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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get ready because this is going to be a whiny blog.

Sunday evening around 6pm, I got up on a chair to reach something. As I was getting down from the chair, I landed on a round object. I am assuming it’s one of my cat’s many tennis balls as that is their favorite toy.

Upon landing on this rounded object, my foot twisted under me and I fell causing my left leg to come crashing down off the chair also.

As I screamed in pain, my husband magically appeared out of no where and slammed my foot into a bucket of ice, which was so cold it added to my pain but he would not allow me to remove my foot from it.

Fast forward through a couple ibuprofen and a bad night of sleep, I got out of bed Monday morning only to find that my foot was swollen to the size of a basketball (ok, just a bit over exaggerated but it was extremely swollen), bruised black and very painful.

I couldn’t put any kind of pressure on it at all, it was very, VERY painful.

Due to my husband’s obligations at work that day, I wouldn’t be able to have it x-rayed until he got home from work around 6pm that evening.

DH dug out my old boot and crutches from when I had my foot surgery.

Isn’t that boot so pretty? I had to wear it almost 3 months last time so I had to make it look good!

Even with the boot on, I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot but it kept it confined which helped some. And having crutches helped a lot too.

Dh got me situated as best he could and went to work.

The rest of the day was spent projecting the worst.

AND, you know how they say misery loves company, as my luck would have it, it also became Day 1 of the dreaded TOM!

So now, not only am I in pain, but an emotional train wreck to boot. (Oh yes, pun intended!)

The worst part of my thinking wasn’t that I couldn’t run, I already knew that. Whatever was wrong with my foot, whether it was a break, tear, sprain, whatever, THAT was going to heal….eventually. All we had to do was find out what I did to it.

The worst part was that I was going to miss going to Pittsburgh for the weekend of March 26th!! I was going to miss the weekend I’ve been waiting for months for. I was going to miss rooming with Laurie on Thursday night! I was going to miss rooming with Jenny, Dani, Carrie, and Elsa Friday and Saturday night and all the fun we were going to have! I was going to miss the Just a Short Run HM and the big 70+ people get together after the run. I was going to miss spending the night with Anne and Bobby. I was going to miss meeting Mike and Frank and all the others I’ve been chatting with for months. I was going to miss everything and I was devastated!!

I couldn’t stop crying!!

So, my DH gets home from work that night and after all the *how’s the foot?* blah, blah, blah talk….I blurt out about missing Pittsburgh and start bawling again.

Immediately my DH cures that.

He says, “Just because you can’t run doesn’t mean you can’t go to Pittsburgh. All it means is that you might not be able to run while in Pittsburgh.”

Yippee!! I’m still going to Pittsburgh and I’m happy again!!!

But still swollen and in pain.

So, off to the Urgent Care center we go….with my big black pretty boot and crutches.

I didn’t have to wait long once we got there. The doc said putting the boot on and staying off the foot probably helped a lot.

He examined it first and determined that there was no ankle involvement, which he said was a very good thing. Range of motion was all good and I could move all my toes.

Next came the x-rays.

More good news….nothing broken!

With that news I said, “When can I run again?”

Doctor’s response was, “Oh, you’re an athlete?” (It was kind of cool to actually be called an athlete!!)

And with that, he couldn’t give me any kind of time frame.

He went on about how, even though there were no broken bones visible on the x-ray, that there very well could be stress fractures, tears, tendon involvement, etc and unless I got an MRI he wouldn’t know the full extent of the injuries and therefore, he would not be able to give me a time frame.

He told me to continue wearing the boot as a brace and no weight bearing until after the MRI.

That really bummed me out!

I wanted answers and all I left there with was an injection of Torodol, scripts for ibuprofen, painkillers and an MRI, and a referral to a podiatrist.

I did sleep better last night and I attribute that to the painkillers and r the lack of sleep and emotional instability of the day before.

This morning, after we got approval from the insurance company (which was another fun process….NOT!)…the MRI was scheduled for 3pm.

But I still wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation.

So, after a lengthy conversation with my DH about the pros and cons and the cost of the MRI and the Urgent Care doc who prescribed it, we decided that before I spend hundreds of $$$s on an MRI that I should go see a sports doc first and get a second opinion.

Considering my DH is normally right about these medical decisions and my decisions are based more on emotion, I'm going with his judgment.

My next appointment is Friday with the orthopedic sports doc.

So, until then, it’s boot, crutches, and pain killers.

But you know what?

In the grand scheme of things, this is just another blip on the radar.
My injury isn’t life threatening.
Many of my friends are going through much worse situations.
I’m just a big baby who can not tolerate pain and therefore, I whine!

I maybe sidelined for now.


I WILL run again! emoticon

Life IS Good!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GIGI1222
    I am glad that you can still go to Pittsburg for your run no matter what! That I am sure makes you feel better. So sorry about all that pain you are in.
    2668 days ago
    Oh i know that boot so well... i have been in one for the last 2 months. Out of it now, and into a brace... as you said...I WILL run again!
    2672 days ago
    Oh no!! I'm so sorry. I'm glad to hear nothing is broken. I'm sure you will heal quickly. I'm also sure you will have a blast in Pittsburgh - no matter what. I wish I could go -- that is my home town!!!! (Hopefully one day ...)
    2675 days ago
    Not sure how I missed this blog, but I'm glad I found it.

    I can totally relate to being accident prone. Now that I'm training for the marathon I'm SOOOO careful to not try to break/smash/tear any part of me. At night I'll feel ahead with my hands outstretched as not to jam a toe on a door frame or furniture.

    Good news is that you'll STILL be joining us for ALL the fun in Pittsburgh! Also good news is that you'll be back good as ever before long and this will all be in the past.

    See you in 3 weeks!
    2675 days ago
    You've got the greatest hubby in the world!!!! Mine doesn't understand the sparkfriends/virtual but real concept!!! He'd probably buy the plane ticket if I was heading to Houston to run with my old school friend but had all kinds of questions and comments when I was talking about P'burgh1!!
    So, enough of me-I'm thrilled you're still going to JASR and I pray that you will be healed enough to be out running soon. We all can't take up your slack for long,you know! You put on alot of miles for us to be doing it for you!! But, IF I get out today-I'll run one for you. :) Big hugs comiing your way and you and the rest are sooo lucky to be getting together in March!!!!!!! YEs, I'm green with envy~~~
    2675 days ago
    I'm surprised the doctor didn't know you were an athlete... aren't you still wearing your marathon medal?

    And of course you should go to Pittsburgh! You may not be able to walk like I did in Miami, but it takes more than injuries to keep us from our SparkFriends! :)
    2676 days ago
  • UROPA40
    I hope that things work out and you have weeks to heal and if you have to change your distance you will still have spark friends to run with. I am running the race to keep the training motivation in the winter but the real reason is to meet everyone. I hope that you are better soon. Suzy
    2676 days ago
    Hope you get good news from the sports doc.
    2676 days ago
    Suezette-hang in there girl! You don't know how excited I am to know that you are still coming regardless! Woohoo! Hey, we can put you on Bears back and he can take you wherever you need to go! Hugs girl!
    2676 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    he is a damn good man! that is so cool you will be here either way, running, walking or cheering. please tell DH thank you from us. i hope things go well friday and if you have a little pain that is nothing a little alcohol won't cure. seriously hang in there and you'll be running in no time soon, good rest for your body.
    2676 days ago
    Suezette!!! Stay in touch and heal fast! Enjoy that time in Pittsburgh. Being an athlete, your body is probably in much better shape to heal quicker. Godspeed!
    2676 days ago
    I'm only running the 5K, so when I'm done I will come join you as a cheerleader.
    Glad nothing is broken! I like the flowers on your boot...
    2676 days ago
    Kudos to your DH for coming to the rescue so quickly. You'll still have a great time at JASR; glad your plans aren't completely derailed. Occasional whining is good for you; wine-ing is even better (in a chair with foot propped up). Hope you're back on both feet soon.
    2676 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    YEA, I was thinking the same thing about the trip. No matter what you can still go. Probably not run, but you'll be the best cheerleader there ever was!

    Take care of that leg/foot. You only get one.

    So: How about we ROCK 2011 Together?
    2676 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear that your sidelined but love the attitude you chose to handle it!
    You have the best hubby for suggesting you still go on your trip!
    2676 days ago
    Such a great attitude! So glad the pain is a little better today!! You are an inspiration!!!
    2676 days ago
  • CANDIS799
    Thank goodness it's not a break (**fingers crossed that it's not a stress fracture**)!! Another bright side--you won't have to carry your own luggage in Pittsburgh!!!
    2676 days ago

    You and I may have the best non-running time during your visit here. I was originally going to run a half in Nova Scotia last year but was sidelined with an injury. I still went and still had a great trip.

    Even though we are Boot brother and sister, sounds like you are in much worse shape than I am. Agree on the second opinion and FYI last year nothing showed on x-rays for me but thet were able to identify the stress fracture with an MRI. I only started crying when the bills arrived.

    Rest up, and hope you get answers Friday.
    2676 days ago
    Take the time you need but you'll be back! Good luck with the appointment and can't wait to meet you in Pittsburgh.
    2676 days ago
    Can't keep a good woman down! Many vibes for a speedy recovery!
    2676 days ago
  • AMCG2002
    Hmmm. I was going to say "yeah!" but that didn't seem quite right, then I thought about "sorry," but you already have it in great perspective. The first thought that went through my mind was JASR and I'm thrilled that I will finally get to meet you there since we missed meeting in Disney. It sounds like you are being very smart about everything, so I will hope to hear a positive report on Friday!
    2676 days ago
    OUCH! I'm sorry to hear about your pain! I hope it heals quickly!!
    2676 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your foot. It will set you back a bit but you'll be back running before you know it. And you will still have a blast in Pittsburgh!
    2676 days ago
    Way to stay positive in hard circumstances!!!! You will still have a great time with all your friends in Pittsburgh, that may help your healing go faster!!! emoticon
    2677 days ago
    Suezette----you will be running again how your 'tude was alittle perkier at the end...I will be waiting for a report on Friday!!! Sorry you had this happen...but its just a little bleep on the screen....

    2677 days ago
    This must be the year for injuries. I can name 4 people in a very small circle of friends that are injured. I hope yours is minor and that it will heal fast. Don't go back too soon. Listen to the doctor. Be a good girl and have fun when you head to Pitts.
    Get Better Quick
    2677 days ago
  • TAMTAM64
    Of course, you can still go to Pittsburgh - you didn't die, honeybun! hehehe

    I am happy to read that your hubby stuck your foot in a cold ice bucket! It probably would have been more black & blue & swollen if he had not done that.

    I am so thankful that the injury is not more serious - think broken foot, broken leg, or a broken hip (Ok, so you are not THAT OLD) - made you laugh there, didn't I. :)

    You are going to be the best cheerleader in Pittsburgh! Woo Hoo!

    Love ya,
    2677 days ago
    Hopefully it's not torn tendons or ligaments. Hope you heal fast!
    2677 days ago
    You will definitely run again and I'm so glad you DH is encouraging your going to the race in spite of your injury..perfect. Meantime hope you get some good news from your Friday appt.
    2677 days ago
    BOO! I'm currently not running, as you know - I hope it is something that can recover quickly!!!! :)
    2677 days ago
    Dislike on the injury! I hope you get better soon!!!!
    2677 days ago
    I'm so sorry this happened. But you have a great attitude!! Remember last year at this time is when I tripped over the dog and landed on the tile floor on my knee?

    It took a few months but I was back to running.

    You'll heal up and be stronger for it!!
    2677 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    OH! I love this blog...I was going through every emotion right there with you! I wanted to cry with you about Pittsburgh then I laughed when your husband said you could still go! So glad your out look is so good now! You're right you WILL Run again!

    2677 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    OMG I was on the edge of my seat reading this blog!!! HONEY I am so sorry you are hurting!!! BUT I am jumping for joy that you will still come to JASR!!! WHEW! What a relief! Your hubby is so great! I hope hope hope you have happy healing and less pain QUICK! Thinkin about you girl!
    2677 days ago
    hey so sorry to hear about your mishap,, it sounds like your getting your attitude around,, that's good,, i'm praying for your recovery,,, and enjoy pittsburg
    2677 days ago
  • *MADHU*
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care emoticon emoticon
    2677 days ago
    Cheering all of your friends on will be fun, I am so glad that you still get to go and meet everyone! Hopefully by then you wont be in so much pain and you'll be able to get around just fine. ;)

    I'm sorry you're stuck in a boot when you are so motivated to reach high! Watch what you eat and keep your upper body strong in the meantime!! We dont want you starting from scratch ;)
    2677 days ago
    Aren't you lucky you're married to a nurse?! :D

    Great attitude Suezette. In the whole scheme of things, no running for a few weeks ormonths is NOTHING compared to a lifetime of being healthy and active.

    And GREAT news that you are still going to PGH. May I make a suggestion? See if the JASR people need any volunteers! Not only will you get to hang with 70+ Sparkies, you will do a good deed and make many, many other runners HAPPY!

    Sending you HEALING wishes!

    2677 days ago
    Just for now! You're unstoppable. emoticon
    2677 days ago
    Oh no! :( I'm so sorry to hear about this. At least you have a fancy boot for the time being...? :) Keeping my fingers crossed for positive news at the next appointment!!
    2677 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I must admit the first thought that popped into my head was that you could go even if you can't run - but I'm hoping you'll be able to run. It's so hard to miss out on something you've planned for & dreamed about for so long. Whine away!
    2677 days ago
  • MARIE625
    Ouch! So sorry to hear about your foot. Hope it turns out to be nothing too serious and that you heal quickly.
    2677 days ago
    Why is it the things that sidelined us are so silly, I step off a curb wrong and you step on a ball. Hope it heals fast!
    2677 days ago
    Suezette - I am so sorry about your foot....I will be thinking super positive healing thoughts.

    It is great though no matter what you go to Pittsburgh
    2677 days ago
    Oh my darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking the best thoughts that this resolves it self as soon as possible!! EEK. emoticon
    2677 days ago
    I hope you get better soon, and I'm glad you eliminated the worst causes. Don't worry, you will be running again soon enough!
    2677 days ago
    Suezette, I'm sorry to hear you are sidelined for a while. I think Pittsburg will be the best therapy for you! I wish you a speedy recovery :)

    2677 days ago
    Considering what you've been through, this is very non-whiney. You're right, you'll heal. There are tons of truly horrible things that could have happened and didn't. Your husband sounds awesome and I'm glad he's been helping you through everything.

    For some reason I just kept imagining you crashing down and screaming, etc, etc and your cat wandering by and thinking... 'Oh, that's where my ball went..."

    2677 days ago
  • JOANN562
    Ouch! I am always tripping on my dogs & kids things too...we really need to work on them to put their things away better! ;-)
    Sounds like you have a great plan in place.
    Hoping for the best with your appt on friday!!!

    2677 days ago
    So sorry sweetie. Take it easy and it will heal up in no time! When I read your story I had dejevu from a few years ago-coming down off the ladder and landed on a shoe-broke my ankle...but it healed you said just a blip in life.
    Keep enjoying that Florida sunshine and the beach :)

    2677 days ago
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