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Project Pixie Dust: Day 95 02-16-11

Friday, February 18, 2011

*** Faith, trust, and pixie dust ***

It's pathetic to consider how dependent I've become on the internet, really on technology in general, I've become. I'm going on day two without internet at home and I feel just a little bit lost. I can't email Bruce or our realtor. I can't chat with my Disney running buddies. I can't look up Disney hotel prices for October. I can't do my favorite bootcamp workouts - too bad I don't quite have them memorized yet. I can't stream music or watch TV on Hulu. I can't check our bank account balance (without going over to the bank) or track my calorie count with any kind of accuracy. My mother and I both work in healthcare IT, and both know that when a hospital (one that uses electronic records, anyway) talks about "charting on paper," that's a sign that they have issues. BAD ones. Well, everyone, today I'm charting on paper, so to speak. By the time this blog makes it onto your screen, I will have working internet access somewhere and will have copied my chicken scratching from my handy dandy little notebook into Blogger.

So it goes without saying that I tracked all of my food intake on paper today. So technically I did write it all down, but something about it didn't feel as meaningful as plugging it into SparkPeople and see all the neat little statistics come up. I have a sneaking suspicion, also, that I missed a bite or two...or more somewhere along the way. I'm still on-call for work and more or less in what I like to call "survival mode," with no clear picture of when I'll have time to eat, sleep, or really do anything that belongs in my typical day-to-day routine. I'm halfway through my shift, with two more nights to go. I've received two calls thus far, one of which actually happened during the workday, so it didn't interrupt my sleep or evening "putz around the house" time. Here's the rundown of how I did today.

Drink my water, 64+ ounces: DONE (68 days running)!

Eat five servings of fruits and veggies: DONE (46 days running)!

You bite it, you write it: Not today! If I could give myself partial credit, I would because I did start to track everything as usual, but sort of dropped the ball and got lost with it all being on paper. Now that I think about it, I could have gotten most of it into the work computer today and finished up my evening eats in the morning, once I got back to work. Oh well, such is life!

Eat mindfully all day and night: I give myself a D today. I really wasn't too careful today about the balance of different kinds of food I ate (code for too much junk food, in other words), and even saying I did okay with my eating would have been too generous. When I'm in "survival mode" I tend to get super careless about quantity and quality...I need some strategies to help me watch that!

Running: Night off, Friday will probably be my next one.

Cross Training: None today...I could have done a video at home, but there was way too much going on.

On my way to DISNEY WORLD! 187.49 miles complete, 1102.51 to go (1290 total)

Strength Training: I didn't get to this either. *Insert big sigh here.* I'm hoping to do a nice healthy dose of it tomorrow to start getting caught up with my weekly strength routine.

I ended the day (oh joy) with a completely frustrating, non-productive call with my internet provider's tech support department. The rep I spoke with didn't speak very good English (which screamed outsourcing) and was pretty rude and condescending. After walking me through some basic troubleshooting steps, he unceremoniously declared that there must be something wrong with my computer, and that I would need to call Dell, the manufacturer, to resolve it. And he didn't even offer me the courtesy of setting up an appointment for a repairman. Sheesh...because it was "my" problem, I guess. Funny thing is, I may have bought it, had it not been for the fact that not one, not two, but THREE different computers started suddenly exhibiting the same problem on Tuesday morning, and that two out of the three were confirmed to be working (within the last day or so) on my employer's network. So take that, meanie tech support dude! It doesn't take a genius to realize that only some crazy divine intervention would cause three computers to break in the same obscure fashion all at the same time. Once we hung up, I called customer service (and got someone state-side) and threatened to cancel our service...something we had been considering anyway since this provider's service has been generally sub-par. She apologized profusely and hooked me up with a repair appointment and a deep discount which will last a I can roll with that. I mentioned my dissatisfaction with tech support, and she told me that the company had a LOT of complaints about the outsourcing and were gradually phasing it out over the next two years...something I was happy to hear. My dad lost his job a couple of years ago to outsourcing, so it's kind of a hot button for me!

Oh and the boys are headed to New Jersey for Uncle Ed's funeral tomorrow, and will be hitting the road at the bright hour of four AM. I won't see either one of them until next weekend, when I return from a business trip to Sacramento. It will, I believe, be the longest time I have ever been separated from little T. Hopefully the time will just fly because I know I will miss him so much! But for now, time to try and get some shut-eye. Keeping my fingers crossed that my pager stays SILENT until morning!
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