there. The doc said putting the boot on and staying off the foot probably helped a lot.

He examined it first and determined that there was no ankle involvement, which he said was a very good thing. Range of motion was all good and I could move all my toes.

Next came the x-rays.

More good news….nothing broken!

With that news I said, “When can I run again?”

Doctor’s response was, “Oh, you’re an athlete?” (It was kind of cool to actually be called an athlete!!)

And with that, he couldn’t give me any kind of time frame.

He went on about how, even though there were no broken bones visible on the x-ray, that there very well could be stress fractures, tears, tendon involvement, etc and unless I got an MRI he wouldn’t know the full extent of the injuries and therefore, he would not be able to give me a time frame.

He told me to continue wearing the boot as a brace and no weight bearing until after the MRI.

That really bummed me out!

I wanted answers and all I left there with was an injection of Torodol, scripts for ibuprofen, painkillers and an MRI, and a referral to a podiatrist.

I did sleep better last night and I attribute that to the painkillers and r the lack of sleep and emotional instability of the day before.

This morning, after we got approval from the insurance company (which was another fun process….NOT!)…the MRI was scheduled for 3pm.

But I still wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation.

So, after a lengthy conversation with my DH about the pros and cons and the cost of the MRI and the Urgent Care doc who prescribed it, we decided that before I spend hundreds of $$$s on an MRI that I should go see a sports doc first and get a second opinion.

Considering my DH is normally right about these medical decisions and my decisions are based more on emotion, I'm going with his judgment.

My next appointment is Friday with the orthopedic sports doc.

So, until then, it’s boot, crutches, and pain killers.

But you know what?

In the grand scheme of things, this is just another blip on the radar.
My injury isn’t life threatening.
Many of my friends are going through much worse situations.
I’m just a big baby who can not tolerate pain and therefore, I whine!

I maybe sidelined for now.


I WILL run again! emoticon

Life IS Good!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aaaawwww! I'm so sorry you got hurt!! I didn't think anything would be able to stop you, you running machine, you!! I hope it heals quickly, and that the rest does you good. I'm glad you're still going to Pittsburgh!
    2613 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I'm having sympathy pains! That just sounds horrible! I hope you get the right treatment and a complete and speedy recovery!
    2613 days ago
    Oh, Suzette! I will hobble the 5K at JASR if that's all you can do!

    Feel better soon!!! {{Hugs}}
    2613 days ago
    Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that. My heart really goess out to you my friend!
    2613 days ago
    It's not hard to love your hubby... he has a great heart. I'm so glad you're still going to Pittsburgh. I started tearing up when I thought you might not.
    Take good care of yourself. Love ya lady! emoticon
    2613 days ago
    This was definitely NOT a whiny blog! I wish you a speedy recovery, and have fun in Pittsburgh! Your DH is a great guy for being so supportive of you, too. emoticon
    2613 days ago
  • AUNTIE65
    What a great attitude Suezette! I'm so sorry this has happened to you and will be praying for a positive (and quick) outcome.... and I have to say I think I'm a big fan of DH - supporting you in your fun, even if you can't run!

    2613 days ago
    GREAT attitude! So sorry about the foot though.
    2613 days ago
    emoticon Hope it comes out well. emoticon
    At least your still going to pitt emoticon
    2613 days ago
    Sorry you are in pain, but glad to see it hasn't dampened your positive attitude. Hopefully the sports doc will be able to give you a good timeframe for projected recovery.
    2613 days ago
    I'm so sorry about your injury and being sidelined. But it sounds like you have a great support person there at home with you. Your husband did good getting your foot into that ice bucket straight away as that decreased the swelling and inflamation. Speaking from experience, becareful taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen straight after an injury like that as it has blodd thinning properties and makes the bruising and swelling worse. Tylenol is better for the first day. I like Ibuprofen the best myself but found out the hard way on an elbow injury. You will be back soon as like Mary, you are very determined and hard to stop with your strong spirited attitude. You sure boost my spirits at the finish of Space Coast being there for me finishing my first Marathon.
    2613 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I have been thinking about ever since you wrote that blurb on FB that you did something and was swearing. Then I see THE BOOT as pretty as it is, it was NOT what I wanted to see. Now, I truly can "leave the light on" for you Thursday night of JASR!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and although I will be Princessing in Florida I will have internet. Keep us posted!

    2613 days ago
    Yes, Suezette, life IS good. Especially when I have friends like you with such a great attitude towards adversity. I'm so glad for you that you get to go to Pittsburgh, no matter what this turns out to be. And I really (REALLY, REALLY) hope this situation is short-term.

    emoticon emoticon
    2613 days ago
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