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Sunday, February 20, 2011

emoticonGood morning, everyone! Today's blog is a bit of a personal one and I don't want to upset or worry anyone--I just want to pass along something that is super important for everyone to have done and why it's going to be happening to me again this week.

First of all, what a title to a blog, huh? Well, it's true! But, in a good way and one that I hope you all can say at some time yourself and for more of the same reasons, and here is why!

You may have gone through this same medical procedure already, so I'll start with passing along a few hints for those of who have and for those who haven't, the reasons why it's so important to get in at least a yearly doctor visit and to explain any sort of pains, feelings and otherwise to them. Find a doctor that you trust and follow hisher orders. And the part I want to stress today is, don't wait until you're over the age of 50 before you tell your doctor about certain things -- if something isn't feeling right, let them know! Don't ignore or put off telling them about maybe odd-sounding symptoms or pains you're having like I used to do--as they're there to help you and can! And, one specialist years ago, possibly saved my life. So don't put things off or to the side -- your health is important no matter your age or otherwise.

Ready to emoticon through the week with me? Come on, it doesn't hurt, it's an important matter and, you know me, I'd love the company!

Let's start with the preparation and I'm sure it won't take some of you long to figure out what I'll be doing throughout this coming week and WHY I'm sharing this blog with you.

Monday will be a normal day.... emoticon
maybe even one that'll include a slice of veggie pizza or some other food that I super love!

Tuesday--hmm, no red meat! I can do that one as I'm not much of a meat eater! We're good on that one! emoticon

Wednesday - let the fun begin! Well...... I'm not too thrilled with this one, but ready! No solid foods! Only water, clear liquids, clear broth, certain juices...
But how many gallons of water? emoticon But, after 3:00, a.m., no more water allowed!

The good thing is, there is no doubt that I'll get in my quota of water in for the day! The only downside is that I'll feel like I'm going to pop or something emoticon but again, all in all, that's a GOOD thing and that's what we're after!
So, I'm ready and that's another emoticon for Wednesday!

Thursday!! Now, we're feeling emoticonand emoticon as I've been awake most of the evening "cleansing" as they say after taking a variety of meds and laxatives--
but still emoticon-- you may not see it on the outside, but it'll be happening on the inside! All to be expected and I'm glad to do it.
So, I'm adding another emoticon on that one!
Then, off we go emoticon the sooner I get there, the better!
Let's do it and then it's off to emoticon for a number of hours!
So, I'm adding yet another few emoticon on that one for sure!

So, how many of you have figured out what's happening in my life this coming week? I hope alot of you have, as it's so important to have this procedure done and one that we often don't even think of! I couldn't stress it more to others as I'm living proof that it can save your life! So---yup, you got it -- it's my yearly colonoscopy! Sorry, for the personal share in ways -- but it's important to share the need to have them done and here is a bit of background to explain a bit more.

I began having stomach problems in 1999 -- yes, 1999!! WOW -- I was only how old??? 38 years old! I didn't fit the criteria that we hear about -- so many times you hear that it's recommended that you have it done after you're 50! But, if I would have waited until I was 50 -- which I am now--there is a good chance that I would no longer be here sharing this blog with you or even walking this earth!

I always blamed my stomach upsets, etc., on stress or that I ate something that didn't agree with me -- but, when you eat a pretzel and you need to find the restroom in about 5 minutes or less-- you know something is happening and it can't be good. So, yes, back in 1999 I began my screenings and, they have been finding abnormal tumors (misshapen in form, etc., and, if not found early, the kind that can develop into cancer) almost every time I have had the procedure done, plus it runs in my family -- so I tend to get worried, but I'll drink my clear liquids and do whatever I need to do in order for them to get a good view of what's forming or not forming, what is there or not there and, if there are more tumors, let's get rid of them and NOW and pray for good results on the biopsies of tissue and, if found, tumors!!

I will always remember what I was told at my first appointment with the specialist back in that great old 1999-- she told me that a woman in her 30's (from my area) had recently passed away due to colon cancer and the fact that it had already spread too far and there was no longer a cure and the treatments no longer could save her life. And, I remember when I first read this lady's obituary (before hearing this from my dr.) I wondered what this lady died from and at such a young age! She had a husband, small children............... I now had my answer and it'll be something that I'll always remember as this wife, mother and friend to so many had put off going to the dr. and finding it sooner and getting the treatment in order to be here with us today.

So, it was an emoticon eye-opener and something I hadn't, to that point, worried that much about or ever thought I would have to worry about. But, I was wrong after I heard and learned of the reasons of this lady's passing.

So, I'm already set emoticon Let's do it -- see what is what -- hear the results and back to feeling like me again come Friday!

WOW, I hope I didn't tire you too badly, as we had a long emoticon
but I hope that I shared the importance of staying healthy, checking in with your doctor, following his/her directives, doing the tests if they recommend them, and, mainly, doing it for you and those you love and hold dear.

**And, to the co-leaders on the teams that I lead, as well as to the teams I'm a member of, yes, I won't be on-line come Thursday and we'll see what happens by Thursday evening-- as I hope to be up and at 'em again after a good sleep after the procedure, but I'm unsure at this point and wanted to pass along a heads up so no one wonders where's that Momma! Because she may be just sleeping and resting, but she'll be back up and running on Friday again!

Have a great week everyone! And, stay positive! You can always find a positive side to every situation and I know I've found mine!

emoticon and emoticon to all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You did a wonderful blog... I lost a dear friend to colon cancer last week... and the person who introduced me to this person (who was a former boss as well) also died of colon cancer within a year of introducing me.... and he was only 48, this friend was 61...

    thanks for the reminder and I have been putting off even the "Pooh Test", which isn't invasive at all, so what real excuse do we have for not taking better care of ourselves. All the best and hoping for the best news as well.
    2572 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this. I am going for my first one at age 37 because I have been having a lot of pain and other issues. There is a history of colon cancer and ulcertive colitis in both sides of my family so better safe than sorry. I have to do the gallon prep which I am not looking forward too. I really hope it isn't much worse than the barium stuff they use for flourscopy. I had a bit of a problem with that but I was able to keep it down. Hope that the results came back all clear!
    2591 days ago
    Colonoscopys may be good for some people, but I knew this woman in one of my quilt groups who was 89 and had one and the Dr who performed it, punctured her bowels and they found out too late and she bled to death. She literarily was bleeding inside her bowels and she did not think anything of it! She did nto knwo why she was fainting after she had one done! At first she was lightheaded, then was passing out. By the time she learned why , she died the day of her surgery before she even went for surgery!

    As you get older, I dont think one should get a colonosopy because as you age your skin inside and out gets paper thin and can be easily torn or punctured! I dont even get an internal because of thin dry skin!Because I am afarid of such an occurence.

    I once had an explosion in my fallopian tube when Iw as 28, and wonder if a Dr caused it! All I remember was that I had terrific pain after aninternal and the Drs did not even know why! They first said it was an egg passing, but I learned after the fact that I no longer had an ovary on that side of my womb. I was at work standing on my feet when I suddenly had a sharp pain and it felt like something erupted inside my lower body, worst than an appendicitis! I had an explosion (learned later it was my fallopian tube) But somehow my body healed where it erupted.(I had endometriosis and it clsoed off the opening. I figure it had to be a bad cramping due to my periods but they elrned I no longer had an ovary on the left side! All I remember was having a period for a long time! I could have died at age 28, but I did not! I figure when its your turn to die, you just die! I could no longer have any children after losing that ovary!My Gynecologist sent me for a sonogram and they found no ovary on my left side! But no more endometriosis! A miracle if you asked me. G*D is so good!

    I dont plan on having any more colonoscopies or internals! I just will trust G*d to take care of me. I feel the more a Dr touches you the worst you can get sometimes.

    Tell you something I learned, most cancers are caused by parasites in food! Or from having pets who have fleas and other vermin inside them. Its one reason why I dont allow my pets in bed with me! And make sure my pets get innoculated for the difefrent diseses. I learned all that after having had a scare about cancer and feel its what causes tumors and such. Because after we had two years of flea infestation I also got tumors in my breast! Its why my two dogs got sick. Both had tumors after we had fleas!

    Parasites get inside you and cause tumors. Sound and vibration and wasp stings cause them to die inside you! I was stung on my elbow on my left side and after that the tumors stopped growing in me! Unbelieveable? No actually wasp keep other parasites off them by stinging other bugs ; their threat to them. They literarily electrocute their enemies by their sting! The shock to ones system is like your electrocuted.Its like an innoculation! You get parasites inside your bowels by some foods you eat and by sitting where animals have slept or defecated. It pays to be super clean sometimes! Anyhow, I ahd to share that. Got to go, company is back form their short sightseeing trip wiht my hubby! susan
    2591 days ago
    Good blog, thanks for the information.
    2598 days ago
    Cheryl, I had to go back & see if that ad was still there (the one that Sarah mentioned) - & it is! I'd love to read it, but I'm afraid I already have TMI on them!

    I had my first one shortly after I turned 50 - & I was on the 5 year schedule. However, shortly after my second one, my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died after about 2 years. At about the 3 year mark after my second one, I started having some problems, & my doc decided to send me for another colonoscopy, since things were not normal & my dad had died the previous year. They didn't find anything cancerous or pre-cancerous, but they said "every 3 years now." I did have to have colon surgery, but it was due to other reasons - 1 1/2 years after that, my problems really started! I was sent for another colonoscopy - turned out I had developed scar tissue. So after that, I was to have a flexible sigmoidoscopy every little while (when I felt like things weren't moving along like they should) - that's not as involved, & I wasn't put out completely. I always say they "roto root" me, using a balloon to get rid of the scar tissue (medical name is adhesions).

    It's been 2 years - & I've moved, so I had to eventually get a doc down here. But for the past couple of weeks, I've been gaining (even though I've been doing well on my diet), I have a big lump near my belly button, & things just aren't moving..... I saw the surgeon today. Yep, a full colonoscopy, & he thinks I have an umbilical hernia (a big one). Let the fun begin! And here I celebrated my 67th yesterday as Cheryl was blogging, & I'm really starting out my 68th year having so much fun! (yeah, right!)

    I'm like Sarah - I don't do the gallon prep well - but that's the only thing he'll use. So he also is ordering Reglan to take to keep it from coming back up. Hint, Hint, Sarah - hope you're reading this! Mine is scheduled for 3/1 - so I'll be having all my fun after you're over yours, Cheryl! And then he'll do a CT scan to see if there's a hernia, & I have developed another hernia that I diagnosed myself a few months ago - unfortunately, it's increased in size so that he said it's "BIG!" It's at the end of a scar from having my gall bladder out over 20 years ago - that hernia has formed because I've let myself get FAT! So here's another word for your health - we all need to get rid of our extra fat for more reasons than we've probably thought of! So some time in March, I'll be having surgery for the hernia(s). SUCH FUN!

    So I'll second that, Cheryl - we need to take care of ourselves! I don't expect him to find anything serious, but I knew what he was going to do before I got there (it helps sometimes, being a nurse). At least most of today wasn't a surprise for me! But the possible umbilical hernia WAS a surprise!

    I may blog about my results, or whatever he finds, but I thought I'd share this with those of you who will be reading Cheryl's blog.

    BTW NOVABLUE, I love your "pun" - Cheryl & I both will be glad when this is "behind" us!

    Be blessed, everyone!

    In Him,

    2617 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/21/2011 10:31:33 PM
  • 3GKIDS
    I'm on five year schedule since they found 2 polyps. It's true that the "prep" is the worst part, but it's so worth it. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Good Luck, Ruth
    2617 days ago
    Im laughing because on top of your blog page is an advertisement for colonoscopies for dummies!!!
    He he!!! How appropriate!
    2618 days ago
    Oh how nice! I had mine and had a hard time drinking the prep stuff. I was going out both ends to put it bluntly! It is not my favorite thing in the world. The procedure itself it fine but the prep is awful!!! Thanks for stressing the importance of this!
    2618 days ago
  • MISSM66
    I went through that Last year,and it not a nice one but I was happy to do it and every thing was ok,so good luck with everything you do,and thanks for Sharing. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2618 days ago
    I don't mind the procedure, but the prep s*ucks! I'm on the 5-year schedule - next due in 2014 -
    2618 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this life saving advice,I turned 50 and just had my first Mammogram and it was fine for now.It was helpful to understand what to expect when having this.The prep sounds like the worst of it.Like my family doctor said "you are married to the toilet for 24 hours"lol,not a laughing matter and worth the short amount of discomfort to prevent or find Cancer early.I wish you the best and a positive and uneventful findings.Great blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Diana
    2618 days ago
    Love that you are taking care of you!!!!
    2618 days ago
    Cheryl, thanks for sharing this important info. I'll be praying your test goes well and you'll get a great doctor's report!
    2618 days ago
    good luck on the colonoscopy.. we will be here waiting for you to return.. I had mine done last year and there was a polyp so I will need to do it every 3 years now...
    Take care my friend.. it will be good...

    emoticon emoticon
    2618 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. Hope everything turns out ok for you. emoticon
    2618 days ago
    Best Wishes for a good outcome to your test! I had mine done last year when I turned 50. It really wasn't that bad. Luckily, they found nothing so I'm good for 10 years.
    I know you'll be glad when this week is behind you. (((Hugs)))

    2618 days ago
    Gosh, this is news to me! We don't 'shout' about this need much over here in the UK??? We have the Breast Cancer and Smears regularly but not the colon test - I'm 48 this year and its something to look into. Thank you and very good luck for good healthy results.

    M x
    10k steps a day
    2618 days ago
    My thought & prayers are with you...Thanks for the info too. There was a wakeup call in there.

    Sending lots of emoticon emoticon emoticon

    love you girl,
    2618 days ago
    I had mine last year with nothing abnormal, and my plan doesn't do it yearly so I'm good for now. You are right they are very important and everyone should have one for a baseline even
    good luck with your results
    2618 days ago
    emoticon and well wishes are being sent your way this week. I know it's not a fun week for you and I will think of you often.
    2618 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. This is important. I had my first one this year and luckily nothing was found so I can go 10 years. DH has one every 5 because it runs in his family. Good luck with yours. Hope everything turns out okay!
    2618 days ago
    My Mom had one a few years back and they found abnormalities as well. She has to go back every few years.

    Thank you for informing the rest of us.

    Take care and I do hope that things go well for you.
    2618 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    Prayers that come Friday you will have wonderful results to report!
    2618 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this important information. I also had an "early" colonoscopy because of super heavy periods. The doctors weren't sure if something else was going on or not. Better early detection and treatment, than wondering, or letting something bad get out of control. I did turn out to be anemic from blood loss, but my colon is good!

    God bless you and watch over you and your doctors during your procedure!
    2618 days ago
  • PK2H2000
    Good luck with the "procedure" as I completely get it! I am 56 and I just had that "procedure" done, my second one since I hit "that age" and so far so good. I will keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome for you! I'll be staying tuned for emoticon news! I rootin' for ya!

    2618 days ago
    emoticon Thank you for sharing. We should be so thankful that these procedures are available to help us. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. emoticon
    2618 days ago
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