Overeating and Stress

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I never really considered myself an emotional eater although i have tinkered with the thought...and decided yes i very much am an emotional eater and food choices seem to reflect my moods at any given time....
The sparkpeople diet plan has me on a 1,500-1750 cal a day diet, way to high in my opinion so i've altered it myself to 1,200-1,400 calories a day but have over done that one day this i know it was just one day...but i'm scared this'll become a habit...and it was very challenging to get myself retrained to eat healthier, and smaller low calorie portions...its very easy to slip back into old i'm working on being "AWARE"...That's my word of the be aware of why i'm eating as well as what i'm eating...boredom?? stress...not enough exercise often is a much as i hate exercise i must admit it is a stress reducer, less stress, less emotional eating...
I'm learning there is not just one side to weight loss, its more than reduction of food, you must retrain how you once thought and dealt with food on a daily basis...each meal your faced with choices...and these choices can not only effect your weight but how you feel about yourself emotionally, how you deal with other areas of your life...and by trying to eat a "clean diet" meaning at least ten servings of fruit and veggies a day...more veggies than fruit though...and raw is best....all the chewing takes forever, which makes the meal last longer, more satisfying...and sticks with you a lot longer than starchy food choices...i always add protein to my veggies...usually boneless skinless chicken....this week i ate pork twice and my gut is body seems to know even when i won't admit it what makes me feel good, and pork ain't it that's for about bloated and sleepy but to uncomfortable to lay down...needing to exercise to release the toxins from overload on fatty foods...all pork products makes me feel awful...why do i eat them then???????????? i ask myself that each and every time i eat a porkchop...."sigh" ....taste probably...i like the change emotionally but physically i suffer a high price to pay...same holds true of high fat dairy products...non fat is fine but let me even eat a small bowl full of regular vanilla ice cream, my face breaks out, i've got gas...yes i know the dreaded subject of gas...but its true...and who feels social when your passing gas every few public places become a no no....
So the moral of the story/blog is this...."AWARE" i need to listen and respect my body by not consuming what it has repeatedly said makes it feel won't change...i've known this for years...and i know i'm in the drivers seat....its time to learn self love and know the old are we to truly love others..if we can not love ourselves first....hope every one on sparkpeople has a great weekend full of healthy food and plenty of exercise...and...remember love deserve it.
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