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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today I enthusiastically commit myself to my new 5% weight loss challenge.
Over the next eight weeks I shall:

Lose 16 pounds of fat
Gain 3 pounds of muscle
Exercise each and everyday
Plan, measure and prepare my meals.

So on April 16, I shall weigh 224 pounds or less, and I do these things because I want:

To look and feel better
Be happier with my choices
Live without regret
Make myself more attractive to my spouse.

I choose these actions not to just lose weight, rather because I am committed to a better me. I believe in myself. I believe I am worth the effort.

I shall read this commitment sheet aloud to myself each morning and evening before I sleep.


Since the 2010 Winter 5% challenge ended in I have been depressed, stressed and extremely worried. I have exercised halfheartedly, lacking my original zeal. I lost focus and became upset as I retained a lot of weight from medication and improper eating along the way.

Do I have shame in these facts and actions? Yes and I am focused on taking back those gains I fought for over year to make. I challenge you to do the same.

Peace comes to those that do.
Peace enters not where one demands sloth or has expectations of servitude.
To find you, there has to be an action. You are worth every bit of these actions as am I.

Know it. Be it. Do it.

May peace find you as you seek to find yourself.
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