#457: Where is the Patience?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday I had several errands to get done. It seemed as if every traffic light was against me and I spent long periods waiting for a green light. When I got to the bank I had to wait in line at the drive-through. The grocery store? Waited in line to check out. Everywhere I went I had to wait.

But wait I did because I knew those intermediate delays were but small bumps in the road that would not stop me from getting done what needed to get done.

As I waited at one intersection, I thought of some of the posts and blogs I've read here on SP that bemoaned in excruciating detail how frustrated the posters are with their lack of weight loss progress and I wondered, "Where is the patience?"

We all know too well we did not awaken one morning 20 or 50 or 150 pounds overweight. We know that our excess baggage crept up on us one candy bar, one pizza, one order of French fries, one ice cream sundae at a time.

And we should know that our extra weight will not be released overnight, but may take months, maybe years to get rid of.

We should know that but some people refuse to acknowledge it. They become impatient and want what the fraudulent advertising says, "Lose 20 pounds a month on this diet plan, or with this pill."

Sorry to inform those misguided souls, but that isn't how things work in this world. No one was born a bodybuilder or a musician or a writer; they worked long hours and sweated and practiced and learned about their craft before they reached a level of expertise. Many times they wanted to give up, but they persisted because they knew the ultimate reward would be worth their immediate sacrifices.

They knew they had to be patient and wait for the results.

Then, one day, they flexed in front of a gym mirror and saw muscles or played a song without hitting wrong notes or had a story or book published and that is when they reviled in jubilation at the successful culmination of the totality of their efforts.

So I urge those who are impatient with their weight loss, those who moan about "only" losing a few pounds despite all their hard work: Never give up. Acknowledge that the effort put forth today may not produce results tomorrow or next month. Patience is the virtue we need to cultivate.

Patience, and a stout belief in ourselves that meal by meal, exercise by exercise, positive day by positive day we are inching ever closer to seeing the success of our efforts.

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