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Preparing to Weigh In: Beck Day 21

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My relationship to the scales is hugely difficult for me and, I expect, for lots of people: why else would Beck devote a whole day to preparing for weigh in??

I've been weighing myself every day, and the scales still say 155.5. Arrgh. I know:

"Celebrate. I should celebrate each half-pound lost"

That is, in fact, Beck card 19. I've clipped it out. I've got it in my wallet. I've read it over and over again.

But I don't feel like celebrating.

Beck does not agree that the scales are unimportant. She does NOT advocate (as Spark does) taking into consideration how your clothes fit. Or inches lost. She says it's important to weigh every day (which I have been doing since day 14, the official "start" date) and she says it's important to weigh in officially once a week and to chart the weight loss on a graph provided in the workbook (which I will do tomorrow).

She advocates a very realistic attitude towards weight loss.

She warns that if you are disappointed with your weight loss (and I am, I am) then to guard against the reaction . . "I can't believe it, this is terrible, that's all I lost after all that effort" followed by anger, sadness, hopelessness and "giving up". Might as well binge. I did catch myself this morning not measuring my ounce of light feta, feeling "who cares" and just finishing off the container anyhow. Probably not more than 1.25 ounces (didn't measure, so I won't know) but the attitude is not a good one.

The scales have been tormenting me day after day by flirting lower day after day, then settling at 155.5: just that .5 pound down. That's all. Even though I have been very very compliant with the program.

Of course .5 pounds down for a week is "within the range". I'm very close to maintenance, and it's harder to lose weight when there is less to lose. I can see that at the gym on the elliptical: how much harder I have to work to burn 400 calories at 155 than even at, say, 162 -- it takes longer, it requires more RPM -- significantly greater effort.

Beck says that on any given day, the number on the scale is exactly what it should be given what you ate, how much energy you've expended, the amount of fluid your body is retaining and "other biological influences".

OK, OK. I haven't eaten much; I've expended lots of energy, I've not had a lot of salty foods . . . and I know from the fluttering of my scales that I'm gonna be rewarded soon with another .5 pounds or more . . . yes I will.

But: today it's hard to keep the faith. So I'll be reading and re-reading my Advantage Response Card reasons for losing weight and all my other cards: I'll be sitting down to eat everything; I won't be idly eyeballing anything more that I eat today: I'll be sticking with the plan I prepared yesterday (although may have to substitute an exercise alternative to the cross country skiing scheduled: it's really cold and blowing very hard here . . . ).

Keep on keeping on: yeah!!

This preparing to weigh in is a challenge, always has been and always will be. I want to see those scales MOVE!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    HI! I also feel for you. I have found that the scale is not may friend on a daily basis. It has surprised me both ways far too often. (Then lets discuss that the scale on my main floor and the one upstairs weigh differently as does my moms and my mother in laws etc etc. My dad has a huge scale that is legal for trade so when I'm there I check my weight on it. (Last time I told him to get the scale checked lol).

    I do check in, but I must admit I am more concerned in how I feel in my body. When I have a bad weigh in I feel like giving up so, I prefer to weigh in once a week, sometimes once a month. So far my results doing that are about the same as when I was doing it more often, except my stress level is "weigh" down!

    I know I'm doing so many more of the right things, the scale will reflect that when it's ready! I still have my weight loss goals, but I'm taking the attitude that as long as I do what I need to do the scale will do what it needs to do whether I'm checking it daily or not.

    Good luck and keep the faith, regardless of when you weigh in, or what the number is, you are doing what is right for you and from what I've heard from you, you are feeling better and better. Don't let the number mess with your head or your plan!

    Have an awesome day.
    2652 days ago
    Finally someone who agrees with my habit of weighing every day lol... I weigh each morning, write it in a little book, then once a week I average it up and call that my weight for the week (also the day I measure lol). I enter that in a spreadsheet. If it's less than last week, no matter how little, I colour the square green and celebrate my success :P That works for me because my weight can go up and down by a kilo or more during the week. If weigh in day is a 'good' day then it sets up unrealistic expectations for next week. If it's a bad day then I start making excuses. If it's the average of the whole week, I seem to accept it better :D Don't know how I will deal when I get to maintenance and the losing gets harder!!!
    2652 days ago
    I hate weighing in. Always have. Thursday mornings is when I do it. I have a physical reaction to thinking about it - my heartrate speeds up, and I get that "fight or flight" adrenaline rush. If I lose a pound or more, I feel like I've conquered the world. If I lose less than a pound or - heaven forbid - I'm up, I feel like someone's just shot my cat.

    It's so ridiculous to invest so much in a number, to let that number define how you feel for the rest of the day, but there you go.

    I have to guard against reactions either way. If I lose, I find myself thinking "yay! I'm going to have that doughnut at work today to celebrate! Obviously I can get away with it!" If I gain, I find myself thinking "Well, sh!t, I may as well have that doughnut at work today. Obviously it doesn't matter what I do."

    41 years old, and I still look at food as something to be feared, loved, hated, abused, etc. I wish I could just look at is as carbs, protein, fat, fibre, and vitamins.
    2652 days ago
    Oh Ellen, do you have a date that you have to lose the weight by? I do feel for you, no, that's wrong, I empathise with you.
    2653 days ago
    Yes, Ellen, celebrate!! Half a pound of fat lost when you are that close to goal is significant. And with the exercise you are doing, I'm sure you are losing fat. You will get to goal soon enough; you'll have a lifetime to stay there!!

    Just because I had a good weigh today I think I can tell you how to do this!!! HA! I am terrible at keeping the weight on the scale in perspective. But I do believe that with the Beck cards and the Beck process I am making progress toward using the scale as a tool and becoming sane about the number on the scale. You will, too!

    You are working this program very well. Keep up the great work!! Shake off the disappointment. Focus on giving yourself all the credit you deserve, including losing half a pound!! Take care. You are doing it!! The scale will catch up. -Marsha
    2653 days ago
    Interesting blog and comments. It's good to be able to find time for Sparking again and to catch up with your progress.

    Hope the preparation pays off. You have continued to persevere and deserve the best of success and good health.

    2653 days ago
  • CMB2048
    Hate to admit it but I too believe in watching the scale although as you point out it is the reaction to it that usually gets us. If I didn't weigh-in, I'd be much more overweight than I am now. Hang in. .5 lbs is something to celebrate. And you are right, it is much harder to lose the closer you are to your goal weight!
    2653 days ago
    I was very frustrated trying to lose that last few pounds until maintenance as well. 60 minutes of intervals on the elliptical was only good enough for 200 calorie burn according to my machine, was discouraging all right. Just have to keep doing the right thing and plugging along. Eventually, you will be rewarded.
    Frustrated with the cold (-31 C (-24 F) and wind here too. Lousy weekend, then will warm up Monday. So glad I got my Eskimo parka from home so I can still go out on the river trails although the ice melt from the last few days makes things really slippery.
    Hope your weather improves so you can get out there..
    Have a good weekend!
    2654 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Hang in there hon.
    It is difficult to desensitize ourselves to that blasted scale. However Dr. Beck is correct that it is just a tool, a number to help guide us. Yet I assign so much to that number.
    Don't forget ...
    If you have been exercising, building muscle... it weighs more than fat does... but your body is stronger.
    Remember that at 155.5 you are in a wonderful place than you were before.
    2654 days ago
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