Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alas I gazed into a mirror, my complexion for to see.

But what my eyes beheld, was an old woman instead of me!

I asked her to, "excuse me please", but she wouldn't let me be.

In fact she stood and copied my every movement to a tee!

"Madam", said I, in sweet refrain, "oh please, won't you step aside?

I'd like to view my countenance, but behind you it does hide."

But she still remained in front, my patience twas being most tried!

This poor old pitiful creature twas more than I could abide!

Finally I did turn around, and did slowly walk away

I had given up myself to see for still another day.

For every time I looked thereon, she was always in my way;

and everything that I said, is all she ever had to say!

By Dusty Teters Copyrighted 1998
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