Monday, January 29, 2007

Well. I did really good all last week, but then this weekend was another story -- Friday -- CRAP, Saturday, good!, Sunday -- CRAP!!! I let the weekend get me this time. It was difficult because on Friday, hubbie had just ended a fast for a medical procedure and therefore was STARVING on Friday night. I knew we would probably go out to eat and so I didn't eat either so that I wouldn't have to worry as much. Well -- come to when we're there and I totally blow it regardless. I could have selected much healthier food to eat, and not gotten dessert. BOO!!!

Then Sunday we ordered pizza -- I figured up what I could eat using information from Domino's website. Come to find out Henry got Papa John's. I figured it'd be about the same, but later when I went to log my food I searched for Papa John's in the sparkpeople database just in case so I could be more accurate -- BAM! WAY more than what I thought -- I dunno what the malfunction was, but I screwed up my math a LOT. I even had ice cream on top of that cause I thought I was doing good.

So NO MORE EATING unless I'm SURE of what I'm putting in my mouth, OR it's a designated cheat. I intended to stay within my limits both days, but because I couldn't be sure and do the math I screwed up. Well anyway --
I'm not going to allow myself cheat days except for maybe my Birthday and Thanksgiving, and even then I'm going to try not to go CRAZY. Maybe once I get really good at this I'll allow a cheat MEAL on occasion like someone else suggested on the message boards, but I'm so new at this I don't want to play with fire.

I tried to play a video game while walking on the treadmill -- not a good idea. I did it. But I don't think I did either thing well. I'm going to stick to LISTENING to things while walking -- maybe I can play if I'm on the recumbant bike (which I haven't tried yet, but I think I might try it soon).

Ok well anyway -- today I entered STAGE TWO!!! Which is supposed to be focused on diet, so I decided, OK! I can really really really feel good about starting anew.

Also. I was going to wait to weigh myself until Feb. 15th or thereabouts (my one month Spark anniversary), but I couldn't help it. I had to do it this morning, and although it seems minute, I was actually rather pleased. Depending on how accurate my start weight was... I'm pretty much on track. I guess it's possible it COULD have been lower than I entered, but probably not. Most likely it was higher. When I was weighed at the doctor's on December 14th I was actually 294 I think. or 293. I can't remember for sure, but either way it was actually over 290. I didn't weigh myself when I started, but I figured it was around there. So according to my estimated start weight, I lost 5.5 lbs in about 2 weeks. And that's with me falling off of the wagon two days of the weekend before! All I can hope is that this is indicative of a consistent progress which will continue as I press forward.

I get to go shopping for food again when it's the new month -- last time I went shopping it was with the general idea to eat healthier, before I joined SparkPeople. So this will be my first full on grocery shopping since I got the diet guidelines -- I'm kinda excited about that. Over the weekend hubbie and I went shopping and I got a couple of things. Some mixed nuts. (High in fat, but good fat, and I will only eat the one serving suggestion size!!!!), some of those 100 cal pack snack thingies to try, and some beef jerky. I was impressed when I looked at the back of the beef jerky at the nutrition facts and saw how low in fat and cal and of course carbs they were. And all that protein! Anyway. I also am psyched because I wrote down the recipes I want to try from the cookbook I got for Christmas from my boss. So I will be getting those ingredients and be able to cook something I have nutrition facts for. WOOHOO!!! Maybe I'll also get some of the ones I've liked from SparkPeople added to the list before then.


I've had some failure, but I still feel motivated by the opportunity to keep progressing.
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