2011 Winter 1 5% Challenge- Becoming an Affirmation

Monday, February 21, 2011

I attend this monthly meet-up which is centered around using inspirational themes or theology and implementing it into our lives. We usually look at a 20 min inspiration clip by some author (Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dwyer, Louise Hayes, etc) and then discuss how we can use the principles in our daily lives.

At our last meeting, our leader talked about how difficult it was for her to say affirmations because in her mind she did not agree with the affirmation. How she was able to utilize affirmations was saying that "she was in the process of becoming (add affirmation)".

I really thought this was a good idea because some affirmations I really am hesitant to believe right now but I do believe that I am in the process of becoming that affirmation. By knowing that it is a process, than I know that it is not going to instantaneously happen but in the words of that old Pantene commerical "it didn't happen overnight but it did happen".

So, here are my affirmations:

I am in the process of becoming:
- a more disciplined person
- a person that wants to enjoy life
- a person that keeps her commitments
- a more creative person
- a more caring person
- a more spiritual person
- an exercise goddess
- a bellydancer
- a world traveler
- more than I can say or even imagine

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