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A New Fad Diet aka another way to harm your body...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Physical therapy today was a mass discussion on nutrition and a rather lively one at that. One of the women there just started a new diet called Ideal Protein. She says it has been popular in Canada for 2 years now and she got involved through her brother in law who lives in Canada.

It is a diet based on restricting all sugars simple and complex. The premise is that the human body will not lose body fat unless carbohydrates are eliminated. Per the Dr./Founder of this diet your body stores about 3 days worth of carbs. You have to restrict all sugars until the dieter reaches his/her goal weight. You have to eat 3 different protein paks the parent company provides daily and you get a free choice daily. She said Boar's head cold cuts were acceptable as they have less than 1.5 grams of fat per 6 oz. What cold cuts are healthy? She can also eat organic chicken, beef, and ham as her protein choice. She is very limited to vegetable choices mostly different lettuces and greens. She can also have 1.5 Tbsp of olive oil a day. She was told to expect to lose 30 pounds for the 1st couple of months (each month) and then 10 to 14 pounds months 3 and 4.

It cost her a $200.00 consultation fee and it will cost her $500.00 + a week just to buy their food and she still has to supplements it with other grocery products she buys at local grocery stores. That s the cost of her food alone and not her family's for a week. Is she nuts? Give me $500 a week and I will buy and cook the food and guarantee you will lose weight.

To me the whole protein thing just sounds like a offshoot of the Atkins Diet. Then as she was explaining how the diet works and how you get the products reminds me of a pyramid scheme.

That $200.00 consultation fee I mentioned earlier goes to her Brother in Law. He did the hour long consultation over the phone. She buys the products from him. Now you know he must be marking up the food he sells to her. She now has her Mother and sister here in the States on this diet with her. Her Brother in Law wants her to recruit more people. Her Brother in Law does not have any medical training.

Oh I left out the best part. She said she is not supposed to exercise because she might pass out. Her sister works as a waitress and her boss had to be told what she was doing in case she passed out at work. If she passes out she has to be given protein ASAP. My physical therapist asked her if she thought she might pass out during physical therapy sessions. She said she is going to have to stock up on sugar candies to give her in case she passes out. The woman said, No I can't have sugar candies.

Doesn't this sound like a nice safe diet you want to run out and join? I vote NO WAY!
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    Wow...that's sad and shocking. And this is from a relative. So sad.
    2634 days ago
    Wow, the things people will try to drop the weight when all they have to do is portion control and exercise. I've lost over 100 pounds doing this, no crazy pills, shakes, or limiting of anything. Granted I am losing weight slowly but heck it didn't appear on my body over night, it wouldn't be healthy to lose it quickly.
    Sounds like another fad diet and just as soon as she goes off it, what's going to happen? The weight will come right back. Fad diets never work, it's about changing your thinking and the things you put into your body and being a more active you. That's what works and will continue to work.
    2645 days ago
    That definitely sounds like a spin off of the Atkin's Diet.

    You are so funny the pyramid scheme. emoticon

    That is crazy that's why Mr. Atkins diet of Heart Disease gasp to much protein is not good for you.

    Thanks for posting this Yvonne I hope many read it and before it's too late and don't fall victim to such nonsense.

    emoticon emoticon for getting the word out.

    2649 days ago
    I live in the Great White North... and have never heard of this diet.

    There IS a certain amount of truth to the low-carb thing - not the no-carb thing. You brain feeds of carbs, not fats... so its not good to have no carbs.

    Also, at the end of the day there is only ONE truth to loosing weight: you must exert more energy than you take in.

    People have crazy ways of getting there - but eating right, watching what you eat and exercising are really the best ways to loose weight.

    Some people don't like watching calories, and understandably it's annoying and time consuming - but the fact remains we need to keep track on some level of how much energy (calories) we are consuming.

    Unless of course you work out for 2 hours each day... chances are you're burning off so much you don't have to worry about watching calories! Too much anyway....

    Cheers. xoxo

    2649 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    That is an awful diet.

    My mom is some crazy diet were you eat one fruit for breakfast 3 ounces of meat with with only one veggie (lettuce, cucmbers or onions) for lunch and dinner and one fruit for a snack (the fruit is apple, orange or half grapefruit) And she can't use anything with oil in it (that means lotion, shampoo, soap, ect)

    And then they think that eggs are the best healthy food around right along with salomon ( and I'm thinking ewww and please don't talk about icky stuff at the dinner table)

    well I just can't believe people will do that crazy stuff to lose weight when all you have to do is eat fruits and veggies.
    2649 days ago
    this sounds really awful.... but so many people don't want to put in the work to lose weight... but she should see a doctor. Adkins is bad enough. everyone puts that weight right back on when they start munching on carbs again!
    2649 days ago
    for 500$ a week I will personally dress up in a chicken suit and cook for you every day, jeeze louise that's a full time job's pay!! The "set-for-life" lottery only pays you 1000$ a week and that's huge winnings, this is just ridiculous on so many levels!
    2649 days ago
    "There's a sucker born every minite." PT Barnumn {I think}

    2649 days ago
    "There's a sucker born every minite." PT Barnumn {I think}

    2649 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    unbelievable what people will spend.....
    never heard of this but not for me.......
    blessings and hugs............lita
    2649 days ago
    Sounds totally ridiculous to me, and very dangerous. Pray for her!
    2649 days ago
    That sounds pretty crazy to me.
    2649 days ago
    That sounds quite scary. Any 'diet' that might make you pass out sounds wrong. We so often think that we need to get fancy and tricky, rather than doing the simplest things...eating sensible amounts of quality natural foods and exercising regularly.
    2649 days ago
    Not only a bad diet choice but should a little like a pyramid scheme. Hope this lady and her family dont have anything bad happen or they get to real dr and check it out.
    2649 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    People are SO GULLIBLE! Just stick to a regular, all inclusive healthy way of eating.

    You need carbs to feed the brain. Of course you will lose when that is all you are eating. And you can't exercise because you are not eating healthy.

    YIKES emoticon

    I vote for all the WONDERFUL wholesome foods I am eating, when I want .....

    ROCKING 2011 TOGETHER~! and being sensible about it
    2649 days ago
    Wow, I went the Adkins route a few years back....sure, it worked "well" - please note the parenthesis... but now I have a gallbladder that hurts everytime I eat fatty items (I have read this can be a side effect from the diet since you could eat high fats). I also had an increase in colon polyps - not sure if that is a side effect but all that meat I ate could not have been good for me??

    I was upset because I fell into that "trap" to diet and it hurt my body more then doing it good. I am...meeting all you wonderful people and going the nice and safe, healthy living route!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    2649 days ago
    Oh does not sound good at all! emoticon
    2649 days ago
    I don't think you would be able to stay on that diet very long and would be out a lot of money.
    2649 days ago
    Not my kind of diet. Hopefully she will find SP. The support here is just wonderful.
    2649 days ago
  • SARA72121
    That is INSANE!!! First of all if I could spend $500 A WEEK on myself for food I certainly wouldn't buy pre-packaged anything. Secondly, it sounds insanely unhealthy! This reminds me of the diet Karl Lagerfeld used to lose 100lbs. He's the head designer for Chanel. He ate almost nothing and basically lived on diet coke. He didn't move because he didn't have the energy and would be faint. Sounds healthy right?
    2649 days ago
    $500 a week???? I have news for your friend. I am living a low carb lifestyle, and I am losing weight and keeping it off, but NOT at the rate of 30 lbs a month... that's ridiculously unhealthy. I am NOT spending anywhere NEAR $500 a week on food, paper, pet and health/beauty products put together! A $200 consultation fee? Sheesh... tell her to spend the $200 on books about healthy nutrition instead

    What a rip off. And from her own family yet.
    2649 days ago
    that's nuts!

    and um, what about fiber?? it's really unhealthy to have a ton of protein without any fiber! bad news.

    and to clarify, it's isn't a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme only because products are involved (in the schemes, no products are involved, just money changing hands). it definitely sounds sketchy, though!

    i'm worried for her there any way that her doctor could be alerted??
    2649 days ago
    this sounds like the hyped hcg diet without the hcg! scam alert! emoticon
    2649 days ago
  • MOCNVW23
    wow, what a blog, and a surprise. I have heard of a lot of scams in my time, but this one is unbelieveable. I can't see how people believe can fall for for such things. I agree with you on give me 500.00 and you and all of us could make and get better food, and lose weight the safe way. This other way, is so unsafe and makes no sense at all. I hope she realizes before its too late that there are so many safer ways to get a healthier life style.

    2649 days ago
    Wow, just when you think you've heard it all.... I pray for your friend. I hope she doesn't get hurt or hurt her own health before she sees the error in doing this "program".
    2649 days ago
    This is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard. I'm Canadian and I've never heard about it, let alone known someone who had tried it and I know people who have tried a lot of different things. It must be a scam!
    2649 days ago
    WOW !! Did you tell them that Spark People is a healthy way to lose weight AND it's free !!!

    Goodness gracious. I feel so bad for that woman ! She must feel that this is her only hope to lose.

    I can't imagine the amount of damage that "diet" is going to do to her body. And yes, any so called weight loss program that eliminates entire food groups is a DIET. This one sounds down right dangerous. A person does not have to eliminate carbs to burn fat. That is totally wrong ! In fact, the human body must have carbohydrates to function properly. A person's brain ONLY uses carbohydrates for energy !!!

    Also, I'm not surprized they told her not to exercise, it's because she won't have enough energy to exercise as a result of her restricting carbs.

    I really hate to say this, but if she does this "diet" she's going to end up with a higher percentage of body fat than when she started this diet. She is going to lose lean muscle because her body is going to use that for energy instead of fat. If she eat carbs, her body won't turn to her muscle protein for energy. She will lose weight, but she will end up with a higher body fat percentage because of the loss of lean muscle.

    I have a feeling she's not going to last long on this diet and when she gives up, tell her about Spark People.

    wow... that's just scary.

    2649 days ago
    We fatties are desperate, but hopefully not so stupid!
    2649 days ago
    WTH! I wish there was some sort of policing for these crack pots that keep cropping up every other day like this!
    2649 days ago
    2649 days ago
    What a racket. No wonder your BS detector alarms were going off!

    2649 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Great blog! I love the "Give me $500 a week and I will buy and cook the food and guarantee you will lose weight" sentence. Plus "$200.00 consultation fee I mentioned earlier goes to her Brother in Law" means it is a Ponzi scheme to boot! What a deal! I will be shocked if Bernie Madoff is not somehow involved!

    2649 days ago
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