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Thursday, February 17, 2011

yesterday, i was coughing and choking all day. didnt feel too badly but the cough was bugging me. woke up with it saturday morning. ate a bunch of chinese herbs, went for my acupuncture treatment (heavenly) and felt much better but still coughing.

every wednesday, i take two classes in a row at my gym: kickboxing and then power yoga. it is a hot mess but i love the work, the sweat and the resulting calorie burn. added bonus: no guilt because my daughter spends the whole time sweating in her three dance classes of the week. so the whole package really keeps me going.

but yesterday, with the cough, i actually thought about ditching it for a few minutes. but only for a few minutes! in the end, i decided to go and take it easy through kickboxing so that i could manage the whole two hours.

i did it! and at that light pace, i could have kept going for another 30 minutes. it was great and i felt much better afterwards, even my lungs and nasal passages felt clearer.

that was a new level for me -- pushing through laziness and working out even though i didnt feel great. it was great!

another big improvement for me was that while i was working out, i could finally actually picture myself with flat abs! thats right ladies, me, with flat abs. not a picture of some fitness model, followed by my floating head. not even a headless washboard ab model standing next to my floating head. it was me, my head on top of me, my own FLAT ABS.


look out, bikini, here i come!!!

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