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2/20/11 Four Ten Pound Bowling Balls

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Can you imagine carrying four ten pound bowling balls. That is what I have lost. I am comfortably wearing my size 18's. I have gotten rid of all the size 24's.

The sad thing is that when I stood on the scale this morning, I did not believe it. I stood on it four more times and I was still down five pounds. My scale even weighs heavier than the doctors office. I need to believe and embrace this awesome positivity or to quote my granddaughter "epical awesomeness".

Drinking the extra water helped. I had slacked off on the water and found I was craving more goodies. Yesterday, I drank all my water and cut out most of the goodies. My recent bad habit was graham crackers and peanut butter. I should have been snacking on veggies and sweet potatoes.

Nice to know that after 57 years I am finally listening to my Dad. He always said his key to success was to weigh daily and quit bending the elbow if his weight was up more than three pounds.

It really has been that simple for me this time. The other thing that has helped is being home. When I am exhausted I lay down to rest instead of snacking on something so I can keep going to get everything done.

Much credit goes to my daughter who begged me to go sugar and wheat free when I first got ill. That also helped to kill the cravings and made me develop more refined taste buds so that I enjoyed the more subtle flavors of healthier foods.

The last thing has been the illness itself. At this point it is diagnosed CFS, although the cause is still unknown. I just couldn't be sick and also have to deal with all the extra weight too. It has been a very motivating factor for me to eat properly and take the best care of myself as possible. I want to be able to visit and enjoy the kids and grandkids. I don't want the combination of CFS and fat to make me immobile.

So I eat properly, take my supplements and medications and I rest and work in 15 minute increments. It is important no matter how sick you are to keep the blood circulating or you will end up with a host of other problems. So I stretch, I walk the dogs around the yard, I do a couple yoga moves, I shake the limbs out, I do a few chores and I lay down and rest.

No matter what your challenges are stay true to SP. It has been a life saver for me. Keep trying. Never give up. Every Day Is A New Opportunity!
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