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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well I have to admit quitting was the best thing I've ever done. I quit trying to push myself too hard and have gone back to enjoying my runs. I still have goals of course and today was to run week 6 day 1 twice. Well it's interval training so its not all running but still counts. I left the house pretty confident although a little worried about it being too hot (got up to the 80s here in Austin today) so I drank plenty of water before I left. Hmm not exactly the best idea. I got down the street and into my run and decided I needed a bathroom. Ever remember your parents asking why you didn't go before you left well I did but I guess I just had too much water. Anyway without risking TMI I struggled to make it over 2 miles needing to find a bathroom so the first round was pretty much shot. But that's not to say it was unsuccessful I was able to run up the entire hill that had stopped me on Friday so that in itself was an accomplishment. I have never run up a hill before. My usual route is pretty flat with some slight raises but that are barely noticeable. This is one of those long hills that just keep climbing gradually forever. Anyway I have to admit I was really thrilled to make it up that hill and didn't feel bad about walking a little early during the 8 minute run since I had just come up that hill.

So anyway I finally made it to Kohl's and decided to use their restroom. Ugh did I feel out of place going in there drenched in sweat with no money or nothing just my iPhone and headphones. But hey when you gotta go...Anyway I got a drink at the fountain and headed back out. I started the timer over and warmed back up and headed back out to run back home. This time I was much more comfortable and made it through all the runs without difficulty. I thought "hmm I have trouble making it for 3 miles straight but I could run/walk intervals till doomsday". I think I could probably even do a whole marathon that way. Of course that will have to wait since my first 5K is coming up on Sunday and I feel like I might actually do well. I think that if I give myself permission to walk for a few minutes a couple times I may actually make a decent time. I know I'll finish that never has been and never will be a question. I will finish it will just matter how much of it I run and fast I do it in. Either way I'm feeling a lot more confident and motivated and am excited but really nervous about it.

So not only did I do so well on my run I lost two pounds again! That's 6 pounds in 3 weeks which is amazing to me. I am in no way complaining but I can't help but wonder if I'm insane or my scale is playing tricks on me or something strange. I mean I totally get the whole calories in versus out business and that a pound weighs 3500 calories or some such business like that but there is no way I'm burning enough calories to lose a pound plus having a food deficit in order to lose two pounds per week. I mean this is awesome but I guess I'm just waiting for that weight gain or plateau or something since I just don't understand how I can possibly be doing so well. Please do get me wrong I'm amazed, proud, and overall thrilled with this but seriously how can this be possible?!?!

Then comes the other side I started doing the 28 day challenge and I'm on day 8 or week 2 day 1 whichever the case may be and I'm doing pretty well. I'm impressed its a challenge but not so bad that I can't do it so that's cool. Anyway that day 1 (or day 8) cardio video coupled with my run/walk today burned almost 600 calories. Okay completely awesome but it left me with a deficit of almost 1000 calories. Okay totally cool but its kind of worrying to think well I only ate 1300 calories today and I burned 600 exercising and like 1700 just living so does that mean I'm starving? I mean I burned almost half of the calories I took in with exercise alone. Hmm maybe that's how it's supposed to be maybe that's why I've lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I guess I'm just a little worried that I might end up going into starvation mode if I burn too many calories. I'm staying within my recommendations and I feel great today and for some reason I wasn't even really hungry (except around meal times) so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I guess this just goes back to always thinking I'm going to screw up or fail. I'm having some serious success here and I'm waiting for it to stop or for someone to tell me I'm doing it wrong. I don't know all I know is I'm no longer overweight which the last time I can think of that happening is 2003, I'm running my first race on Sunday, I quit smoking (that still shocks me), and this really seems to be working. Hmm I wonder if I'll always feel this way or if maybe one day I'll be able to accept the positive things in life for just what they are, positive things.
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  • MAGGIE805
    I have that issue too. I always need to go before I run. Annoying. Wtg, on the hill. I have yet to tackle the hills where I live. I'm halfway up the one that is on the route to Bay to Breakers which for me that's progress.

    Good luck with your training and just know you can do anything you put your mind too. :)
    2975 days ago
    emoticon emoticon on beating the hill!

    2977 days ago
    You are doing great! Congratulations for conquering the hill!!!
    2978 days ago
    you are doing awesome! yeah to positivity
    2978 days ago
    Wow girl! You are really figuring it out for yourself. That is part of the process. Stay on your focus, keep the running fun. The quitting smoking is huge in a serious lifesaving way! Good for you! First race on Sunday? That's awesome! Good luck with that!
    2978 days ago
    Congrats on running up the hill!! That's awesome! It seems like what you're doing is working for you now but maybe it wouldn't hurt to up your calories a bit and see what happens if you're worried about starvation mode. Good luck at your race!
    2978 days ago
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