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Friday, February 18, 2011

I overheard an interesting conversation this morning.. the women's locker room at the gym. Two women were talking on the other side of the locker out of site. One of them was telling the other one about how she hadn't been coming to some exercise class because she had started running and was now running 5 days a week. She sounded excited about that and the other woman was making supportive noises.

Then, the first woman completed the conversation by saying "Of course I'm not a real runner." Hmmm. . .. .I thought. . .. I'll bet I know what both women look like without even seeing them.

Sure enough, the 5 day a runner was larger and heavy set. The other women, totally buff.

What IS it about this country. It is hugely politically incorrect to show prejudice against people of color, women, the elderly. ..but you can judge a fat person all you want.

After all, they could DO something about it. And this large runner WAS doing something about it. ..she was RUNNING for goodness sake.

I dunno. .. .maybe I was feeling defensive. It's pretty clear that my "hard body" days are past. I'm in the age group where things head south and it just takes a longggggg time for my body to let go of weight.

My muscles do not (as they say at the gym), pop. I'll be 58 in August. I have some joint pain, in my hips and my sac joint. Various cellulite distributions on various parts of my body.

And I'm in great shape. My muscles are strong, even if they are sheathed in a lovely layer of marbled fat. I just ran the better part of 13.1 miles. My core is strong. I can lift, carry, push, move more weight that most women my age. Or any age for that matter.

This morning at the gym, my strong, wonderful body worked out hard. I spent quite a bit of time on this cool stepper thing and even more on this bike that lets you chase dragons. I did a few core exercises, planks and such. A little stretching and into the shower.

Over hair dryers, I told the woman that she was absolutely a runner. Runners where those who ran and she definitely qualified in my book. I think she liked that.

There is one in my circle (and it's progress that it's only one and not a whole confab) who looks at a photo of a 17 year old model in a magazine and says "gee" I'm supposed to look like that. Good grief! I didn't look like that at 17. ...I'm certainly not going to look like that now.

I want to get off on looking like ME . . . a middle aged woman who is growing stronger and more vibrant with each passing day.
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    One thing that popped out at me while reading this --it's not necessarily others who are judging this woman, but she herself. We have to learn to be proud of ourselves, to realize that real people have flaws. Those models in the magazine are just as insecure (or even moreso) than the rest of us. We waste too much time worrying about what we "should" look like. I see that you get this; you sound like you have found this wisdom. I can relate. At 53, I've lost weight, found fitness (getting ready to run a hilly 4 mile race on Saturday). I will never look like a magazine model; I do look great though; I'm strong and fit and loving it! Thanks so much for sharing your blob.
    2669 days ago
    You're buff in my book. You' re brilliant in any book.
    2681 days ago
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