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Rachel Mac Progress Picture Challenge Week 11- 40 is the new 20!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My birthday is here (writing this on Tuesday)- 121 today, but I hit 119 in the last few weeks. Pleased with my progress thus far... new goal is around 115 (my "high weight" goal) by May 31, 2011 (Summer). After week 12 or so, will continue to take pictures monthly for a year.

PICTURES: all relaxed (no flexing)
First set: "BEFORE" vs. "NOW". 2nd set: All progress pictures (front/back/side only)

Front (looking at abs, space between upper thighs)

Back (tucking bottoms to see subtle changes. Trying to keep same hip flexion. Looking at glutes, space between thighs, back.)

Side (looking at arm size, glutes, thigh size). Changed arms week 10...

Side Left Leg out (Looking at arm/hamstring definition)

Side right leg out (Looking at arm/hamstring definition)

Front, all weeks

Back, all weeks

Side, all weeks

MEASUREMENTS (trying to keep same tension in tape measure): Will post Week 11 in a little bit...
Height: 5'4''
Weight (pounds): (start: 126.4), W1 (pre TOM)-123.6, W2 (TOM)-122.4, W3 Xmas-121, W4 New Year-119.4, W5 (pre TOM)-120.4, W6 (TOM)-119.6, W7-(hit 119.2) , W8-120, W9 (preTOM) 121
Hips (start: 37.5’’), W1-36.5, W2-36.5, W3-36, W4-35.75, W5 (pre TOM)-35.75, W6-35.75, W7-35.5 , W8-35.5, W9 35.75
Waist (start: 27.5’’), W1-27.25, W2- 27, W3-26.75, W4-26.5, W5-26.75, W6-26.75, W7-26.5 , W8- 26.5, W9 26.5
Bust: (start: 37.5’’), W1-37.5, W2-37.25, W3-37.25, W4-37. W5-37, W6-37, W7-37 , W8- 37.5, W9 37.5
Thigh (largest part)- (start: 20’’), W1- 20, W2-20, W3-20, W4-19.75. W5-19.75, W6-19.75, W7-19.5 , W8- 19.5, W9 19.5
Body fat: (measured October 2010, at 126 pounds: 18 percent)

Short term goals (measurable): Drop 12 pounds in 6 months (115) by May 31, 2011

Long term goals: Maintain under 16 percent body fat for life, Stay in great shape for life (cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength), black belt within 3 years. Tae Kwon Do competition team.

Visible goals: Get rid of love handles, backfat, lose an inch or two off the waist, perk up my glutes, slim out face, visible muscle definition.

REFLECTIONS/ASSESSMENTS OF THIS WEEK (keeping it totally honest and real!):

Pictures: Even though I'd like to trim my waist more, I am happy with the muscle definition improvement. Slow and steady...

Goal achievement (weight/measurements, visible): .OK. So even thought the scale doesn't reflect it, I do think that I look a lot stronger and lean. So just gotta clean up the diet, and I'll lean out faster.

Diet this week: OK.... party week, must be honest!!! Thursday I had Indian food (yum), Friday-Sat we were at Wintergreen for my BD (tons of yummy eats, I had dessert twice), Sunday we visited UVA, where hubby and I met and went to school... and I had to have the Biltmore's fried chicken and waffles. Monday was Valentines- ribeye and corn (not too bad), Tuesday- my BD- was good with salmon and 1 piece of cake for dinner. Wednesday

Exercise this week: R/F- none, Sa- weights at Wintergreen, SU- snowtubing, M- none, Tues- weights, W-weights. I've started upping the weights.

Diet: Done with the BD celebration, now on to the Summer goal! Clean eats :0)

Exercise- Upping the weights, really want to build up my glutes/legs. Goal is 5x/week working out.

Attitude: Loving 40 so far!

I'm happy with these past 11 weeks, and where I am now, on my birthday, at 40 years of age. In these past 11 weeks, I've cleaned up my diet, upped the weights, and ingrained some other healthy eating habits.

I've attached lots of pics of me in my younger years (college, 20's, 30's), showing lots of body changes... and I'm happy with myself. (see my previous blog).

I am healthy and strong, and I have my goals set. Even though I might not reach them as fast as I want, slow and steady will get me there, this is not a race! This week I gave myself latitude to enjoy, and I do not regret it!

For this next decade, I will work on true balance- of work, family, and self. And I will treasure every second of it! Thanks for listening and commenting :0)

On my birthday, with my greatest treasures.....
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