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I Think I Have This Figured Out

Sunday, February 20, 2011

By making sacrificial and proportional cuts in your own personal budget,
you can appreciate that cutting really cuts to the quick.

Please accept my apology in advance for the following about an
unpleasant subject.

I tried very hard not to do it, but because it helped
my perspective and made me feel much better, I thought perhaps it would do
as much for you. It's tough, but we all need to do our part.

The President ordered the cabinet to cut a whopping $100 million from the
$3.5 trillion federal budget.

I'm so impressed by this sacrifice that I have decided to do the same
thing with my personal budget.

Let's suppose I spend about $4,000 a month on groceries,
medicine, bills, etc., and now it's time to get out my budget cutting ax,
go line by line through my expenses, and get to work.

I'm going to cut my spending at exactly the same ratio as the President -
1/35,000 of my total budget. After doing the math, it looks like instead
of spending $4,000 a month; I'm going to have to cut that number downward
by eleven cents!

Yes, I know that’s a lot and I must somehow get by with $3,999.89, but
that is what sacrifice is all about.

The President has requested that we
get some of our own “skin in the game” with everyone else. So we’ll just
have to do without some things, that are, quite frankly, luxuries those
eleven cents normally buy us.

Hope this helps brighten your day ... and gives you a little better
understanding of just how serious our current President is about his job.
Don't you feel better now?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog!
    2678 days ago
    I have been doing that most of my life and even more since my husband and I no longer are able to be employed! I could probably live more comfortably on $4000 a month but live on less than half of what you are allowing. I told my son I could live on what he throws away! Its not easy but you can earn to live on less or go without.

    I have cut my water consumption down, and wash less; learn to just change something's in my life, and eat less! (have very few sweets in the house, got rid of most junk food, no more potato chips, no cupcakes, no brownie mixes, no candy except for Mounds, [cant live without my mounds). I am cutting down a lot of food in packages. It sure saves. I can a lot of goods and freeze a lot of veggies, so that helps to cut out extra cost. Because the cost of groceries these days is horrendous. We just learn to do without! Or make do. But you can actually find ways to cut your expenses and still meet that sweet tooth. ( Our church has a coffee hour and eating sweets once a week; you kind of enjoy it when its less often! )

    I would hang up clothes now and then, it cuts electricity and clothes smell nice when you hang them outside, cant wait for warmer weather! But hanging them in the basement saves electricity and money!

    I recycle things like I save all plastic containers using the plastic for templates, saves me $5 dollars a sheet. I used to go thru a lot of that plastic sheeting! Just for templates when I appliqued! Plus I use plastic bags from oranges for support in some of my art! Great for reinforcing purses and bags and art that needs a stiffening! Saves me more dollars on my art! Its amazing what you can recycle to save a few dollars. I recycle old clothes for my art and for some quilting! I even save all those labels I get from all the companies who ask me for a donation, and don't donate to most of them! (Man if I made a donation to every one that's end me a freebie, I would be in the poor house! I also recycle some envelops that companies send me. It sure saves me from buying envelopes! You'd be surprise how many are sent to you! I also recycle old magazines in my art, saves buying scrap paper!
    What helps me save also is baking all on one day and freezing extras, saves gas money! I also make one trip for all things, paying bills, and buying groceries and getting gas all done the same day, saves gas! I went from filling up every week to filling every other week, that is a savings too! And when you make one trip instead of three it cuts down your use of gas and prolongs the life of your vehicle. I also don't go and get an oil change as often as I sued to. So fat one this year and two last year! I go every 5 thousand miles with my car and its been less often because of the savings in gas by driving less, I pay less! I also coast down hills a lot. That alone can save gas too! So I reroute which way I travel just to save, and its actually less miles too! And I purchase my gas at Indian reservations, gas cost less and I go on the day we are also saving 5 cents a gallon more on certain days! It may be only so much less a gallon but it does save twice more and you don't pay taxes, least not yet! Another savings! That's just some ways I cut corners! I try to do a lot of things myself too.

    Like I learned to cut hair long time ago and now cut my husbands hair, sure saves me enough to be able to afford to get my hair done professionally! (I looks nicer too since I cant see as I used to when cutting my own hair! I stopped cutting my hair! ) I also do my dogs grooming too! A great big savings. Since they charge you more to groom a dog than to cut hair or a perm at a Hair salon! lol Unreal! Stopped paying for my dog and pay for myself for about 6 years now, and that is a Huge savings! (You can learn a lot of things to do for yourself if you really get desperate or try to save!) One year I saved 16 thousand dollars and bought me a new car with what I saved! I also saved enough to take all my kids to Europe one year! Great trip they never forgot! And went on another cruise to the Bahamas Free! Where there's a will there is a way! I saved for everything I ever wanted to do, and we did a lot of traveling with three kids over the years! All being tight with our money! (I had hope to go to Japan and Scotland in the future!) If you have a will there;s always a way! My favorite saying is "do what you desire before you get to old to walk!" Glad I traveled while I was younger!
    But you'd be surprise how much money you can save if you really desire to!
    Or have such tragedy that forces you to go without! I will bet you can save a lot more if you "had" to!

    The year my husband got unemployment, I managed to most of it, and that year I managed to save more than I ever saved, knowing he would be out of a job soon. We saved quite a bit before he lost his job, going without because my husband had a hard time finding any work. He gave up but we managed to live on all we saved for almost two years! I paid off all our bills too! so I know you can do a lot when you need to!

    2679 days ago
    You are right on!
    2679 days ago
    Good lord, I love reading your blogs!! I even copy them and send them to friends with very similar views - hope you don't mind! Keep them coming.

    2679 days ago
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