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Scavenger Dash

Monday, February 21, 2011

So yesterday, I did a scavenger dash with my ds, Ilan. The last few days had been very wet and rainy. I was partly dreading the race. But we spent $100+ dollars to do this race and I wasn't going to throw the money away. And according the scavenger dash website, some people like the race in rain even more then when the weather is nice.

So I made plans to wear my regular tennis shoes. I didn't want my running shoes to get wet and ruined. But when we woke up yesterday, it was cold but sunny. So we got dressed and I wore my running clothes, including my running shoes. The race gives an award for the best dressed costume, so Ilan and I wore matching tye dyed t-shirts. We both wore long sleeved shirts underneath though. Ilan wore a sweatshirt and I wore my long sleeved tech running shirt. It got to a high of 54* F. That is cold for me. We left the house with a full backpack of snacks and water. We both brought our Ipods and we headed for the subway. We got down to Hollywood with plenty of time to walk the 0.4 miles to the start of the race. We checked in an hour before the race was to start. Ilan will be 16 years old tomorrow. He was by far the youngest person in the race.

The race ended up have 12 clues. We had to only do 11 to be a contender to place. But they tell us that if we messed up on any clues, we might want to do all 12 just in case. Clue one was easy. Go to a corner, about a block from where we were and take a picture of one of us near a plaque for a tribute to a time capsule now opened. Done. Next, take a photo with the two of us with 2 strangers, all of us blowing bubbles. OK, go to Rite Aid and bought gum. As 2 people we didn't know if they would like some gum and could we get a picture of us with them and all of blowing bubbles. Done. Then we were on the phone with my dh, having him look up clues. Next stop, a challenge location. The two of us had to work as a team, put a piece of raw spaghetti through a pop can top, with no hands, and then move this can to another table about 7 feet away. Do this 3 times and stack the cans. All with no hands. Took time but Done. And so the day went.

In the end, we walked 5.6 miles, not including to and from the subway station (another 0.8 miles total). We ate little of our food. We did mostly walking because we couldn't read clues to my dh on the phone and run at the same time. 3 locations were in bars but since it was daytime, it was ok for Ilan to be there. And we skipped one location because it was 1 mile to get there and another mile back. Turns out one clue we did do wrong but the internet had both answers and we weren't the only ones that did it wrong, so the judges counted it ok for us. We were 14th to check back in at 2:40, two hours, 40 minutes from the start. But 2 teams ahead of us only did 10 checkpoints so they get credit for participating but not a top finisher. So overall we came in 12, out of 42 teams. Not bad. We also did NOT win for the best costume but that is ok. We will try harder next year.

Ilan said for next year, no Ipod. I only used the ipod to track distance. No music for me. It was a lovely day spent with my ds. Guess we will do this again next year. We also won't bring the GPS or food. Or a backpack for that matter...... A pencil and a phone is all we need.

Oh, and it started to rain going to clue 11. We only got clue 11 because another team was nice enough to tell us where it was. Dh couldn't figure out the clue. But the rain was more then a sprinkle but not bad at all. It stopped as we started to go to clue 12 and we decided to skip that clue and head for the finish line. Then we took the subway home. We got home and then the skies opened up. But we were in the house and dry by then.

Sorry no pictures, dh can't seem to get them to upload. Maybe later.
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