6th week weigh-in and progress report

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I gained 3 lbs this week.

I am pretty close to just resigning myself to a life of being overweight. I feel like my two year relationship is inching towards it's end.

I am not going to sit here and whine because I know that people will just say, "Stay the course!" and "Your body is just adjusting."

It's been 6 weeks and I have lost a little less than 10 lbs. I am constantly annoyed and pissed off that I have to think so hard about what I eat...and I just hate exercising. I am trying to like it...but I despise it.

So...we will see how this year goes I guess. I'm not excited about being thinner anymore because I lost 8 lbs my first week and have only lost 2 in the last 5 weeks. What I am doing is extremely overwhelming and I am still not losing weight.

I hate my body and right now--I hate my life.
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    It makes me sad to see you struggle. You're one of my favorite people on here (that I've never met...but you're awesome regardless) and I really believe in you.

    I remember being younger and telling my friend a quote from Bridget Jones Diary: "...I will always be just a little bit fat." I remember resigning myself to that fate and being proud to accept that I could never be a stick thin super model.

    That was probably 20lbs ago. I'm really, really, REALLY glad I didn't just decide that I was ok being 20lbs heavier. I hated myself. I was ashamed of my body and hid in sweatshirts and avoided bathing suits like the plague. Now, I'm not ashamed of my body. There are certainly things I want to change but I'm a happier, more confident, healthier person.

    It took me TEN YEARS to go from a size 16 to a size 4. The whole time I didn't stare at the scale or focus on dieting. I just gradually lost weight by changing my lifestyle. Following the SparkPeople method is definitely more aggressive than my lackadaisical approach over the past 10 years and it certainly won't take you a decade to lose your weight. But it will take time. There will be set backs. There will be 3lbs weeks. But you are a strong, beautiful, determined person and I really have faith you can do this. Don't give up! You are stronger than your weight!
    3512 days ago
    I am going to copy and paste one of my blog post and I hope it offers you some encouragement. You have to want this more than anything. And there will be times that you have to talk yourself into meeting your daily goals and that is what this blog is about, me getting myself pumped. Here is my blog post:

    Well here it is friends. Here is me being 100% honest. I do not like looking in the mirror. I avoid it as much as possible. I have felt ugly for all my life. I struggled with weight issues in high school, but when I look back at my pictures I was too skinny, I mean I was really thin. Yet I felt ugly and settled for less than I deserved. I settled for someone who cheated on me repeatedly just because I thought no one else would want me. High school sucked!!
    Now take a look at the pictures of my husband. He is my soul mate and I married my best friend, and to top it off he is hot!! He thinks I am beautiful, sexy, and attractive. This is my journey to fix what I have been lacking for so many years, confidence! The scale has been a jerk to me and I am over it. I feel good, have more energy, and have been very proud of myself. My confidence is much better! But I do have much more work to complete. I am not dieting, this is a change that I will keep forever. I want to look in the mirror and see what my husband sees. So no more Mrs. Downer for me. I am Delana Erickson, proud wife of Jason and a great mother to my 3 girls. My weight is no longer weighing me down. I am sick of this weight battle and I am claiming victory over it!!!
    3512 days ago
    I'm sure you already know this, but when you start something this drastic, your body responds drastically, and then gets used to it. I lost four pounds my first week, and definitely slowed down after that. So that's totally normal - and totally frustrating! I won't say you shouldn't be frustrated, because everyone feels that way.

    I agree with CAROLJEAN64 about finding an exercise you like. I have tons of different workout videos, I have access to a treadmill and a weight room, and what I've found I like the most is dance. I have no rhythm and surely look like a doofus, but I just love fitness classes/tapes based on dancing. The music keeps me going and gives me something to focus on other than "gosh, am I going to get through this?".

    It'll take time. I was absolutely a subscriber to the instaneous "I'm working out now, the weight should be gone" mindset. It took me a while to break free of that. You'll find the right mindset and motivations for yourself. We're all here for you no matter what.

    emoticon emoticon
    3512 days ago
    First and foremost.... find an exercise you like. Just keep trying different things... walking, biking, yoga, whatever. It took me forever to find something I liked, but now I love going to yoga and bike riding. However, every once in a while I will get motivated and do my strength training because it helps with my yoga. How are your clothes fitting, check out your measurements. Sit down someplace quiet every day and take 10-15 deep breaths... counting the seconds of your inhale and equaling that number with your exhale.
    3512 days ago
    Do you really want to be over weight? That`s something for you to decide. Weightloss is not easy, and there`s alot of adjustments to be made that don`t happen over night. But consistency not perfection is what we are striving for, and in time it does get easier when things become habit and natural!
    3512 days ago
    We all have those days. I lost four pounds in the first week and it's taken me months to lose the other 10. And I have yet to break past 15 pounds lost ... since July. It's super frustrating.
    3512 days ago
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