A week to refocus

Monday, February 21, 2011

I am taking a week- not Go Wear Fit, no calorie counting- just eating smartly and getting in more miles. I need a week of building habit instead of counting, adding and subtracting. Numbers aren't doing it for me and I just need a shift in focus right now.

Today I had a great 8 mile long run. I wanted to do more but I want to run several longer runs this week to try to meet my mileage goal this month and I didn't want to burn my legs out.
3 of those 8 miles were with a friend who's just starting to run and is on the couch to 5k program. She's slender and frankly I enjoy running with her because not only is she great company- a really fun friend, but I really like supporting her through being frustrated with the struggle of the run, and yet, for me, running with her is soo easy! Running with her is a clear illustration of how far I've come- how strong I've become- and it feels so good. I can't wait to get her running races with me and to have a consistent running buddy who isn't running to punish themselves for gluttony like other running buddies I've had, but someone who really really loves the run!

Running has been so fun lately because I'm really starting to feel like a runner. I'm regularly running sub 10 pace and that's faster than I've been in a while. it feels good. I'm also hit that sweet spot with running where I actually prefer to run alone. I prefer quiet to music. I prefer outdoors to indoors- all of which take effort and a real enjoyment of that sensation of running. It takes a while to get there, but I know when I get there that I'm finally moving with out the crutches and it feels really good...

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    Great blog! I love being able to run with my husband at night (who can sprint a 6 min/mile) because he pushes me to be better without discouraging me. I know we're at different levels, but having the support system is way more important to me than my ego.

    I'll be honest - I have never loved running. But, I think that running is the epitome of athletic prowess and I truly admire runners of all types. I also like the results of running - that on-top-of-the-world feeling, the ache in my legs and the fresh oxygen pumping in my blood. It's exhilarating. So - I want to be a runner and I want to love it. So I decided that I will.

    I just really wanted to say that I totally agree with you!

    Btw, I hope you don't mind me adding you! 8 miles??? Total inspiration! emoticon

    - Irene
    2679 days ago
    i haven't run w/o my ipod in soooo long! i need to do that again. i tried relying on running buddies, and it never fails that they let me down, so i just don't go there amymore. if someone says they want to run with me, fine. i don't care if they show up or not. as for running with a new runner, i know what you mean. i ran with a woman from church last fall, and her hard pace was so EASY! i felt like a bottle of energy waiting to explode by the time she stopped at her house and i could go at my pace again. it definitely showed me how far i've come. i think about that day when i'm feeling like a snail or feeling like i'm not making progress.

    as for the rut, the main thing you have to do when in a rut is to change up what you're currently doing. if unplugging and not counting is something new, try it! one or two weeks aren't a big deal, anyway. my BM fit is working very well for me right now, by the way. i am loving it!!! have a great week!
    2679 days ago
    I love this! I hope you have a good experiment with not-counting. A few years back I hit a total intuitive health sweet spot. I was running a couple times a week with a friend of mine, and really tuned into my hunger cues and healthy things to eat. It was great, and I actually hit my goal weight. :) But then some things changed and I lost my focus again, darn. I guess that's why so many maintainers have regular check-in periods.

    Anyway, I also love what you said about running. I always hate running when I've been out of it for a while. But it's so amazing, what you can accomplish when you're consistent with it! Even once a week!! Seriously, I had my first sub-10 minute per mile run on Sunday, and I've only been running 1x per week for like, a month. (And cross training of course.) It shouldn't be punishment, it should be a fun and rewarding way to do something good for your body. :)

    That's really cool about your running buddy, too -- running buddies are the best

    Anyway, sorry this comment is so long, but I just totally identified with your blog today!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2680 days ago
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