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No lies!! Facing it Head On!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

OK this weeks weigh in did not go so well but surprisingly I'm NOT upset. I had
a feeling that I would have a gain this week. No I'm not happy about it but I did get off the scale w/a smile on my face. I knew I had ate like a bottomless pit
the last couple of days. I knew I had made some choices that were NOT to good.
I have not cut anything out completely but I limit it & definitely watch portions. Well this week I watched portions but I had Ice Cream (yes my weakness) atleast 3 or 4 times (only a 1/2 cup) but even they add up. emoticon
YES, I knew I wasn't making great choices, Yes I knew I should do better but I
told myself "You've already messed up, You've probably already gained, Just
go ahead, YOU can do better next week." emoticon Was that right, NO!
But is it the end of the world, NO! and it's definitely NOT THE END OF MY JOURNEY!

Yes I could sit here & make up all kinds of reasons.
1. I was busy. Yes I was, but I still could've made time.
2. I worked my butt off last month & didn't really lose anything,
so I deserve a break. Yes that may be true but a break doesn't
have to be w/bad (food or exercises) choices.
3. Everyone has an off week. Yeah that's true too but that wasn't
my problem this week.
4. I'm bloated, YES you are but maybe it's from the sodium
from ALL those Peanuts. LOL
5. I didn't eat breakfast quit a few days this week. I could have
found time.
6. I didn't sleep well more than a few days this week. Well I already know
that I need to work on this but did I do anything to help it, NO.

Anyway I could go on & on but the truth is I did this. I made
bad choices. I could have stopped myself, I was concision of
my decisions & I made my own decisions.

So if anyone feels like I let them down I'm so SORRY!
I let the Old Becky out for a week. Now I FORGIVE MYSELF
for not putting my own needs ahead of my choices this week.
I know what I did & I will NOT beat myself up or lie to
myself. I will NOT wait until Monday, New Becky is back.
I am in charge of my life as of today. I made GREAT decisions
today. Even though I ate pizza I stayed in ALL my nutrient

I don't understand WHY when I'm so close to a new mile stone I do this but I'm learning & I'm still here. So I WILL SUCCEED! I will be seeing the 170's really soon. So Good emoticon 180's Becky IS DONE!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Been there, been there, and am there this week. I'm' so encouraged by your approach to it though. You're right, you don't have to wait till Monday. Just get up the next day, the next hour, the next minute and fight your way back to good choices.

    You are inspiring even in the midst of your struggle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us!
    3460 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8640526
    You rock. You know you rock. You are doing your BEST.

    I want you to feel good about your choices!
    3460 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8095520
    First of all, you let no one down so there is ABSOLUTLY no need to say sorry. I pretty much agree with what everyone says.
    Welcome back New Becky, and learning from our mistakes is the most valuable thing because now you know where to fix your weaknessess.

    I was thinking the same thing about when we're about to hit a huge milestone we sabotage ourselves. I think it's because maybe we're afraid. For the longest time we want to lose weight, but when it actually comes we get cold feet because we don't know what to expect
    3461 days ago
    Love your blog. It's amazing how we can come up with all kinds of excuses to justify ourselves when we know what we are doing is not going to help us in the long run. I totally understand the sabotage that goes on when you get close to accomplishing a milestone as that has been my problem the last couple of years. You are going to succeed because you now have taken cotrol and you are determined now to reach that goal. You will be in the 170s before you know it!
    3461 days ago
    It's a good thing that you can identify your weakness and work on it. I have my own personal weakness and that is rice. It's hard when the kids ask for it when it comes to the main entree, but I can use quinoa. I too have been having problems losing weight and I am doing my best to go to the gym. Being on the 5k my way program keeps me going. Keep on going and be positive!
    3462 days ago
    emoticon Great blog!
    3462 days ago
    Welcome back New Becky!! You could never disappoint us you are our biggest cheerleader!! Every one has their weak moments and we give in to temptations and then it's all downhill from there. You just had a little slip up and are now back better than ever!! Go Becky! emoticon We love ya! emoticon
    3462 days ago
    Awe Becky you can't let anyone down but yourself. We just want you to do better for YOU not for us! :) You are so sweet. Like you said, you made the choices, you know what you were doing. I do the same things ALL the time. EXCUSES EXCUSES. The problem is we don't have a clear goal, and we aren't focused enough. For me, I decided that I'm not going to call this a diet, because the second I say I won't eat this or that, that's when I want it most. I read a lot about diets and I take bits and pieces and apply them to the lifestyle I see fit for ME. I like sweets a lot, so that's the thing I'm working on starting today. Dr. Oz says only allow yourself a treat every other day. That should be manageable I think.

    I hate that this is called a diet because who wants to be on a "diet" for the rest of their life? I think we just call it that because it's quick to say and it's easy..but for me, this is about a lifestyle. For the rest of my life, I can't pig out on junk. I know this. I'll never ever be where I want to be if I do. The feeling of seeing the scale moving down, my pants feeling smaller, and being proud of myself, are the best feelings in the world! Why eat junk and then feel miserable? We need to think about that before we eat. Is it really worth it not to feel the joy that we have when we accomplish something? Nope not to me! But for some reason when we want it we want it, and we care about nothing else. That's when we SERIOUSLY need to THINK. Stop right there and ask ourselves, is there something else we can eat instead of junk?, are we just bored?, is this going to make you feel good after eating it?, are you going to feel sleepy or mad at yourself for eating it?, do we have enough calories in the day to eat it?, have we already had treats that day? We have to discipline ourselves or we'll never see the finish line. And that's what I tell myself. We can do this...but we need to want it bad enough, otherwise we'll be spinning our wheels forever and never get out. Good luck this week and you aren't "back"'ve always been here. You are just putting YOU first now:) Good job! emoticon emoticon
    3462 days ago
    Love the excuse buster list -
    That's a whole blog topic in itself!! Ha!!

    Have a smart and focused week of great choices and mini successes...they WILL add up!!You ARE worth it!

    Way to make the U-Turn...

    n> emoticon

    3462 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon what is the title of that retreats no surrender,or in this case it should maybe say,no treat,no surrender, can do it.
    3462 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7644525
    Right On!!! LOVE your attitude. You can and will do it, you already are =)
    3462 days ago
    3462 days ago
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