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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The computer situation has been (partly) solved. We've got a new Dell desktop on order and we bought a Toshiba Netbook. I've gotta admit, I really am loving this Netbook. So portable! The only problem is the keys being smaller than I'm used to, so for a touch typist such as myself, I sometimes come up with a whole line of gobbledygook. But I'm getting used to it.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty up and down. I've been fighting a bit more depression than I'd like, but that's what happens sometimes. I'm getting my meds adjusted and it has been working quite a bit better. I was dealing with disaster-house so I didn't have the room on the floor for my workouts. And we got quite a bit of snow here in middle Tennessee which took out my desire to walk outside. Excuses, but they were mine and I'm owning them.

Unconsciously, I've been making changes for the better. One of the changes has to do with my drink orders when I'm out. Anywhere we go out to eat, I order water rather than a soft drink or tea. I'm finding that a lot of times, I'll go through 3 or 4 tall glasses of water before we finish the meal. So I'm getting my meeting my water goals, which makes me feel fantastic.

Another is motivated by a new DS program I picked up. I'd been looking for a new pedometer since the last one I'd had was incredibly cheap and died within a week (having kids that get into things is a major issue when it comes to any electronics in this house). I found My Weight Loss Coach through Wal-Mart for $10 and it came with a pedometer. I'd seen the program around before but never that cheaply and I figured "Why not?" I ordered it and it came in on Friday. That night, I set everything up in the program and started working through it. It has daily challenges that you can choose to take and a much simpler entry for exercise and eating than here (rather than putting in each individual thing that you eat, you ball-park it). When I'm busy, I find it a lot easier to do. I've been trying to choose challenges that I'll actually be able to do. The biggest problem that I'm running into is forgetting what the challenges are before the end of the next day. I think I'm going to take one of my many notebooks and carry it with me, putting the challenges there so I can figure out what I'm doing.

Yesterday surprised me quite a bit, both in what I found myself doing and the willpower I managed to have. On Monday's, we go to the library for story time. We got there early, so I went upstairs to take care of my library needs. (We'd missed our usual Saturday because of a busy day with my in-laws and getting ready for Teddy's birthday party.) Rather than take the elevator, which is my usual mode of transportation upstairs, I immediately went for the stairs. I took them up and back down when I was finished. And it felt good.

I had to drop my in-laws at the airport that afternoon and we stopped at Shoney's for lunch before they had to fly off. I ignored the buffet, instead ordering a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the mayo (which is a HUGE deal for me because I love mayo!) I found I enjoyed it, because the tomatoes were really yummy. Rather than french fries, I got a bowl of fruit. And I had my customary glasses of water.

After dropping them off at the airport, the boys and I went to the grocery store. In looking for valentine's stickers, I walked down the seasonal aisle. And as much as I wanted it, I didn't pick up any candy. I know me with candy in the house. I don't have the willpower to eat just one. So it stayed in the store.

And this morning, Teddy's birthday cake was calling to me. "Hey! There's just a sliver of a piece here on the end. You know you can eat it!" But I managed to walk by it twice without pulling the top off and grabbing the cake. I'm STILL amazed I pulled that one off!

Today will be another busy day. Teddy has his 5 year old check-up (It's still blowing my mind that he turned 5 on Sunday. He's not allowed to be 5 yet! I don't want him to be old enough to start kindergarten in the fall! I miss my baby!!!! Ok, Mommy whine is over now.) I'm going to put together the desk we bought for the desktop. I might even clean/organize my bakers rack in anticipation of the bookshelf I want to buy for my craft stuff. And there will be exercise involved, as well as water.

Because being offline doesn't have to mean letting myself slack. I'm starting to make habits and THAT is a good thing! I feel really great about myself and my choices. Somehow, seeing the decisions that I'm not consciously making makes me feel even better about things.
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